These Boot Trays Are a Winter Essential for a Cleaner House

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As fall comes around and we say goodbye to the sunshine for another year, we know the frequency of rainy (and perhaps snowy!) days increases, leading to wetter conditions. Whether you’re going to work, walking the dog or picking the kids up from school, wet or even snowy or icy weather brings with it a clean-house nightmare in the form of water, dirt or snow on your shoes.

Of course, the initial and most obvious answer to this problem is ensuring everyone takes their shoes off as soon as they enter the house. While this does prevent further spread of the muck into the house, it doesn’t completely prevent the mess on the carpets or tiled floors in the entryway. This is especially true of clumpy snow which sticks to footwear. Once melted, that snow leads to puddles in the house.

To prevent this annoying problem and keep your home as clean as possible, why not try putting down a boot tray? These handy home additions are designed to manage your footwear and prevent anything unpleasant which comes in off you feet.

In addition to being useful as a tray for your shoes, these versatile items can perform other functions, such as acting as handy, under-plant trays or sitting under potentially leaky items in the pantry.

Below you’ll find the top 9 boot trays to help keep your home clean this winter.

1. Eagle Containment Utility Tray


With over 90% of Amazon customers awarding the Eagle Containment Utility Tray full marks, you can be sure this handy tray is great for keeping your floors clean and more. It’s capable of containing up to five gallons of liquid, making it an ideal choice for households who regularly see snow. Its large, 36 by 18-inch size means there’s lots of room for plenty of shoes. The design also sports a ribbed bottom, and the trays are nestable if you have several trays and want to store them away during the ‘cleaner’ months.

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2. Umbra ShoeDry Multipurpose Drying Mat


If you’re after a budget-friendly and simple way to dry shoes and contain mud as you enter your home, the Umbra ShoeDry Multipurpose Drying Mat fits the bill. It’s made from a highly-absorbent foam which quickly takes in water and prevents seepage and pooling. Plus, this four-pair capacity mat comes with two movable molded racks which raise shoes, helping them dry faster than normal.

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3. JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Tray


The JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Tray is large enough to comfortably hold up to three pairs of shoes or boots. It’s constructed from heavy-duty, rigid molded plastic and sports contouring inner reinforcement on the base to provide additional support while keeping the tray both lightweight and portable. The perimeter of the tray is raised to prevent any leakage, making it a great choice for users looking to store other items which may leak unexpectedly.

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4. Zenn Multi-Purpose Durable Black Tray


If you have multiple entrances and want an easy way to keep them all mud and snow-free, try placing one of these Zenn Multi-Purpose Durable Black Trays on the floor. This pack includes two separate trays. Each of the trays are made from polypropylene, which is a tough and durable sheet made from recycled materials. The trays are great for indoor and outdoor use and are stackable for easy storage when they aren’t in use.

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5. Household Essentials Bamboo Shoe Tray


The Household Essentials Bamboo Shoe Tray is a great choice for users who prefer wood over plastic, whether for aesthetic or environmental reasons. This attractive tray sports a seven-slat design and has non-skid feet to keep it in place. The slightly raised level keeps your dirty shoes off the floor and allows air to pass over them, aiding the drying process. The versatile tray can also be used in a bath, shower or your steam room (if you have one!).

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6. Superio Rubber Boot & Shoe Tray


If you want a boot tray to do its job without flair or attracting passing attention, the Superio Rubber Boot & Shoe Tray is a solid choice. Its solid black color adds to its inconspicuous nature, while inside the tray, you’ll find subtle decoration to add a touch of class. The tray sports angled sides to prevent ice, mud or snow from escaping, which means this tray is great for leaky items as well as shoes.

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7. ART & ARTIFACT Rubber Boot Tray


What’s nicer than having a boot tray which welcomes and fares you well every time you come or go through the door? In the ART & ARTIFACT Rubber Boot Tray, you’ll have exactly that. The tray is covered with “Hello,” “See You Soon” and other pleasantries to help make your encounter all the more pleasant. The tray itself is made from heavy duty rubber and features a handy lip to prevent liquids from escaping onto the floor.

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8. AquaShield Cordova Boot Tray Mat


If you’re after a boot mat to color match with your home decor, look no further than the AquaShield Cordova Boot Tray Mat. This boot tray is available in eight different colors, including red, blue, yellow and even white. Furthermore, this USA-made mat is constructed from a tough polypropylene with a commercial grade SBR rubber back. It’s also slip resistant and sports an attractive patterned design.

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9. Generic Boot and Shoe Organizer


If you’ve got lots of shoes to store and not so much space to store them, work up instead of out with this Generic Boot and Shoe Organizer. Each level of the organizer can comfortably hold three pairs of shoes and also sports a handle lip to prevent spillages. The polypropylene construction gives the organizer a solid feel and also makes cleaning up especially easy.

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