The Best Cotton Sheets of 2021: From Cool and Crisp to Perfectly Cozy

Coyuchi 300-Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets
Courtesy of Coyuchi

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Although there are endless bedding options on the internet, one of the most consistently trending search terms is cotton sheets. Cotton is a versatile fabric available for all kinds of preferences, no matter what temperature or texture you prefer to sleep in.

We compiled a comprehensive collection of the best cotton sheets you can get your hands on, but first, let’s dive into the criteria that will help you narrow down your hunt:

  • Thread count
    They say that less is more, and that’s sometimes the case with thread count – a 300 thread count sheet can feel just as decadent as a 1000 thread count one, but opting for a number that’s higher than 250 since the tight weave will ensure a more durable sheet that lasts over time.


  • Staple length
    Where thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads within a square inch, staple length is how long the fiber is. Supima, aka Pima, is long-staple cotton, whereas Egyptian cotton is extra-long, explaining the often higher price tag.


  • Weave type
    Percale: For anyone that prefers to sleep a bit cooler, the crispness for percale is due to a combed and tightly woven fabric that’s smooth but still has that fresh hotel sheets feel.
    Sateen: Sateen is typically a little weightier than percale but with a more silky feel. It’s known as one of the most durable kinds of cotton, but some find it too heavy to sleep with at night if they get warm easily.
    Flannel: If you wake up throughout the night shivering, switch to flannel cotton sheets, which are made from twill or plain weave and result in a malleable, cozy material.
    Jersey knit: Jersey, which is knit versus woven, sometimes is combined with a synthetic material, resulting in a stretchier feel that holds heat in and doesn’t come off your mattress easily.

Take a look at the most popular cotton sheets that cut through the hype and delivery high-quality results.


1. Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set


With nearly 10,000 glowing reviews on their site, it’s obvious that first-time buyers of Boll & Branch sheets become lifelong converts thanks to their light-as-a-light long-staple 100% organic cotton. These sheets start off buttery, and that quality just improves over time. The feel is lightweight and the ultimate blend between crispy and cozy, with a fluid drape. At a 300 thread count, this sheet set proves that the quality of cotton boils down to way more than just a number.

Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set Courtesy of Boll & Branch

2. Purple Complete Comfort Sheet Set


One downfall of pure cotton is that it doesn’t offer any stretch, making it hard to accommodate a slightly too-big or too-small bed, which is why we love adding a little spandex in this Purple sheet set. It helps you stay comfortable all night, ensuring that you never have to deal with sheets coming off — instead, Purple’s Complete Comfort sheets flex and move with your mattress and have an elastic band that makes changing sheets more of a headache.

Purple Complete Comfort Sheet Set Courtesy of Purple

3. Riley Home Percale Sheet Set


Percale is a cotton weave that hot sleepers adore for its cooling abilities and crisp, matte texture against the skin. When done correctly, percale cotton sheets feel like expensive hotel sheets, and that’s precisely the experience that Riley’s combed percale sheet set creates. The pillowcases have an envelope pocket flap that stops the pillow from coming out, creating a cleaner look on your bed. One shopper mentions, “The quality is there. Great stitching and no loose threads.”

Riley Home Percale Sheet Set Courtesy of Riley Home

4. Coyuchi 300-Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets


If crisp isn’t your thing and you prefer a smoother, slightly weightier texture, consider sateen. It’s a year-round fabric that’s also more naturally wrinkle-resistant than fabrics like percale or linen. Coyuchi’s sheets are organic, and all their products are Fair Trade certified. Hundreds of rave reviews round that they exceeded expectations, with one saying that they “ooze quality and health.” Coyuchi will set a high standard with their sateen offering if you don’t know where to start with cotton sheets.

Coyuchi 300-Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets Courtesy of Coyuchi

5. Italic Jersey Cotton


There’s no shame in being a diehard jersey fan when it comes to sheets — who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in their oldest, softest, and most snuggly t-shirt? Italic has the same manufacturers as Frette and high-end hotels like the Shangri-La, so you can trust the quality of their wrinkle-free jersey sheets, which they call “athleisure for bedding.” The material combines decadence and comfort since not everyone’s cup of tea is a freshly starched sheet.

Italic Jersey Cotton Courtesy of Italic

6. Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set


Nothing says “treat yourself” like sumptuous cashmere, which is infused into this heathered cotton sheet set by Brooklinen. This indulgent weave is unlike any other on the market right now and remains ultra-light. If you like the warm feel of jersey but want something a little more sophisticated, Brooklinen’s Himalayan cashmere is the way to go. One 5-star review writes, “It’s like someone took the very best part of flannel sheets and removed the overheating and thickness.”

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Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set Courtesy of Brooklinen

7. Parachute Geo Printed Percale Sheet Set


When plain white sheets don’t cut it, go for a subtle print that will add to your bedroom decor rather than taking it over, like this Geo Printed Percale set by Parachute. Crafted in Portugal, this unique limited edition offering has a mini line pattern with a hand-drawn aesthetic that’s at once elevated and playful. A geometric look like this is more timeless than a floral or brightly printed sheet set, which looks outdated or overwhelms your existing sense of style.

Parachute Geo Printed Percale Sheet Set Courtesy of Parachute


8. True Luxury 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets


This long-staple Egyptian cotton sheet set fits deep mattresses with ease and has a slight sheen, similar to sateen. It’s offered in a range of colors, and many people looking for hard-to-find cotton king-sized sheets were pleased with the options available and the affordable price point. Plus, they’re 1000 threadcount, and comparable choices online can cost upwards of $300. For those who have trouble with temperature regulation, both hot and cold sleepers found that they were comfortable throughout the night.

True Luxury 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Courtesy of Amazon

9. Royal Tradition Heavyweight Flannel Bed Sheets Set


If supreme warmth is what you’re looking for, these flannel bedsheets will make it incredibly hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially during winter. Since flannel is made from cotton and manufactured fibers, they have impressive longevity and can last longer than cotton sheets, which are prone to getting holes. Still, the downsides of flannel include shrinkage and pilling, so don’t turn your heat settings on your dryer too high. Even though they’re warm, they’re still breathable, so you won’t wake up sweating.

Royal Tradition Heavyweight Flannel Bed Sheets Set Courtesy of Amazon

10. Lane Linen 100% Organic Cotton Flat Sheet Set


Sleepers with extremely sensitive skin will want to opt for organic cotton sheets. Plus, organic sheets are generally stronger and last longer since they don’t undergo any chemical processing that makes the cotton weaker. It’s also a safer bet for infants and young kids. This set by Lane Linen is the most budget-friendly organic option we could find. Users attest that they maintain their texture after many washes, but although they’re ultra-soft, there’s no thread count information, and it only comes with a flat sheet, which certain buyers didn’t like.

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Lane Linen 100% Organic Cotton Flat Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon

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