Get Crafty and Creative With Multi-Use Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint

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If you’re looking for a DIY project that sparks creativity, has a playful sense of fun and won’t require a big time or financial investment, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of chalkboard paint. We typically think of chalkboards in classrooms or for use only by small children, but chalkboard paint is an easy and affordable way for adults to give furniture items a facelift and turn just about any item into a canvas.

Chalkboard paint comes in dry powder or pre-mixed form and we’ve included pre-mixed options on our list because of their ease-of-use. When applying chalkboard paint, it’s important to budget at least one day for drying time. Rough surfaces should be smoothed down before the paint is applied and additional coats may be required after time has passed. Chalkboard paint should always be applied to a clean surface. For users who want to create a magnetic chalkboard, they can prime their item with a magnetic primer before adding chalkboard paint for a more versatile finished product.

Whether you want to turn your child’s dresser into a place where they can doodle, make small signs to label food and drinks at dinner parties, paint a wall in your home and turn it into an ever-changing mural, or add a strip of paint on every drawer for easy labeling, the projects that can be accomplished with chalkboard paint are seemingly endless.

1. Krylon Chalkboard Paint

Tackle large projects with a quart of Krylon Chalkboard Paint. The durable and long-lasting chalkboard paint leaves a smooth, slate-like chalkboard finish. The paint is safe for use on wood, glass, ceramic, metal and plaster.

Pros: Krylon also makes their chalkboard paint in aerosol form and is available in blue, clear, green and black.

Cons: The Krylon paint should not be used on items that will be kept outdoors.

Krylon Chalkboard Paint Courtesy of Amazon

2. FolkArt Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint

For crafters and DIY enthusiasts who want to create a new piece of art on wood, terra cotta, glass, ceramic, metal, fabric and other surfaces, we recommend the FolkArt Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint. The water-based, non-toxic chalkboard paint goes on smooth for a lasting finish. FolkArt makes their chalkboard paint available in two, four, six- and eight-ounce options.

Pros: The FolkArt chalkboard paint is dishwasher safe, making it a great option for pottery and dishes.

Cons: Because the paint is water-based, it should not be used on surfaces that repel water, like plastic.

FolkArt Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint Courtesy of Amazon

3. DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint

Write, color, design then erase it all and do it again using the DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint. The durable DecoArt turns just about any surface into a chalkboard. Easy to apply with a paintbrush, one two-ounce bottle can cover up to five square feet of space. When it’s time to remove the chalk from the painted area, soap and water are all that is needed.

Pros: DecoArt makes its water-based chalkboard paint with a non-toxic formula that is safe for use with children.

Cons: Chalk markers may leave ghosting on the painted surface.

DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint Courtesy of Amazon

4. Rainbow Chalkboard Blackboard Paint

Turn almost any surface into a canvas with the Rainbow Chalkboard Blackboard Paint. Available in black and yellow, the non-toxic, non-flammable paint has a non-reflective smooth matte finish. The paint has been formulated to eliminate ghosting issues from chalk and is safe for use on wood, metal, plaster, glass and several other surfaces.

Pros: Rainbow chalkboard paint is safe for use outdoors as well as indoors.

Cons: Most projects require two coats and users may want to invest in the 1 Liter option.

Rainbow Chalkboard Blackboard Paint Courtesy of Amazon