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Why The Right Ceiling Fan Makes All The Difference

Keeping cool in during the warmer spring and summer months requires using every trick in the book to stay cool, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. One of the best ways is also one of the most obvious: fans. Where floor and box fans will offer direct relief if placed at the end of your bed, a ceiling fan can help cool the entire room. Without getting too technical, ceiling fans create a downdraft by displacing the rising warm air, which is replaced by cooler air. The warm air doesn’t actually go anywhere, it just circulates in a way that makes a room feel cooler, even though the temperature remains the same.

What people may not realize is that the simple physics behind a ceiling fan can even be utilized in the colder months. All it takes is reversing the direction of the fan, which will cause warmer air to circulate. Just remember that counter-clockwise is for summer, clockwise is for winter. The only hard part is choosing the right fan. Vaulted ceilings, low head clearances, and awkward room layouts can make finding a fan that fits in your space a unique challenge. That doesn’t even account for taste. For example, a tropical ceiling fan in an industrial loft might look out of place. That’s why we’ve rounded up 3 fans that accommodate different design preferences and room types.

1. Hunter 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

The Hunter ceiling fan includes a glass light fixture, two bulbs, and a pull chain for easy adjustment. The traditional design will work well with most interiors. The motor can also be switched to run in reverse.

Pros: Most users found that assembly was easy and that the fan ran quietly and circulated air well.

Cons: Incandescent bulbs are somewhat dull, but this is something that is easily replaced.

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2. Westinghouse 56-Inch 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

For a sleek, industrial look, Westinghouse’s 56-inch fan is affordable and moves a lot of air. Considering the size it is recommended for commercial spaces or large, high-ceilinged residences.

Pros: Strong air flow, easy assembly, stylish industrial look.

Cons: Fan does not have a reverse option or a lighting fixture.

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3. Westinghouse 24-Inch 6-Blade Ceiling Fan

This 24-inch fan from Westinghouse is a great choice for smaller spaces where a 50-inch or bigger fan isn’t an option. Like the Hunter fan on this list, it can rotate in reverse, which accommodates winter and summer use. Included is a 78-inch lead wire, a downrod (to stabilize the fan), and two lightbulbs.

Pros: Good option for small spaces. Strong airflow despite its small size.

Cons: Can be prone to wobbling, in part because of its size. Like the Hunter fan, it comes with incandescent bulbs, which can be easily replaced for those who want brighter lights.

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