Transform Plain Old Candles into Decorative Ornaments With These Classy Holders

best candle holders
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Burning candles around your home is one of the easiest ways to create an appealing atmosphere with a homely feel. When achieving this goal, the shape and size of your candle are far less important than the candle’s scent. This is because, as everyone knows, as a candle burns, the wax melts and evaporates. For the most part, a candle is a means to an end. And while buying a beautifully shaped candle can help to improve its appearance, the smartest way to increase a candle’s aesthetic appeal is to house it in one of the best candle holders.

The benefits of burning candles around your home are numerous. And contrary to some stereotypes, they are equally beneficial for both men and women. The days of considering candles to be a feminine touch are behind us. In short, burning candles can and should be enjoyed by everyone. In addition to their pleasant smell, the right candles can also provide other benefits including:

  • Creating ambiance
  • Calming the mind
  • Relaxing for the body
  • Encouraging great sleep
  • Providing warmth
  • Stimulating memory
  • Relieving stress
  • Increasing focus
  • Improving happiness

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the best candle holders also offer protection to your countertops and surfaces from falling wax and naked flames. And rather than damaging the best bowls and plates as makeshift options, switch to a made-for-purpose candle holder.

From glass candle holders to wall candle holders, we’ve rounded up the best candle holders available to order online. We’ve covered all of the most popular candle holder types to ensure there’s one to house your favorite candle, regardless of its shape and size. From large pillar candles to small tea lights, this selection of holders can transform your standard candles into beautiful ornaments to display around your home, while also protecting your home at the same time.


1. London Narrow Short Blue Hurricane Candle Holder


In addition to being a luxurious candle holder, this London Narrow Short Blue Hurricane Candle Holder doubles up as an attractive decor piece for your home. Its tall cylindrical walls encase the central platform which houses the candle. You can choose between either blue or clear for the outer wall glass. And while comparatively delicate, this glass candle holder is more than worth your investment as it brings both class and style to your living room, a dinner party or even just a relaxing bubble bath.

best candle holders london narrow short blue Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel


2. GLASIG Tealight Holders


GLASIG Tealight Holders are a staple choice of candle holder for any home. As one of the most budget-friendly yet useful types of candle holders, they can accommodate both traditional flame tea lights and their battery-powered kin. They’re compact in size and have a solid construction which makes them easily stored and durable enough to be dotted around the house during special occasions without any worry.

best candle holders glasig Image courtesy of IKEA


3. PÄRLBAND Tealight Holder


Although the PÄRLBAND Tealight Holder only houses one tea-light at a time, the attractive design of the metal candle holder makes it much more of an ornament than the average option. The central metal podium, on which the candle sits, is surrounded by a glass cylinder to protect the flame and add a touch of elegance. And as a finishing touch, the metal cage sits around the glass cylinder, delivering a candle holder which is decorative and particularly well-suited to modern homes.

best candle holders parlband Image courtesy of IKEA


4. Elsa Large Glass Tealight Candle Holder


The Elsa Large Glass Tealight Candle Holder is an extremely elegant way to decorate your home. This all-glass candle holder is available in a range of different sizes and can accommodate either tealight or votive candle styles. The holder also allows you to add your own personal touch by choosing something to sit in the bottom of the central space, such as pebbles, shells, pods, or other similar items.

best candle holders elsa large glass tealight Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel


5. FULLTALIG Candlesticks


Taking a modern twist on one of the most traditional styles of candle holder, these FULLTALIG Candlesticks are made for tall candles. This set of three tall candle holders are all black and each shares a similar design, but at varying heights. The small candle holders are mounted on thin necks which attach to the larger base dishes, which are ideal for catching falling wax. The minimalist design of these candle holders gives them extra versatility, being useful for everyday use, at Halloween parties or even as a classy centerpiece at your next dinner party.

best candle holders fulltalig Image courtesy of IKEA


6. Hammond Taper Holder


This golden Hammond Taper Holder can take your dining table setup to new heights. Although they’re sold individually, these metallic, taper candle holders look great when arranged in pairs or in sets of three. They’re made of aluminum and sport an attractive, warm brass finish which makes them look of a higher quality than their price suggests. Furthermore, if you really want your setup to look fancy across the board, try finding cutlery and napkin rings to match.

best candle holders hammond taper holder Image courtesy of West Elm


7. Just Artifacts Round Speckled Candle Holders


Just Artifacts Round Speckled Candle Holders are a must-have come party season. These small, gold candle holders come in packs of 12, making them ideal for spreading around any space to add a sense of atmosphere and warmth. With these candles dotted around, you can turn off the main lights in your home and enjoy a candle-lit setting. Alternatively, you could use them outside after sunset for a romantic evening under the stars.

best candle holders just artifacts Image courtesy of Amazon


8. TIJNN Resin Pillar Candle Holders


With five-star ratings from over 90% of Amazon users, these SUNFACE Resin Pillar Candle Holders are a popular and tried-and-tested set of candle holders for your home. The different holders in the set vary in height but all follow the same gothic-inspired design with a pillar and a chunky base. Although they look great as a set, you could also separate them and place them individually around your home. Plus, these pillar candle holders also make a fantastic gift idea, so if you’re unsure of what to get someone come Christmas time, these candle holders could be the answer.

best candle holder tijnn Image courtesy of Amazon


9. eFavormart Silver Mercury Candle Holders


eFavormart Silver Mercury Candle Holders are a popular and decorative choice of candle holder that is suitable for a classier standard of environment. Whether it’s an afternoon tea party, family gathering or even Christmas day, these candle holders are a reliable way to raise the overall standard of candle aesthetic in your home, and also give them a protective base to sit on, too. They’re available in three sizes, as well as in gold or silver. This means it’s easy to order a variety of them to suit the overall vision you have in mind.

efavormart silver mercury glass pillar candle holders Image courtesy of Walmart


10. Rory Brass Tea Light Centerpiece


The Rory Brass Tea Light Centerpiece requires five tea-light candles to look its best. This modern-looking, brass candle holder is made from antique brass and makes a fantastic centerpiece or side feature for around the house. The bow tie-inspired design connects four different curved sections together, all of which have a tea light mounted on top.

rory brass tea light centerpiece candle holder Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel


11. Ora Black Wire Lantern


For a candle handle with a rustic appearance, choose this Ora Black Wire Lantern. This rustic candle holder is available in two sizes and looks at home in any natural environment. The large base makes it well-suited to being placed on floors or tables, while the integrated carry loop allows you to hang it easily, too. Its luxuriously oversized appearance ensures your candle has plenty of space to burn while the gap-filled walls ensure plenty of light escapes to create a visually appealing effect.

ora black wire lantern candle holder Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel


12. Smtyle Tall Candle Holders


If you’re looking to make a statement with your new candle holder, consider the Smtyle Tall Candle Holder. These large floor candle holders feature plates for nine tealights at a range of different heights. Their metal construction is also coated with a matte black finish, giving it a gothic-inspired appearance. Plus, the candle poles are mounted on a large and sturdy base which makes it easy to place the holders on almost any flat floor type.

smtyle tall candle holder Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Colosseo Ceramic Glaz Lanterns


With a name and design inspired by the Colosseum, these Colosseo Ceramic Glaz Lanterns look a little bit like you’d expect them to, with rows of identical windows. The small, arch-shaped cutouts allow the candlelight to shine through and escape the attractive ceramic candle holder. Furthermore, these ceramic candle holders come in four different sizes to accommodate different candle types, from large pillar candles to smaller tea lights.

colosseo ceramic glaze lanterns candle holder Image courtesy of West Elm


14. Ava Natural Wood Pillar Candleholders


These Ava Natural Wood Pillar Candleholders are handcrafted from natural mango wood, giving each one a unique appearance thanks to the wood’s grainy appearance. There are two different heights of the Ava candle holders available, each of which boasts a slightly different shape and a strong silhouette. To really feel the decorative impact of these wooden candle holders, we recommend ordering a few and lining them side-by-side or in a compact group.

ava natural wood pillar candle holder Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


15. Artisanal Wall-Mount Candle Holder


When counter space is limited or you’re looking for a more permanent installation, these Artisanal Wall-Mount Candle Holders are a great choice. These wall candle holders come complete with the bracket which is required for wall attachment. You’ll also be able to choose from four candle holder styles which include sconce, lantern and pillar styles. In addition, these candle holders are Fair Trade certified and made from castle aluminum for durability which is hard to beat.

artisanal wall mount candle holder Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


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