6 Best Cookbooks For College Kids, Lazy People, & Clueless Cooks

Best Cookbooks for Lazy People
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* Fast and fun at-home cooking
* Find out how to make great meals in the microwave and with minimal ingredients
* Plus shopping tips, kitchen shortcuts and more

Everyone loves a home cooked meal, and while the price of avocado toast may not be the entire reason millennials aren’t buying homes, it’s hard to dispute the financial logic of preparing something yourself versus paying someone to do it for you.

But who has time to cook? Well, if you’re bold, creative, lazy and/ or in a hurry, these six cookbooks might just save your culinary bacon. They might also save you $12 on avocado toast.

1. Meal Mug Microwave Recipies

Microwaves have long been the go-to for prepackaged “microwaveable” meals, but this cookbook helps you think outside the box and use that fancy space-age radio heater thing to make delicious yet super fast meals from scratch. All you need is a tall ship and a star to steer it by. Er, a tall mug and a spoon to stir it with.

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2. Not Your Mothers Microwave Cookbook

This cookbook inspires with its wholesome new spins on microwave cuisine. Favorites include Mediterranean eggplant dip and high-speed veggie frittatas.

Not Your Mothers Microwave Cookbook Courtesy Amazon

3. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cookbook

If work and/or finals has got you feeling under pressure, this cookbook that uses the high speed, super convenient electric pressure cooker should help. With its 80-some recipes, you can make delicious meals in a few minutes or less.

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cookbook Courtesy Amazon

4. Ninja Foodi Cookbook

The Ninja Foodi has a great name, which makes us picture some masked character stealthily arriving, only to suddenly, surprisingly pass judgement on the cuisine, in the hopes of deposing the Shogun by shaming his taste. Sadly, this movie has yet to be made, but nonetheless, the Ninja Foodi is one of the most versatile cooking appliances out there. This handy cookbook helps you actually use that jack-of-all-kitchen-trades to its fullest.

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5. The 5 Ingredient College Cookbook

This cookbook is, just as it sounds like, full of great recipes that call for five ingredients or less. Because cooking should save money, not force you to go out and spend the equivalent of a dinner at a restaurant on a spice you’ll use once.

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6. Super Easy 5-Ingredient Cookbook

This cookbook features lots of delicious simple recipes and includes vegan and vegetarian main dishes, along with smart shopping tips and kitchen hacks.

Super Easy 5 Ingredient Cookbook Courtesy Amazon

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