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Keep Your Furry Friends Entertained With These Cat Toys

If you have cats or pets of any kind you know that keeping them entertained is one of the biggest parts of your job as a pet owner. They need toys and stimulation in order to burn off energy, have fun and also develop cognitive and coordinative skills. Cat toys that are going to intrigue your feline friends more than the box they came in is a hefty task, but we’re up to the challenge.

We’ve found cat toys that will enrich your pets’ lives and hold their attention for long enough so you can tend to things around the house (including their litter box, which probably needs cleaning come to think of it.) Here at Spy, we love our cats, and we talked to a lot of pet owners to find the absolute top toys for our felines. In our experience, the best cat toys have a few qualities in common:

  • Our favorite cat toys activate your feline’s hunting instincts as a form of play, capturing their attention and getting their body active
  • They should be durable enough to withstand claws and teeth
  • Catnip isn’t a necessity in cat toys, but this natural plant can be a fun treat for your housecat
  • Moving parts are necessary to grab your cat’s attention. This could mean electric toys that rotate, twitch or move on their own, or manual toys that you can move around with your hands

Whether you’ve got a large older cat who’s over the scene or a handful of small kittens on your hands, these are the best cat toys available for purchase right now.

1. Yvelife Automatic Laser Cat Toy

This cat laser toy will keep your feline pet entertained for hours as they chase around the laser light. The best part? You don’t even have to be home. This cat-shaped laser machine has five adjustable circling ranges that you can augment based on the layout of your room and where you’d like your cat running. It turns off automatically after 15 mins so the battery won’t run out while you’re at work, and automatically turns on after three hours to grab your cat’s attention once again.

Pros: High-tech laser toy that holds cats’ attention, automatic timer, easy to charge, cat-shaped.

Cons: More expensive piece of equipment that your cat could potentially knock off a shelf.

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2. SmartyKap Catnip Cat Toys

These adorable mice toys are spiked with cat nip which causes cats’ energy to spike and then mellow out for a while. It’s great for burning energy with energetic cats and encouraging them to rest. These mice toys are perfectly sized for batting around and carrying in their mouths, and the catnip is free of chemicals and pesticides. The mice are also made with 100% recycled plastic.

Pros: Catnip-spiked, recycled and chemical-free materials, perfectly sized for playing.

Cons: These mouse toys are not the most durable toys available.

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3. Upsky Cat Toy Roller

This 3-tier tower has six interactive balls that your cat can bat and play with while igniting their hunting instincts and playful energy. The spinning balls will keep them busy for hours and keep them away from scratching or gnawing on expensive furniture. Multiple cats can play this together and the durable design will keep it together even if the level of play gets intense. Each layer is detachable if you want to split up the layers, and it’s got a non-slip base pad so the bottom layer is staying put no matter what.

Pros: Durable materials, entertaining design, non-slip pad so it will stay in place.

Cons: This cat toy tends to be more entertaining for younger cats.

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4. Interactive Robotic Rotating Ball

This interactive robotic cat toy can drag around a feather or toy easily while your cat chases it. It’s got a 360-degree self-rotating ball built in with a double motor drive that will keep it moving across floors, carpets and other surfaces. The whole toy is made of high-quality materials that won’t scratch or damage easily if your cat attacks it. It’s got an LED color changing lamp rather than a laser to protect your cat’s eyes, and the rechargeable battery can last for three to four hours on a single charge. The toys attach via a detachable magnet that will trail toys behind the device so your cat will chase, catch up, and continue to chase some more.

Pros: 360-degree self-rotating ball, powerful motor, rechargeable battery, can connect to a variety of toys.

Cons: Takes about two hours to charge after usage.

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5. Senneny Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy

Short of actually playing with a flopping live fish, this moving fish toy is one of the best toy picks you can purchase for your feline friend. It has a built-in sensor that triggers movement whenever your cat touches it. The fish will also make sounds that’ll attract your cat to play with it rather than scratch the furniture or torture your real fish. It’s filled with organically-grown catnip and is made of premium plush material fabric that won’t come apart after rough play. The realistic shape comes from a 3D printing process during manufacturing, and the toy charges easily via USB.

Pros: Lifelike toy, automatically turns on and off, motion-sensor built in, high-quality materials.

Cons: The battery does not last very long, but it’s easy to recharge.

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6. Pawzone Store Interactive Cat Toy

There are many different options out there when it comes to cat toys, so you might as well choose one that has a pretty wide variety of toys built into it already. This interactive cat toy from Pawzone comes with a track toy, rolling balls, butterfly toys, a flying butterfly wand and a UFO-shaped capsule for chasing balls inside. It’s made of ultra-strong materials that can stand up against crazy cat antics and the butterfly rotation can happen automatically with the touch of a button. This toy will attract your cat and maintain its attention for long periods of time no matter what type of toy they tend to enjoy.

Pros: Wide variety of toy choices built into one, easy to set up, automatic function built into it.

Cons: When turned on, the toy is a bit loud and may annoy and/or scare more skittish cats.

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7. MIAOXSEN Cat Toy with Sturdy Scratching Pads

Let your cat go to town on this toy, it won’t break down. It also makes a great place to hang out and claw with their nails so your couch cushions and curtains get a break. The toy has scratching pads on the outside of the circle and balls they can bat around inside that make clear sounds when moved. The toy is made of 100% high-quality and environmentally-friendly corrugated paper that’s made to last. You can make the toy your own by removing the balls and adding food, treats or other stimulants if you’d like. The toy is also designed to get your cat up and moving so they reap all the benefits of regular pet exercise.

Pros: Built durably for scratching, balls inside that are engaging for cats, easily customizable, makes a great place to nap as well.

Cons: Since the balls can’t come out of the toy without your help, some cats may lose interest fairly quickly.

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8. MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys

If you’re looking to buy in bulk, this feather wand variety pack comes with two different wands and nine different pieces for waving all for an affordable price. Dragging a feather wand or piece of string in front of a cat almost guarantees play time, and this pack of toys comes with a variety of feathered ends your kitty will be determined to catch. The wand extends in length from 15″ to almost 40″ so you can reach far across the room, and the high-quality clasps at the end will enable you to pull the toy away from your cat successfully at the last second, and keep them hooked.

Pros: Variety of feathered ends for cats to chase, foam handle that’s comfortable to hold, wand can extend in length.

Cons: The included string isn’t as durable as other toys.

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9. Feline Portal 9" Catnip Kicker Toys

Many cat toys are aimed at kittens and younger cats, since those are the felines in need of toys to burn off energy. However, older cats deserve to have fun too, and these catnip toys are perfect for them. They’re about 9″ long, making them too big for most kittens to play with but perfect for mature cats. Each one is hypo-allergenic and stuffed with a generous amount of organic catnip that’s been grown in the US. The back has been stitched for durability and each toy goes through testing by the maker’s “Corporate Feline Officer” Taco, to make sure it’s up to snuff.

Pros: Larger, more durable toys that’ll last longer, great for older cats, plenty of catnip in each one.

Cons: Due to large size, these toys aren’t great for kittens or weaker cats.

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10. Red Light Pointer Cat Toy

A laser pointer is probably one of the best cat toys around. Cats go nuts for these things, and it’s super fun to control it yourself so you can turn it on and off, and point it anywhere in the wall you want them to vigorously jump. This one has a sliding button design and is small, lightweight and portable. It recharges via USB and has a night light mode as well, so you can use it as a flashlight. It’s got a pen clip design so you can clip it to your day planner, calendar or to-do list for easy access, and it comes with a strap you can wrap around your wrist too.

Pros: Sliding button design that’s easy to use, clip makes it easy to store.

Cons: Sometimes the back can be tricky to take off in order to charge.

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