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Seeing Stars: The 6 Best Candle Holders for Space Lovers

* An everyday essential gets a dazzling decor update
* Options for all occasions and all rooms of the house
* All priced under $35

Do you find yourself constantly star gazing? Well, now you can bring the heavens into your home with these stylish celestial candleholders. They make for great party decor or to add a little mood lighting to your bathroom, living area or bed room. Here are six bright picks.

1. Miniature Celestial Tealight Candle Holder

Small gestures can result in big benefits. And this Miniature Celestial Tealight Canlde Holder adds a quaint touch to any table, shelf or counter top.


2. Star & Moon Iron Candle Holder

This Star & Moon Iron Candle Holder adds elegant Victorian style wherever you place it. Just insert a candle and watch it change the mood of any room, patio or garden. It also shines instant ambiance at festivities, parties and weddings.

[caption id="attachment_74617" align="aligncenter" width="380"]candle holder Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. A Cheerful Giver Copper Star Lantern

Light up the night with this Cheerful Giver Copper Star Lantern. Its refined design is old-world inspired and made with unsurpassed quality. Fits a 16-ounce candle.


4. Biedermann Glass Star Candle Holder: 12 Count

These lovely cobalt blue Biedermann Glass Star Candle Holders add a gleam of fantastic color to any table setting. They hold tapered dinner candles with a half inch base. And, you’ll find yourself reaching for them again and again. Also available in clear.


5. Sapphire Star Candle Lantern, Set of 2

Celestial enchantment fills your home when you light up this set of Gifts & Talents Ent Sapphire Star Candle Lanterns. Their warm azure glow pairs especially well with your holiday décor.


6. Jewel-Tone Multi-Color Star Candle Lantern

Enjoy the luminous glow of this Jewel-Tone Multi-Color Star Candle Lantern. It looks beautiful with its Moroccan star design that features several multiple jewel tone panels. Use it for tea lights or votive candles to set the most majestic mood under the moon.

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