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The Best Modular Couches for Kids That Can Handle Playtime and Nap Time

The pandemic has brought about several changes to our daily lives, including millions of kids switching from in-person to virtual learning. This move has left families stuck indoors for months on end while public places remain closed to help flatten the curve. The pandemic has seen the demise of industries like travel and tourism, while more niche markets, like hand sanitizers and kid’s products, have skyrocketed. One of the biggest in-demand items for little ones is the modular couch, with Nugget furniture as the most popular option for parents who are willing to shell out big bucks for a multipurpose play area that will help kids expend some energy indoors.

When the pandemic hit, stressed parents quickly began Googling how to keep kids busy and sales for the Nugget exploded, forcing the small company to quadruple their number of employees and start a lotto where customers could enter for the chance to purchase one of their couches. One year into the pandemic and the demand for the Nugget remains high. A quick search on Facebook Marketplace shows used Nuggets selling for twice as much as a new Nugget. I even found one listing just for the trademark orange box the Nugget ships in.

The Nugget continues to fulfill orders at a lightning-fast pace, but it’s not the only option for parents who are tired of their kids bouncing off the walls and would rather they bounce off an easy-to-clean modular couch. New companies are continuing to sprout up with their own take on the kid’s couch craze and family favorites that were previously modest sellers are suddenly enjoying their heyday. Even if the pandemic ends tomorrow (prayer hands) and we can all go back to safely leaving our homes, modular couches still act as a great multi-use piece of furniture that gives kids their own space to relax, play and get creative. Plus, your adult couch can go back to being just for adults. No more crying over sticky throw pillows.

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1. Nugget


The Nugget has quickly become the leader in modular couches for kids, frequently selling out as eager parents join the company’s lottery in hopes of scoring a chance to purchase the couch with the cult following. Available in three standard colors and a wide rotation of limited edition colors, the Nugget arrives with two supportive triangular pillows, one soft cushion and one sturdy base. Designed to be configured in a number of ways, from a traditional couch to a soft slide, the Nugget has garnered a massive fan base thanks to its use of high quality and durable microsuede fabric that is easy to zip off and wash when spills happen. Not if.

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Image courtesy of Nugget

2. Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch


The Foamnasium Blocksy has the design elements of the Nugget with the easy to clean finish of the Fort. The Blocksy uses lead-free and phthalate-free vinyl for its couch, which comes with two folding bases and two wedge cushions. Available in six pastel colors, the Foamnasium can easily be wiped clean but has a bit of a slippery finish compared to couches that use microsuede covers. For parents who want to test drive the idea before investing over $200, Blocksy does make a mini couch for $159.

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Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

3. Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat & Ottomans


For a modular couch with a little less sticker shock, we like the Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat & Ottoman. The Jaxx may not have the same fort-building abilities as other options on our list, but the versatile set of cushions can still be used as a couch, a chair, a flat mat for sleeping or a table for playing. The 100% foam core means no hard edges when kids jump or leap onto their latest Jaxx creation and the zip-off covers are machine washable. Available in eight colors, the Jaxx can easily go from play space to nap space in seconds.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

4. The LeoMat


The newly released LeoMat is probably the closest option to the Nugget for parents who don’t want to wait for the modular couch to come back into stock. The LeoMat includes two tri-fold mats and two triangular-shaped mats that can be used as a couch, a fort, a recliner for adults and even a single bed, making it a great option for sleepovers. Unlike most of the other options on our list that opt for solid colors with their designs, the LeoMat has a variety of patterns available from dinosaurs to space themes. Each mat is made with lightweight and flexible polyurethane CertiPUR-US foam and features a pet-friendly, stain-resistant microsuede cover that can easily be zipped off and washed.

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Image courtesy of LeoMat

5. The Fort


The success of the Nugget has inspired several new modular couch companies to pop up, including The Fort. The company crushed its $25,000 goal on Kickstarter, raising close to $3 million. The Fort is preparing to launch its magnetic modular couch soon, offering early backers a discount on both the magnetic and not magnetic option. Like the Nugget, the Fort can be configured into a variety of shapes. Each piece has several strong magnets inside the cushion to help hold the configurations together. Available in a variety of colors, the Fort uses waterproof and stain-resistant vinyl that makes it a great option for homes with pets.

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Image courtesy of The Fort

6. Kinbor Children’s Sofa


Whether you are looking for a modular sofa that works for playdates or you’ve got several little ones running around your home every day, the Kinbor Children’s Sofa is a great option for multiple kids to use at once. The four seats and four matching pie-shaped sectionals can be arranged as a long couch or individual seats with their own footrest. The foam core is covered with durable PVC that can be wiped clean with a mild soap. Each piece has a nonslip bottom that helps to prevent possible falls, providing a steady piece of furniture for when kids want to relax or play. Each seat comes with a corresponding matching ottoman which may help break up fights based on who wants which color . . . or it may start them. Kids are fun.

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Image courtesy of

7. Costzon Kids Sofa


When you need a couch and a table for your child but only have room for one, it’s time to say goodbye to your kid. Joking! Unless grandma is offering to host a sleepover, then take the one-night break. The Costzon Kids Sofa is a sofa and a table with two seats, providing kids a place to work and relax. Available in two colors, the Costzon can be a two-seater couch with armrests and a supportive back or break apart to create two separate chairs and a table, making it a great space for coloring, Play-Doh and LEGOs. The set has a sturdy wooden frame and a PVC surface that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Need storage? We know, we know, always! The seats lift up to reveal a hidden storage compartment that kids will love to use for their treasures. We also like the antiskid pad on the bottom of the set to help keep the pieces in place.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Design Skins Transformable Play Furniture


It’s a chair, it’s a tunnel, it’s a rocker, it’s the Design Skins Transformable Play Furniture. The ‘cake’ style chair can be used as a seat or turned into a desk when it’s time to color. Fun for kids ages two months and above, the memory foam seat features easy to clean polyurethane memory fabric. Great for babies and growing toddlers, the seat can be used in a playroom or nursery.

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Image courtesy of Buy Buy Baby

9. Crash Couch


Need a couch for your kids that doubles as a landing pad while they try out their latest karate and gymnastics moves? You may want to check out the Crash Couch. The couch comes with four flat square pads and two half-cylinders that can be used as armrests or to support backbends. Made with shock-absorbing foam, the couch can be used as a playmat, a day bed or a fort. Fun for kids of all ages, the couch is covered with zip-off machine washable fabric.

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Image courtesy of AK Athletics

10. The Nest


For a splurge-worthy modular couch that can grow with kids, there’s the Nest. Made in Canada, the luxury children’s couch comes with two base and two half-moon cushions. We like that the Nest offers a deluxe version with additional base pieces and allows customers to buy a second set of moon cushions to customize their play area. The covers and foam are protected with PFOA-free novel microcapsule leakproof water and stain repellent material and the Nest uses Bluesign certified fabric, which means their product has been put through rigorous health and sustainability practices. Available in six beautiful 100 percent brushed organic cotton covers, the Nest is a great option for parents who want a couch that can be used as a fort by their little ones and become a comfy seating area for their children as they hit the teen years.

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Image courtesy of The Nest

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