All My Crafty Friends Started Using These Die-Cutting Machines — So I Bought One Too

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Doing your own art projects has never been easier or more fun thanks to the easy to use line of die-cutting machines.

Die-cutting machines can be used to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, felt, fondant, and a long list of other items, with a seemingly endless array of ways that the machine can help you be creative. With the ability to personalize shirts, jackets, and onesies, create wall art, make projects for kids, turn paper into stunning installments, and enable users to become master quilters, the ways in which a die-cutting machine can turn you into a DIY master are exciting.

We love that die-cutting machines are offered in a variety of styles that allow you to find one that fits your budget and needs, whether you want a maker that will enable you to have fun and be creative in your spare time or something more robust that can take on your dream of starting a side business in the arts and crafts world.

Want to find the best die-cutting machine that works for you? We’ve selected our three favorites below.

1. Cricut Maker

With access to hundreds of digital sewing patterns, a rotary blade for fabrics, a knife blade for thick materials and an adaptive tool system that enables you to work with a seemingly endless list of materials, the Cricut Maker is the ultimate in die cutting machines.

Pros: Choose from hundreds of patterns, cut your pieces and sew everything together with the Cricut Maker, which works with just about any material from fabric to paper to chipboard. A rotary blade can easily cut through material, while a fine point blade acts as an X-Acto knife and cuts heavy duty material. The Cricut Maker has several convenient built-ins additions, like a docking slot that charges and holds your tablet or phone while you work and materials for your first project to get you started.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

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Cricut Maker

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2. Silhouette Portrait 2 Electronic Cutting Tool

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, this compact yet powerful die-cutting machine is a must-have for all the DIYers out there. It has the ability to cut, write and score tons of different materials and is easy enough for beginners to use, but can handle the demands of an expert crafter.

Pros: Using your own images or one from the large library of pre-made designs and projects. Wireless cutting is available by connecting to Bluetooth.

Cons: Requires a bit of learning curve to get a handle on the software.

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Silhouette Portrait 2 Electronic Cutting Tool


3. Cricut EasyPress

Press a vinyl sticker onto just about any fabric in seconds with the EasyPress, which is portable, easy to use and comes with built-in safety features.

Pros: With a pro-level performance and a safety base that has an auto-shutoff feature, the EasyPress has a 9-inch x 9-inch ceramic-coated heat plate that presses your iron-on project in 60 seconds or less. The temperature and time can be adjusted base on the material and size of the vinyl, with the EasyPress not leaving the same hotspot on the fabric that comes with using a household iron.

Cons: Not as powerful as other options.

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Cricut EasyPress