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Set the Mood With a Versatile Candle Lighter

Whether you’re setting the mood for a romantic dinner or trying to illuminate a darkened home in the middle of a power outage, it’s always a good idea to keep candles on hand. From date night emergencies to actual emergencies, candles provide light and in some cases add a soothing scent that can help neutralize the smell of yesterday’s meal. But a candle without a light source is just a chunk of wax. That’s why in addition to having a well-stocked supply of candles, it’s also important to have a reliable candle lighter.

Matches work, but if you want a lighter that is easy to use with one hand and has an extended reach that makes it possible to reach wicks that have sunken to the bottom of a candle in a jar, a candle lighter is about to be your new best friend. Refillable, rechargeable and reusable, candle lighters provide a long-lasting and reliable igniter that can withstand windy and wet conditions.

Take them camping, keep one near your barbecue, store one in your kitchen next to your collection of candles. Just make sure that if you’re going to use candles (and you should), you have the best candle lighter to use with them.

1. RONXS Candle Lighter

Lighting candles isn’t always a straight shot, which is why we like the RONXS Candle Lighter. The movable neck on the Ronxs makes it possible to light hard-to-reach candles and candles that have only a short wick left. The Ronxs has a rechargeable USB powered battery and features five LED lights on the handle that indicates when the lighter is fully charged. The flameless, butane-free lighter can be recharged up to 500 times. The Ronxs is made with a seven-point safety system, which includes overheating and overload protection and a six-second auto-off function.

Pros: The Ronxs is wind and splash-proof, making it a great option for outdoor use.

Cons: The ignition button is placed at the midway mark of the lighter’s handle, which shortens the reach of the lighter.

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2. TROPRO Electric Arc USB Lighter

Light candles, fires, barbecues and lanterns indoors and outdoors using the TROPRO Electric Arc USB Lighter. The wind- and water-resistant lighter comes with a USB rechargeable battery. One charge can last up to 500 ignitions. The stainless steel lighter uses plasma technology for a flameless and butane-free ignition. Like the Ronxs, the Tropro has seven safety precautions built-in, but its auto-shutoff kicks in after seven seconds as opposed to six seconds with the Ronxs.

Pros: The Tropro has a four-grid power light indicator on the handle to alert users to when it’s time to charge the lighter.

Cons: The Tropro does not work with standard USB cables and can only be used with the cable included with the lighter.

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3. BIC Multi-purpose Classic Edition Lighter

It’s always a good idea to have a backup lighter on hand in case of emergencies, which is why we like the BIC Multi-purpose Classic Edition Lighter set. The pack of two durable and long-lasting lighters arrive pre-filled with gas and are ready to be used right away. The metal wand features a child-resistant lock and a retractable hook for storage. The fuel cartridges on the Bic lighters are made in the US.

Pros: The extended neck on the Bic lighters is conducive for candles with short wicks, barbecues and fireplaces.

Cons: The Bic lighters are not reusable like the other options on our list.

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4. Zippo Candle Lighters

For a lighter that features a real flame and is reusable and refillable, we recommend the Zippo Candle Lighters. The trusted lighter brand has created a multiuse candle lighter with a flexible head that can swivel in any direction for hard-to-reach wicks. Available in rose gold or soft chrome, the Zappo lighter has a soft-touch ignition and a child-resistant safety lock for the ignition.

Pros: The Zippo comes with an 18 ml butane canister that users can insert into the handle when they’re ready to use the lighter.

Cons: The safety lock must be pressed at the same time as the ignition switch, which can make the lighter difficult to operate with one hand.

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