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Far Sighted: The 6 Best Binoculars Under $50

* Find the best pair of binoculars in time for summer activities
* Follow live sports more closely
* Grab some if you’re planning a safari holiday or outdoors trip

Whether you’re in the nosebleed seats at a sports game or a concert, or you’re an avid bird watcher looking to get up close and personal, a good pair of binoculars always comes in handy.

We’ve found six great pairs, varying in power and price, for you to choose from. From portable ones that are easy to pack on vacation, to high-powered surveillance gear (not that we recommend spying on your neighbors or your ex…), all of these picks come in at under 50 bucks.

1. SkyGenius Compact Lightweight Binoculars

Small enough to slip in a pocket or a purse, these binoculars are ideal for the opera or a sporting event, where you don’t want to be hassled with carrying around a huge clunky pair. Using the smooth center-focus knob, you can easily adjust the focus.


2. G4Free Compact Binoculars

With up to 12X magnification, these binoculars have a range of 273 feet at 1000 yards. For nighttime conditions, there is also a green optics lens for night vision.


3. Bushnell Falcon Binoculars With Case

With fully coated optics for superior light transmission, these binoculars can easily adjust to changing light conditions found outdoors. Ideal for bird watching, they also feature an instafocus mechanism to quickly latch onto fast-moving objects.


4. SCOKC Powerful Outdoor Binoculars

The BK-7 prisms featured on this pair will come in handy at sports games, as they’re designed to focus on far-away, fast-moving objects. The multiple layer coated aspherical lenses also create minimal distortion.


5. SkyGenius Durable Clear Binoculars

These powerful binoculars have 10 x 50 magnification, great for sightseeing or safaris, as the aspherical lens is built for light reflection. However, they are not suitable for glasses wearers.


6. Bushnell PowerView Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars

This high-powered pair of binoculars by Bushnell is covered in a padded rubber coating to absorb shock, should they fall. It also features 12X magnification, and fold-down eyecups for easier viewing.

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