Bubble Baths Are Not Overrated. Here Are the Best Bubbles to Try in Your Next Tub Sesh

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We’re each on a constant self-care journey of finding the things that help us relax and bring us to our happy place. For some it may be physical exercise, for others it might be fixing things around the house. Perhaps you’ve got some hobbies that keep your mind occupied when you’re not working, or maybe you dig yoga.

If you have access to a bath tub, may we recommend a bubble bath as your next respite from the harsh reality of the world? We live for a good soak in the soothing warm water, and bubbles take it to a whole other level. Add in some bath salts, light a few candles and you’re in business.

In the fitness and wellness space epsom salt baths are very popular and for good reason. Epsom salt is great for soothing minor aches, pains, reducing swelling and helping muscles repair and restore. The epsom salts dissolve in your bathwater and the magnesium and sulfates may absorb into your skin and help your body heal and recover. If you’re a regular epsom salt person, the addition of bubbles will not only make your recovery sessions more fun, but the addition of essential oils and other soothing ingredients may help your body relax further. Here are the best bubble bath brands for adding into your soaking wellness routine.

1. Dr. Teal’s Foaming Eucalyptus Bath


Dr. Teal’s is a solid bubble bath bet no matter if you’re new to the suds game or a seasoned vet. It’s got long-lasting bubbles that appear quickly in the tub under the running water and are infused with a pleasant scent of eucalyptus and spearmint. This foaming bath has epsom salts in it that’ll help soothe your muscles in addition to chamomile essential oils for relaxation. The bubbles will comfort and gently cleanse as your senses relax and your stress melts away. Simply add a swig of it to your bath as the water is running for maximum bubbles.

Dr. Teal's eucalyptus bubble bath, best bubble bath Courtesy of Amazon


2. The Honest Company Calming Lavender Bubble Bath


This plant-based formula from The Honest Company is made for kids but is great to use as a grown-up as well. It contains naturally-derived lavender essential oils that are relaxing and balance out the other organic botanicals added to cleanse and retain moisture. This formula is safe and gentle on sensitive skin as it’s made with sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrances. It also contains calming chamomile and calendula that moisturizes, in addition to jojoba protein and quinoa extract that’ll fortify your skin’s health. This formula is vegan and comes in a few other scents in addition to lavender.

The Honest Company bubble bath, best bubble bath Courtesy of Amazon


3. Deep Steep Premium Bubble Bath


This bubble bath from the Deep Steep Store is made with all-natural, organic ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter and doesn’t include sulfates or parabens. The formula is vegan, not tested on animals and creates super foaming bubbles. It’s also hard water safe so it’ll produce the bubbles you want no matter where you live, and it’s safe to use with the whole family including babies and young children. It has natural essential oils mixed in for the added scent and relaxation factor including lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, grapefruit and peppermint. It also has argan oil and aloe vera for soothing and moisturizing your skin. It’s a luxurious bubble bath without the hefty price tag, and makes for a great gift as well.

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4. Dr. Teal’s Foaming Sooth & Sleep Lavender Bath


Nothing will rock you straight to sleep quite like a soothing bubble bath with lavender. Yes, this is the same brand as the best overall pick and it deserves two spots on this list because it’s just that good. Combine the long-lasting bubble formula with the soothing power of epsom salt and tack on lavender essential oils and you’ve got a fast track ticket to snooze town. Lavender is an essential oil that may produce a better night’s sleep and this mix includes it just enough to create the calming atmosphere you want without overwhelming you with scent. Give yourself some stress relief right before bedtime and cleanse your skin all at once with this relaxing bubble bath.

Dr. Teal's lavender bubble bath, best bubble bath Courtesy of Amazon


5. Solimo Milk and Honey Bubble Bath


If you want a lot of bubbly bang for your buck, this Amazon branded wash is the way to go. It has a soothing milk and honey scent and is made with calming essential oils for ultimate relaxation. The 32 oz bottle costs less than $5 making it a bargain deal and you can stock up with a pack of four in one purchase as well. Pair this mix with some epsom salts and you’ll be on the road to relieving self-care in no time.

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6. Kneipp Eucalyptus Bubble Bath 13.52 fl oz


This aromatherapy bubble bath from Kneipp is made with eucalyptus oil which is known to ease respiratory symptoms including coughing, nasal congestion and sore throats. It also includes peppermint oil that may relieve tension headaches, sore muscles and is a natural energy booster. If you feel a cold coming on, sink into some calming bubbles from this brand and hopefully nip your symptoms in the bud. This brand is dedicated to creating bath products from plants with a focus on the healing powers of nature. Because of that, these blends are completely plant-based and 100% vegan.

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7. Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Milk Bath


Remember that old folktale about Cleopatra bathing in milk for her amazing complexion? Well, there may have been some truth to at least the sentiment behind that story. Milk proteins are amazing for your skin as they may help regenerate dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones. This bubble bath from Village Naturals contains milk and shea butter to soothe and moisturize your skin to the max. It also has aloe and vitamin E — two other essential components for that silky skin you’re going for. It’s important to note that this product, despite being made with milk protein, is not tested on animals nor uses animal-derived ingredients.

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9. Alaffia Everyday SHEA Bubble Bath


This comforting, calming bubble bath is made of high-quality ingredients and natural essential oils and include shea butter that’ll soothe even the driest of skin. All of the sales of this brand’s products go towards empowering projects aimed at breaking cycles of poverty in Togo. So alongside being a product worth investing in and enjoying, you can also rest knowing your money is going towards a worthy cause.

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9. Maple Holistics Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath


This lavender bubble bath from Maple Holistics is formulated for high-yielding bubbles so if you want maximum bubble count, this one’s for you. It’ll make plenty of bubbles that will last through your whole bath and includes 100% pure aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience. The Bulgarian lavender, sage and palmarosa all combine to make a thoroughly pleasing scent. The formula also includes vitamin E and aloe vera, hypoallergenic ingredients that soothe, moisturize and help skin repair.

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10. Library of Flowers Bubble Bath


If you really want to treat yourself, try out this decadent bubble bath formula from Library of Flowers. It comes in three different scents including vanilla, willow & water and even one called Forget Me Not which is comprised of scents we’re not totally sure of. Regardless, their formula is rich in cocoa butter, skin-pampering green tea and contains scents of bergamot, dark vanilla and a hint of amber. Plus, it comes in a decorative glass bottle with a cork that’ll blend right in in your calming bathroom environment.

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