Get Help in Class From an Easy-to-Use Geometry Compass

Geometry Compass

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From the classroom to the office, a sturdy and durable geometry compass can help solve equations, create beautiful designs and finish plans for building projects. Most commonly used in math classes, a geometry compass is a versatile tool that helps to create circles and arcs and create intricate pieces of art.

What to Consider Before Buying a Geometry Compass

A geometry compass uses lead or a pencil to draw smooth circles and arcs in a variety of sizes. Sold on their own or in sets that include other commonly use math accessories, including protractors and rulers, a geometry compass is a tool that students typically begin using in elementary school and may continue using throughout high school and college. After graduation, careers in engineering, drafting and architecture may also require the use of a geometry compass.

For artists who want to create exact circles or intricate mandalas, a geometry compass presents a convenient way to make seamless arcs and circles. Geometry compasses can also be used for DIY projects, like painting murals or designs on walls and furniture. They can also be useful for woodworking projects.

How We Chose the Best Compasses 

We picked out a variety of options, including options that are quick-set. Some of the options take refillable lead, while others can hold short pencils, pens and markers. These can be more versatile in some settings. For the best compasses, we looked for options that were sold individually, as well as compasses that were a part of sets. We also sought out top stationery brands like Staedtler, Fiskars and Faber-Castell.

If you’re in the market for the best geometry compass, check out our top picks below.

1. Staedtler Comfort Compass Set

Staedtler is one of the best brands for stationery, and if you want a compass to last more than just one class, this is a good one to get. That’s because it comes in its own plastic carrying case to prevent damage, and it has a quick setting mechanism for ease of use. There’s also an included adapter.

Pros: Trusted stationery brand. Comes with a protective plastic case.

Cons: Pricier than some other options.


geometry compass Courtesy of Amazon

2. Fiskars Compass and Protractor Geometry Set

Fiskars is beloved for its orange-handled scissors, which are trusted by seamstresses and crafters alike. This option can be used with pencils and pens, and a transparent plastic protractor is also included with the compass. The compass can make circles up to 12″. It’s compact, so it can fit in a pencil case for taking on the go.

Pros: Trusted brand. Comes with a protractor. Can be used with pencils, pens and markers.

Cons: Comes in assorted colors, and you can’t choose the color you get.


geometry compass Courtesy of Amazon

3. Faber-Castell Stream Quick-set Compass

This compass from Faber-Castell has a sleek matte black look and is manufactured in Germany. The quick-set design makes it easy to use. It’s a good option for grade-school and college students. The compass also comes with spare lead.

Pros: Sleek design. Made in Germany. Quick set. Comes with spare lead.

Cons: Pricier than some other options.

geometry compass Courtesy of Amazon

4. Mr. Pen Geometry Set

For young learners who are beginning to take on more complex math problems, the Mr. Pen Geometry Set comes with a comprehensive set of materials to help them explore exciting new topics. The 15-piece set comes with two metal compasses, including a study compass and a graphic compass. Extra lead for the graphic compass, as well as two short pencils and one mechanical pencil for the study compass, are also included, as is an eraser, sharpener, three rulers, two protractors and a divider.

Pros: The set is packaged in a reusable bag that helps to keep the contents together.

Cons: The compasses included in the set are not as durable as other options and are better suited for younger students.

Mr. Pen Geometry Set Courtesy of Amazon

5. ACME UNITED 12201 Scholastic Compass

If you want something durable and economical, pick up this option from Acme United. Unlike most of the options which are made primarily with plastic, this option is made from nickel-plated metal. It can be used to draw circles up to 13″, and it includes a short pencil.

Pros: Economcical option. Made entirely from metal.

Cons: Pencil clamp can have issues.

geometry compass Courtesy of Amazon

6. Maped Study Geometry 10 Piece Set

For a more compact set that still includes the must-haves for geometry class, we recommend the Maped 10 Piece Set. Included in the set are a study and graphic compass, both made with durable metal that is resistant to bending or flexing. The compass heads have an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to use. The compasses can draw up to a 10-inch diameter and the set includes the necessary ink refills, pencil and pencil sharpener required to use the compasses.

Pros: A clear, plastic protractor, a ruler and two triangle rulers are also included in the set.

Cons: The plastic case can be difficult to close and breaks easily.

Maped Study Geometry 10 Piece Set Courtesy of Amazon

7. Helix Large Plastic Locking Compass with Safety Point

When it comes to the classroom, it’s important to choose equipment that will be safe for children to use. This option has a retractable tip and a locking mechanism for ease of use and safety. It includes a short pencil that can be replaced.

Pros: The locking mechanism makes it safer and easier to use.

Cons: Assorted colors, but you can’t choose the one you’ll receive.

helix geometry compass Courtesy of Amazon