Keep Your Books in Place With the Best Bookends on Amazon


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Whether you have an overflowing collection of books that are encroaching on every corner of your home, or you like to keep only a few of your favorite titles on hand, a set of strong and attractive bookends creates an attractive and organized area to keep your favorite pieces of literature.

Bookends work by creating a bracket on either end of a pile of books, as well as magazines, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and vinyl records. They can also be used to hold books against the wall, using the wall as the second bookend. As homes become smaller and a move towards a more minimalistic design approach continues to gain traction, bookends are small and useful items that help keep spaces organized. Bookends can turn any shelf or table into a bookshelf and securely hold books in place, avoiding the dreaded avalanche that can happen when one title is removed from an unsteady setup.

Whether you’re organizing cookbooks in the kitchen, textbooks in an office, board books in a child’s room or novels in the living room, bookends are a great way to add a fun new piece of decor that also serves an important purpose. Check out some of our favorite bookend designs below.

1. MaxGear Book Ends

For a clean and modern-looking bookend that will hold items in place, we recommend the MaxGear Book Ends. The bookends are made from heavy-duty metal that provides a strong and durable holder that can tackle heavy loads. Crafted with heavy-gauge steel through an advanced stamping process, the bookends won’t bend or break even when weight is applied. Anti-static paint and rounded edges will protect both the books and the user’s hands. The bottom includes nonslip pads to help keep the MaxGear bookends in place. We also like that the MaxGear bookends are available in an extra-large size that is ideal for use with large picture books, textbooks and vinyl records.

Pros: Heavy-duty design, nonslip pads and available in an extra-large size.

Cons: The MaxGear bookends don’t have much of a decor element.

MaxGear Book Ends Courtesy of Amazon

2. Innoplus Bookends

Add some flair to your bookshelf with a set of the Innoplus Bookends. Available in black or white and featuring a tree design, the metal bookends provide a sturdy bracket for whatever collection users need to keep upright, whether it’s books, CDs, magazines or DVDs. Sold in sets of two, the bookends include small rubber pads on the bottom to help keep them in place and ensure that they won’t scratch or mark tables or shelves. The bookends are made to last thanks to their powder coating, which creates a rust-resistant finish. Rounded edges add a touch of safety, helping to ensure that users won’t snag their fingers or books on sharp corners.

Pros: Powder coated for durability, available in black or white and nonslip rubber bottom.

Cons: The Innoplus are better suited for light books or only a small number of heavy items.

Innoplus Bookends Courtesy of Amazon

3. MerryNine Plastic Acrylic Bookends

For users who want the function of bookends without a loud design, we recommend the MerryNine Plastic Acrylic Bookends. The clear acrylic bookends provide a discrete option for users who want to keep their space organized. The set of four bookends come with a removable yellow film that ensures they are scratch-free upon arrival. Rounded corners and smooth edges make these a safe option to use in a child’s room. The clear acrylic blends into almost any decor and fits in especially well with modern spaces. Easy to wipe clean, MerryNine bookends can be bent back into position if they become stretched from a heavy load.

Pros: Discrete design, comes in a pack of four and is easy to clean.

Cons: The MerryNine are not designed with non-slip pads.

MerryNine Plastic Acrylic Bookends Courtesy of Amazon

4. Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man Bookends

Add a fun spin to your book collection with the Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man bookends. Designed for holding heavy books, including textbooks and cookbooks, the Fasmov can also be used with CDs, DVDs and magazines. A padded nonslip base will help hold the bookends in place and won’t mark or scratch furniture and shelves. Customers can choose from a variety of creative designs from Fasmov that are appropriate for both home and office use.

Pros: Doubles as a decor piece, heavyweight design can hold textbooks and has a nonslip base.

Cons: The Fasmov ‘men’ take up space and aren’t ideal for users who don’t have room to spare.

Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man bookends Courtesy of Amazon