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No Butts Given: We Started Using One of These Attachable Bidets and We’ve Never Felt Better

* Bidets are becoming more popular in the United States
* Better for the environment and more sanitary than toilet paper alone
* Reduces plumbing issues and keeps you feeling fresh

Did you know Americans use enough toilet paper to cause the destruction of around 54 million trees a year? Bidets provide an eco-friendly alternative and they’re more hygienic than using toilet paper alone. The bottom line is bidets are better for your bottom. Now that bidets are gaining popularity in states, there are plenty of affordable options that attach right on to your toilet. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite models below.

1. Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Turn your standard toilet into a money saver by installing this easy to use

. The water pressure knob makes clean up easy for children and the elderly. You also save time thanks to the self-cleaning sanitary nozzle.

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2. Aqua Nexis Bidet Toilet Sprayer

The beauty of this handheld sprayer is that you can achieve maximum freshness by rinsing your rump with cool or warm water. The 360-degree pivoting nozzle prevents leaks and tangles, while the water pressure control eliminates any surprises. This also works great for cleaning cloth diapers.

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3. Toto Washlet Electronic Toilet Seat


just may be the real reason why toilets are often referred to as thrones. Imagine how much better your cold mornings will feel with a heated seat and warm air dryer to greet your behind. This bidet toilet seat includes an adjustable front, rear warm water washing and a pre-mist before each use to help keep your toilet bowl tidy.

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4. Squatty Potty Refresh-it Toilet Seat

This gentle cleansing device is a top-seller for a reason.  The Squatty Potty Refresh-It Toilet Seat attaches to your toilet seat in just minutes and releases a soft spray from under the seat, allowing for a very comfortable cleanup.

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