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A Simple Way to Create a Spa-Like Experience at Home

* High quality candle with a mix of lemon, lime and bergamot
* Candle jar features black lid and attractive hand spun ribbon
* 34oz candle burns for up to 155 hours

If you’re looking for something to perk up your olfactory enjoyment, this day spa candle from

might just be the answer. With a beautiful appearance and pleasant combination of scents, you’ll enjoy hours of relaxation under this candle’s spell.

The candle itself is set in an adorable glass jar which is adorned with a hand-spun ribbon. To complete the farmhouse country look, you’ll also have a black colored lid to close your candle when it’s not in use.

The real appeal of this candle is found within the scent-infused wax. Inside the “Keepers of The Light” candle, you’ll find a powerful mix of lemon, lime and bergamot aromas. To add further complexity and enjoyment to your candle, you’ll also detect hints of vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine.

At 34oz, these candles are the largest of the company’s collection, and with their quality wicks, they provide up to 155 hours of burn time. This impressive duration also means that won’t need to replace your candles as often.

You’re sure to be taken aback at just how good this candle smells. Without overwhelming, the clean and cleansing scent will quickly fill a room, making you smile every time you return home to a tranquil, relaxing, spa-like environment.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.Seriously, these candles give the most powerful aromas.