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The 7 Best Box Cutters & Utility Knives for All Your DIY Needs

When it comes to opening the occasional box or tearing through packaging, you would probably find that a half-hearted attempt with a blunt kitchen knife or the sharp key on your keychain is sufficient. However, when dealing with several boxes at a time, making do is rarely the best course of action. If this situation sounds all too familiar, it’s a good idea to invest in a box cutter or utility knife designed specifically for dealing with such tasks.

Choosing the best box cutter or utility knife for you will depend a lot on your personal needs and preferences. Different designs offer various benefits. Some focus on safety, some prioritize a sharp cutting edge and many do their best to end up somewhere in the middle. There are also models which are designed for portability, allowing them to sit forgotten in your drawers or pockets until you need them.

Below you’ll find seven of the top box cutters and utility knives to make slicing through cardboard a breeze.

1. Slice Box Cutter

With its three-position, fully retractable ceramic blade, the Slice Box Cutter keeps you in control of any cutting you’re doing and safe at the same time. The two open blade positions allow you to cut to a maximum depth of eight millimeters, making double-walled cardboard and other packing materials no problem. The ceramic blade is finger friendly for a safe cutting experience, while the cutter’s U-shape design makes for easy one-handed operation. The unique shape also lets you hang the tool in your pocket or on hooks for easy storage. Furthermore, the box cutter comes in a choice of either green or orange.

Pros: The cutter’s unique U-shape makes it easy to control during use and easily stored in pockets and on hooks.

Cons: Some users may find the unique shape too much of a change from the norm and prefer a more conventionally shaped knife.

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2. WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife

If you’re looking for a blade capable of cutting more than just cardboard and thin packing materials, look no further than the WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife. This knife, which sports a folding design, boasts a razor-sharp blade to cut through vinyl, hose and tougher materials than many of the competing knives on this list. The design includes a built-in thumb rest which keeps your thumb out of the way during use and allows you to apply more pressure when cutting harder materials. When folded, the knife’s blade is safely encased, allowing for safe transport and storage of this lightweight tool. Plus, the built-in stainless-steel belt clip makes in-pocket storage especially easy.

Pros: The sharp blade allows this knife to cut through packaging and tougher materials, like vinyl and hose, with ease.

Cons: With such a sharp built-in blade, accidents with this knife are more likely to be more serious than those involving ceramic-blade options.

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3. Home Planet Gear Box Cutter Utility Knife

The Home Planet Gear Box Cutter Utility Knife sports an ergonomic handle which offers full protection to your knuckles during use. This circular handle includes a TPR rubber covering which provides plenty of grip and allows for more precise cutting. The knife also features a sharp, high-carbon SK5 blade which can be adjusted into one of five different positions, depending on your cutting needs. This product also includes spare blades which can be stored in a built-in blade storage compartment.

Pros: The full circular handle provides protection for your knuckles and delivers a greater amount of control for safer and more precise cutting.

Cons: Because of the complete handle and internal storage space, this knife is larger than many of the competing knives on our list.

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4. Fixson Box Cutter Utility Knife

If you have multiple people who need to cut boxes and open packages, it’s a good idea to have more than one knife available. This Fixson Box Cutter Utility Knife Set includes six individual knives, each of which sports a sharp, carbon-steel blade. These blades include a design which means you can simply snap away the old blade when it becomes blunt to expose a fresh blade. The pack includes two red, two yellow and two green knives and also comes with 10 spare blades. The handy design of the knives also includes a built-in safety lock and a clip which lets you hook it on pockets for easy storage.

Pros: The handy and convenient design means any time your knife becomes blunt, you simply snap it away to expose a new blade.

Cons: The thin and lightweight design of the knives may feel cheaper and more flimsy than many competing options.

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5. Slice Mini Box Cutter

The Slice Mini Box Cutter’s compact size and smart design make it a great option if you’re looking for a box cutter to take up minimal space but still get the job done. The versatile cutter is under three inches in length and offers a comfortable cutting experience for either left or right handed users. You’ll also find a textured slider for quick and easy deployment or retraction of the ceramic blade. By housing a ceramic blade, this cutter is safer and more finger friendly than other metal options. In addition, this knife features a built-in magnet which allows you to stick the cutter to metallic surfaces, like fridges and tool boxes, lessening the chance of misplacing this tiny tool.

Pros: The compact size is ideal for users who want an effective cutter but are tight on storage or pocket space.

Cons: While the small size has a number of handy benefits, it also makes it easier to misplace or lose in small gaps.

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6. Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife

The Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife is so much more than a device capable of cutting boxes; it’s a true utility knife in every sense of the word. The knife’s sharp blade, which can be adjusted to three different lengths, can cut through a whole range of materials with ease, including cardboard, polypropylene strapping and even vinyl flooring. It also boasts a rubberized grip to keep you in control, while the top-mounted button allows for deployment or retraction of the blade, making the knife safer to store when it’s not in use. Furthermore, this two-piece kit includes five additional blades to ensure you’ve got plenty of spares.

Pros: This knife’s razor sharp and retractable blade makes it a versatile option which can do a lot more than just cut through boxes.

Cons: Because the blade is razor sharp, the potential for more serious mishaps is greater than with many competing ceramic blades.

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7. Klever XCHANGE Safety Knife

If safety is your top priority but you would still prefer a metal blade in your utility knife, consider the Klever XCHANGE Safety Knife. By covering the point of the blade with a tough plastic, and only leaving a small window of functional blade available for cutting, you’ll find it extremely difficult to accidentally nick anything. This knife is ideal for slicing through double-walled cardboard or other thick packaging materials. The large, ergonomic handle is covered in a non-slip rubber which aids control and precision during use. Furthermore, this USA-made safety knife includes a metal tape splitter on the other end for a complete box cutting and opening experience.

Pros: The knife’s recessed blade makes this the ideal choice for users who prioritize safety above all else.

Cons: Because there is no open point or blade, this knife has limited use for poking or piercing items.

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