Keep Your Furry Friends Entertained With These Cat Toys

best cat toys
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If you have cats or pets of any kind you know that keeping them entertained is one of the biggest parts of your job as a pet owner. They need toys and stimulation in order to burn off energy, have fun and also develop cognitive and coordinative skills. Cat toys that are going to intrigue your feline friends more than the box they came is in a hefty task, but we’re up to the challenge.

We’ve found cat toys that will enrich your pets’ lives and hold their attention for long enough so you can tend to things around the house (including their litter box, which probably needs cleaning come to think of it.)

Whether you’ve got a large older cat who’s over the scene or a handful of small kittens on your hands, these are the best cat toys available for purchase on Amazon.


1. Yvelife Automatic Laser Cat Toy

This cat laser toy will keep your feline pet entertained for hours as they chase around the laser light. The best part? You don’t even have to be home. This cat-shaped laser machine has five adjustable circling ranges that you can augment based on the layout of your room and where you’d like your cat running. It turns off automatically after 15 mins so the battery won’t run out while you’re at work, and automatically turns on after three hours to grab your cat’s attention once again.

Pros: High-tech laser toy that holds cats’ attention, automatic timer, easy to charge, cat-shaped.

Cons: More expensive piece of equipment that your cat could potentially knock off a shelf.

Laser Cat toy Courtesy of Amazon


2. Youngever 24 Cat Toys Assortment

This cat toys assortment includes everything you need to take care of your cat and keep them entertained. It’s got 24 different cat toys including a teaser wand, collapsible cat tunnel, fluffy mouse, feather toys, crinkle balls and more. It’ll keep your cat busy, moving and healthy. The large variety increases the chances that a toy within the bunch will stick and keep your cat entertained, and gives you multiple chances to bond with your animal.

Pros: Variety of cat toys gives you options, toys are easy to clean up, includes a tunnel for cats to run through.

Cons: The number of specific toys in each package varies.

Assortment of cat toys Courtesy of Amazon


3. SmartyKap Catnip Cat Toys

These adorable mice toys are spiked with cat nip which causes cats’ energy to spike and then mellow out for a while. It’s great for burning energy with energetic cats and encouraging them to rest. These mice toys are perfectly sized for batting around and carrying in their mouths, and the catnip is free of chemicals and pesticides. The mice are also made with 100% recycled plastic.

Pros: Catnip-spiked, recycled and chemical-free materials, perfectly sized for playing.

Cons: These mouse toys are not the most durable toys available.

SmartyKat Catnip Toys Courtesy of Amazon


4. Upsky Cat Toy Roller

This 3-tier tower has six interactive balls that your cat can bat and play with while igniting their hunting instincts and playful energy. The spinning balls will keep them busy for hours and keep them away from scratching or gnawing on expensive furniture. Multiple cats can play this together and the durable design will keep it together even if the level of play gets intense. Each layer is detachable if you want to split up the layers, and it’s got a non-slip base pad so the bottom layer is staying put no matter what.

Pros: Durable materials, entertaining design, non-slip pad so it will stay in place.

Cons: This cat toy tends to be more entertaining for younger cats.

3-Tier Tower Cat Toy Courtesy of Amazon


5. Interactive Robotic Rotating Ball

This interactive robotic cat toy can drag around a feather or toy easily while your cat chases it. It’s got a 360-degree self-rotating ball built in with a double motor drive that will keep it moving across floors, carpets and other surfaces. The whole toy is made of high-quality materials that won’t scratch or damage easily if your cat attacks it. It’s got an LED color changing lamp rather than a laser to protect your cat’s eyes, and the rechargeable battery can last for three to four hours on a single charge. The toys attach via a detachable magnet that will trail toys behind the device so your cat will chase, catch up, and continue to chase some more.

Pros: 360-degree self-rotating ball, powerful motor, rechargeable battery, can connect to a variety of toys.

Cons: Takes about two hours to charge after usage.

Interactive Robot Cat Toy Courtesy of Amazon