The 12 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

cat mug
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* August 8 is International Cat Day
* Celebrate the occasion with one of these 11 cat-tastic gifts
* Not just for cats, these are items humans will adore

In case you weren’t already aware, International Cat Day is August 8. If you have a special cat in your life, you’re definitely going to want to celebrate with at least a Facebook post, but why not take the holiday one step further with one of these cat-tastic gifts? From paper clips to board games, these items will bring a welcome extra dose of funny feline to your day.

1. Buytra Cute Cat Pens

Take your love of cats to the office or classroom with this 6-pack of roller ball gel pens. The come in a pack of six and write in black ink.

cat pens Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Cat Pizza Pillowcase

It may not be obvious why this kitty is eating a taco and pizza, but the combination set across a starry background just works. Plus, the pillow basically showcases three of our favorite things, so why fight it?

[caption id="attachment_62264" align="aligncenter" width="688"]cat day international best gifts for cat lovers pillowcase Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Cat Riding Shark Flask

Cats rule. They’re even boss enough to ride sharks, rodeo style. Channel that rainbow energy while sipping from this flask for an epic night out.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers flask shark Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Cat Paper Clips

Take your cat love to the office and bring a smile to your coworkers’ faces with these cat-shaped paper clips. The 40 white paper clips come in a silver tin for easy storage.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers paper clips Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Cat Butt Magnets

The butt end of a cat may not be the most beautiful part of your pet, but the back half does make for hilarious magnets. This set of six cat butt magnets will liven up your fridge and provide useful sticking power to boot.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers magnets Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Cat Beard Mug

This International Cat Day, transform yourself into a cat. With this clear mug, you can add your very own cat nose and whiskers just by drinking your morning cup of coffee. This is an especially good gift for any children in your life who adore their four-legged friends. (Makes for great Instagram or Polaroid photos, too).

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers mug Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Cat Door Stopper

For the more practical cat lover, this draft stopper will show off your cat love but also serve an important purpose in your home. This 36-inch cat door stopper will keep your heating and cooling bills down and block out unwanted fumes and noise at the same time.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers door stopper Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Cat Poster

Unspeakably strange, this Stephen Mackey print portrays a humanoid cat dressed to the nines. A true conversation piece, this weird animal poster is 18 by 22 inches.

[caption id="attachment_62263" align="aligncenter" width="357"]cat day international best gifts for cat lovers posters picture Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

9. Cat Backpack

If cute is your style, you’re going to love this cat backpack. The metallic purple bag boasts a sleeping cat face, and an exterior pocket adds a bowed collar to the feline. Furthermore the TinkSky design has a large zipped pocket, which can hold a tablet.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers backpack Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Cat-Opoly

Whether you collect Monopoly games or just enjoy passing Go, Cat-Opoly will make a great addition to your Cat Day festivities. The tokens range from a milk bottle to sardines, and each deed contains fun facts about cats. Grab this limited-edition board game, a bunch of snacks, and invite everyone over for a fun, feline-themed games night.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers monopoly board game Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Cat Bottle Opener

Appropriately named Sphinx, this kitchen tool is a classy cat that will do the dirty deed of opening your wine bottles. With paws that act as a cork lever and a tail to cut foil tops, this feline is all set to be the life of the party.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers bottle opener Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Baking Bowls

Made of glazed and hand-painted ceramic, this set includes fourbowls: 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup. Their ideal for the cat lover who likes to cook. 

Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/ Baking Bowls Image courtesy Amazon

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