The Best Betta Fish Tanks for Treating Your Prizefighting Like Royalty

best betta fish tank
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Betta fish are one of the most popular fish to keep as pets — not only are they beautiful, but they’re pretty low maintenance. But there’s one famous rule when it comes to taking care of a betta fish, and that’s to not allow them to share a tank with other betta fish. Believe it or not, this rule isn’t totally true. Male bettas are notoriously territorial toward other male bettas, so they definitely can’t share a tank. But female betta fish aren’t the same, and they can comfortably live together. Male bettas can live with other fish, as long as the other fish are not aggressive.

You can get a simple tank for your betta, like a globe-shaped bowl with some pebbles on the bottom. The problem is that not only are these less interesting to look at for you, but they’re also less interesting for your fish. Betta fish can actually exhibit signs of anxiety and boredom, which is why getting a large enough tank with different features and places to hide will help keep your betta happy.

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Once you have the tank and the fish, you have to then consider the most important aspect of all, the water itself. Everything from temperature to pH has a big impact on the well-being of your fish, and the same goes for betta. Tap water is actually well suited for betta because, unlike distilled water, the minerals have not been removed. The only thing you need to do to the tap water is condition it, which is the simple process of adding a conditioning fluid.

Another factor that makes betta easier to take care of is that they don’t need too big of a tank. But that doesn’t mean they should be kept in a tiny cup — while they can survive, they’ll be happier in tank that’s at least tthree gallons. These are some of the best betta fish tanks to buy online.


1. Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit


This sleek-looking option provides five gallons for your fish to swim in, but the tower shape makes it more space-saving compared with other rectangular tanks. A hidden filtration system, flow pump and LED lights are all included, although the gravel and decorations are not included.

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Marineland Aquarium Tank

$42.12 $93.99 55% OFF

2. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting


This tank from Aqueon includes LED lighting that allows you to appreciate your pet fish at any time of day, and this starter kit includes water care and food samples, plus a filtration system. The five-gallon tank is glass, while the others are acrylic.

best betta fish tank Image Courtesy of Amazon

Aqueon Aquarium Tank


3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit


This glass aquarium has a classic look and comes with most of what you need to get set up. The kit includes a clip-on filtration system, a starter amount of food, an LED lighting module, and a water conditioner.

best betta fish tank Image Courtesy of Amazon

Marina LED Aquarium Tank


4. Koller Products 3-Gallon Fish Bowl


If you like the traditional look of a fishbowl, this option holds three gallons but maintains a light weight thanks to its acrylic construction. It’s a very simple option — no filter kit or LED lighting is included. It’s just the bowl, so you can choose which accessories you want to add.

best betta fish tank Image Courtesy of Amazon

Koller Fish Bowl


5. Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium Tank 5.5 Gallon


This 5.5-gallon tank from Aqueon only includes the tank — there’s no filter system or decorations, giving you more flexibility to add what you want to the tank. The edges have a silicone trim that is close to invisible, allowing you easier viewing into the tank.

best betta fish tank Image Courtesy of Petco

Aqueon Aquarium Tank


6. Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank


Hydroponics, or the process of growing vegetation without soil, has exploded in popularity, thanks to its implications for sustainable food growth. This unique kit lets you try it out. The container acts as a tank for your betta, while the planter on top lets you grow different plants. The kits are made in the US.

best betta fish tank Image Courtesy of Amazon

Back to the Roots Water Garden Tank

$89.41 $99.99 11% OFF

7. Koller Products PanaView 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit


This kit from Koller is rectangular, but has rounded edges, making it easier to appreciate your pet fish. An LED kit and filtration system are included, making it a great starter kit. The tank is acrylic, so it’ll be lighter weight than comparable glass aquariums.

best betta fish tank Amazon

Koller Aquarium Tank


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