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The Best Chalkboard Erasers for Your Home or Office

Chalkboards are a Pinterest-worthy addition to any home. These items are both decorative and functional, depending on how you use them. And whether you’re creating murals in your kitchen or to-do lists in your office, you’re going to need a quality eraser.

We’re not talking about a dusty old classroom eraser. The right chalkboard eraser will give you a fresh start without the mess. It should be durable, comfortable to hold and easy to store. An eraser gets a bonus point if it’s aesthetically pleasing as well.

You’ll want to be picky when browsing around for a chalkboard eraser. If you’ll be using it in your home or office, remember that a wooden handle will match most decor and last for years. However, you might want to look for a softer material if your kids will be using the eraser. Some erasers are sold as single products, while others come in multi-packs.

Here is a roundup of some of the best chalkboard erasers for every need.

1. Emraw Felt Chalkboard Eraser

Emraw’s chalkboard eraser is made of pinewood and felt. The product clears surfaces without the need of cleaning spray, effectively absorbing the chalk residue. You won’t find any scratches on the chalkboard after erasing. This product is suitable for all types of chalkboards, including peel and stick. You can also use it on dry erase boards in your home, classroom or office.

Pros: This eraser is easy to hold and made of sturdy materials. You can purchase this product in a pack of two or four.

Cons: This product might not remove chalk paint.

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2. Melissa & Doug Felt Chalk Eraser

This kid-friendly eraser includes a smooth wooden handle and strips of felt. The product is five inches long and two inches wide, so it will fit in hands of all sizes. You can purchase up to three erasers at a time to use on chalkboards or dry erase boards. To wash, simply rinse the eraser with water and let it air dry.

Pros: The strips of felt are softer than the wool alternatives. The eraser may be smaller than average, so kids can use it comfortably.

Cons: This eraser may not be effective at erasing dry erase crayons. You might notice some chalk residue left behind.

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3. Quartet Little Giant Chalkboard Eraser

This chalkboard eraser is five inches long and two inches wide. The dense felt materials make it ideal for daily use. The erasing portion of the product includes six strips of felt, which absorb the chalk with every stroke. You can use this eraser on most types of chalkboards. This product is available in large quantities, so you can order up to 90 at a time. Keep in mind that this eraser is meant for conventional chalk rather than chalkboard paint.

Pros: You can buy this eraser for the entire office or school. This eraser is lightweight..

Cons: This product may leave some chalk behind on certain chalkboards. The eraser may feel flimsy.

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4. TKOnline Premium Chalkboard Eraser

If you’re looking for a sturdy alternative to softer felt erasers, this product is a great option. These erasers are made of wool and have a wooden handle, holding up through typical wear and tear. The wooden handle is just over two inches wide, so children and adults can hold the eraser comfortably. The product is suitable for most types of chalkboards and minimizes chalk dust. You can purchase this eraser in a set of three or five.

Pros: The wool is great for clearing condensation from car windshields. The shape of the wooden handle is comfortable to hold.

Cons: The wool strips on the eraser might separate with use.

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5. Imagination Generation Chalkboard Eraser

This classic classroom eraser includes six strips of wool felt that clear the board without sounds or scratches. The painted wooden handle is comfortable to hold and is only 1.75 inches wide. This product also includes a bright green and white label, so it’s easy to find in a busy classroom. You can clear chalkboards at home, school or the office without creating clouds of chalk dust.

Pros: The soft wool felt works well on dry erase boards and chalkboards. The wool felt is both soft and durable.

Cons: This product may not be as effective on paint-on boards. The eraser might be too small to use on a large board.

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