Child’s Play: 8 Best Card Games for Kids

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* These eight games are fun and educational at the same time
* With straightforward rules and symbols, they’re easy to learn
* Play in teams, or as a family – suitable for all ages

Entertaining kids can be tough — they’re so full of energy, sometimes it can be hard to make them sit down for an entire card game. Fear not, as SPY has uncovered eight exciting, educational games that will make them ask, “Can we play again?”

1. Uno

One of the world’s most recognizable card games, you can get variations with everything from SpongeBob Squarepants characters to WWE stars, but nothing quiet beats the classic. With four suits including 25 cards each, as well as eight wild cards (including the dreaded +4!), you can spend hours on rainy or sick days getting lost in this game.

uno card game Image Courtesy of Mattel


2. Travel Scavenger Hunt

Great for your next family road trip, in this game each player takes five cards, and you have to find each object along the roadside. Small enough to bring in your bag, it will keep the kids occupied and help while away the miles.

travel scavenger hunt for kids Image Courtesy of University Games


3. Blink

In this fast-paced game, you must match either shape, count or color, and the first person to get rid of their draw deck wins. It’s colorful, with bright symbols, making it a fun way to improve memory and image recognition.

blink card game Image Courtesy of Mattel Games


4. Uno Dare

A twist on the classic Uno game, here there are three categories of Dare cards you can draw, which can make you do things like talk like a pirate or stand on one foot for your turn. A great wait to spice up your Uno nights, this will get the whole family laughing.

uno dare card game Image Courtesy of Mattel


5. Five Crowns

In this five-suited Rummy-style game, there is a rotating wild card, and the simple rules make it easy for kids to pick up. It’s won over ten game awards, and even comes complete with a solitaire version.

five crowns Image Courtesy of Set Enterprises Inc


6. Quiddler

In Quiddler, you arrange the cards in your hand into simple, short words that each add up to a point value, and the player with the most points wins. A great educational game to help improve spelling and critical thinking skills, you can play in teams, maybe even kids against adults?

quiddler card game Image Courtesy of Set Enterprises Inc


7. SET

Three cards form a “set,” and the first person to yell “set” gets to keep that set, which means of course the person with the most sets wins. A classic game, it’s considered a board game where the table is your board, and has won over 35 best game awards.

set family card game Image Courtesy of Set Enterprises


8. Rooster Race

Compete to win corn in this wacky game where you predict whether the card’s value will be higher or lower than the previous one. Ideal for players of all ages, you can play alone or in groups, and it’s easy to learn the rules and pick up the game.

rooster race game Image Courtesy of RoosterFin

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