Organize Your Wardrobe With the Best Clothes Hangers

best clothes hangers
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Organizing your home isn’t just another chore. It’s also a great way to clear your mind and fall in love with your home all over again. And when the time comes to organize your closet, you need the best clothes hangers for the job. While you might think all clothes hangers are created equally, that’s probably because you’ve spent your life using bulky, low-quality hangers.

The best clothes hangers are durable, have a slim design and offer a secure grip on your clothes that won’t stretch them out. In recent years, super-thin velvet hangers have begun to replace the flimsy wire hangers of the past, and that’s a wonderful thing. Likewise, affordable wooden hangers have become much more affordable. So don’t settle for mediocre or hand-me-down hangers any longer.

Below, we’ve listed the eight best clothing hangers available on Amazon right now. Our list includes heavy-duty plastic hangers, velvet options and even some hangers that feature space-saving hacks. Read on to find the best option for your wardrobe.

1. Closet Complete Premium Heavyweight Velvet Hangers

Closet Complete Premium Heavyweight Velvet Hangers might just be the greatest hangers ever designed. These nifty hangers are approximately 20 grams heavier than the average hanger and can hold items up to 10 pounds without bending. These velvet hangers feature 360-degree swivel heads, notched shoulders and an anti-slip velvet coating. They’re ideal for holding suits, shirts, dresses and pants. Plus, these hangers are made in the USA. Thanks to their super slim design, they will also help you save space in the closet.

PROS: 50 hangers in a single product. Non-slip velvet holds onto clothes and heavy coats up to 10 pounds while maintaining their shape.

CONS: All hangers in this product are black, so color coders beware.

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2. TIMMY Wire Hangers

Those cheap, wire hangers in your closet are better for jimmying open a car door than holding your clothes. Replace them with some premium TIMMY Wire Hangers. These metal hangers are made from strong stainless steel that won’t rust in humid conditions and won’t snap apart like plastic hangers do from time to time. And, as an added bonus, they’re just over three millimeters thick, so you’ll be able to fit more clothes in your closet than if you were using traditional hangers.

PROS: These stainless steel hangers are sturdily constructed to ensure they don’t cave to the pressure of holding your heavy clothing.

CONS: While the hook end of the hanger has a plastic cap to prevent scratching, the cap can fall off with use.

best hangers timmy wire metal Image courtesy of Amazon

3. StorageWorks Wooden Wide Shoulder Hangers

For sturdy hangers that can easily hold suit coats and outerwear, the StorageWorks Wooden Wide Shoulder Hangers fit the bill. These hangers boast an extra-wide-shoulder design that allows them to support the shape of jackets and tops. Furthermore, the shape naturally prevents clothing from falling off the hanger. The hangers are made from solid lotus wood with a super smooth surface, so you can rest assured that they will never snag your fine clothing.

PROS: The extra-wide-shoulder design of these solid wood hangers help prevent slippage and keep the natural shape of jackets and tops intact.

CONS: The wide shoulder is much bulkier than other hangers, meaning you won’t be able to hang as many items in your closet.

best hangers storageworks natural wood Image courtesy of Amazon

4. ZOBER Pants Hangers

Hanging up pants is always a challenge. First, you have to feed them through the middle of the hanger. Then, you have to position them just right so that the creases are in the right spot. It’s enough to make the average person cringe at the thought. Yet, ZOBER Pants Hangers are here to help. These hangers are “one sided,” allowing you to slip your pants onto the bottom bar which is covered in a non-slip coating. In addition, the end of the bar is raised to prevent your slacks from slipping off when you’re moving the hangers around.

PROS: The ZOBER Pants Hangers were designed with one open side to make hanging up slacks easier than ever.

CONS: Because these hangers don’t make a complete triangle, they are ineffective at holding shirts and jackets.

best hangers zober pants Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Quality Hangers Plastic Hangers

Sometimes only reliable plastic hangers will do, but you don’t have to buy the flimsy, dollar-store type. The Quality Hangers Plastic Hangers look just like velvet or flocked hangers, but they won’t leave velvet fuzzies on your clothes. The classy black hangers boast notched shoulders and 360-degree swivel heads for ease of use. They’re also super thin so you can fit as many clothes as possible in your closet, and they’re available in several colors to fit into your existing organizational theme.

PROS: These hangers do away with the thrills to provide quality plastic hangers that look classy yet are super functional at the same time. Each order includes 20 hangers.

CONS: The plastic used to create these hangers isn’t as flexible as that used in other similar plastic options, so breakage may occur more frequently than average.

best hangers quality plastic Image courtesy of Amazon

6. HOUSE DAY Wooden Hangers

With the ability to hold up to 18 pounds, swivel hooks and a premium wooden construction, the HOUSE DAY Wooden Hangers are built to last. These quality hangers boast a smooth, clear lacquer finish to protect your clothes and a space-saving design to help you store as many items as possible. Because of this, these wooden hangers are functional enough to use in your bedroom wardrobe or beautiful enough to keep in your front closet for all your guests to see.

PROS: Ideal for coat closets. These wooden hangers feature a beautiful, clear lacquer finish that makes them as gorgeous as they are functional.

CONS: The lacquer finish means these hangers are more slippery than competing hangers that come complete with plastic non-slip surfaces.

best hangers house day wooden Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Pretigo Space Saving Hangers

If you have way too many clothes for your small closet, you need a hanger that’s going to make extra space for you. That’s exactly what the Pretigo Space Saving Hangers do. Each of these hangers can hold up to 12 other hangers in a horizontal position or six other hangers in a vertical position, allowing you to make your closet capacity six times larger. Furthermore, these hangers are made from durable stainless steels to allow for years of use without fail.

PROS: The Pretigo Space Saving Hangers allow you to increase your closet capacity by six thanks to the ingenious design that holds other hangers in a vertical position.

CONS: You’ll need to purchase additional hangers to use along with these space-saving hangers as the clothing hangers are not included.

best hangers pretigo space saving Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Hangorize Giant Tubular Plastic Hangers

For everyday hangers that do the job of holding your clothes in the closet and looking presentable at the same time, Hangorize Giant Tubular Plastic Hangers are the answer. This value pack of 24 strong hangers can hold plenty of shirts, pants, jackets and suits. The hangers also feature notched shoulders and an accessory loop for storing belts, ties and scarves. These durable hangers measure 19 inches across and are made in the USA.

PROS: These strong hangers can hold everything from shirts and jackets to ties, belts and scarves.

CONS: The hangers do not feature swivel heads or a non-slip surface, so they might be as easy to use as other options.

best hangers hangorize pastic Image courtesy of Amazon