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The Best Cut-Resistant Gloves for the Kitchen and DIY Projects

If you’ve ever watched a cooking competition show, you’ve probably marveled at the ninja-like cutting skills of professional chefs. And while improving your knife skills is important, some of us are just prone to cutting ourselves. Whether it’s briefly looking away to see what mischief the cat is up to or misjudging the distance between the blade and your hands, cutting your fingers can derail your dinner plans. That’s why for some, cut-resistant gloves can be a worthwhile investment. They’ll help you keep your hands clean and nick-free while doing any knife work. The best options are also food safe and machine washable, so you can directly handle food without worry.

If you’re sure of your knife skills or you’re more of the microwave type, cut-resistant gloves can still come in handy in other applications. If you’re a DIYer, cut-resistant gloves will be useful for gardening or in the garage. And if you work with your hands every day, whether in a warehouse or stockroom, cut-resistant gloves are likely to be a trusty daily essential.

Whatever your use for gloves, the benefits of these go beyond simply avoiding cuts. By keeping your hands covered, you’ll shield them from feeling overly drying or calloused. We’ve grabbed some of the best cut-resistant gloves available right now. These options are designed for light to medium use — they’re not industrial gloves. That said, you’ll be safer than working bare-handed or with plastic gloves, without sacrificing dexterity.

1. DEX FIT Cut Resistant Gloves

These cut-resistant gloves from Dex Fit are available in dozens of colors. They’re food-safe and can be used in a variety of applications. The palms and finger tips are coated with grippy nitrile and the backs of the gloves are made from a breathable fabric material. They’re also phone-screen friendly, so you can check the recipe (or just your notifications) without having to take off the gloves.

Pros: Available in dozens of colors, food-safe.

Cons: Lining can shed on your hands.

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2. FORTEM Cut Resistant Gloves

If you’re looking to stock up, or you just want to make sure you have enough gloves when the others are in the wash, then these gloves from Fortem are a worthwhile investment. Two pairs of gloves are included. They come in four different sizes, and a sizing chart is featured on the listing. The gloves are made from a fabric material, and, like disposable gloves, one glove can fit either the left or right hand. These gloves are also machine-washable.

Pros: Two pairs included. Available in multiple sizes. Gloves can be worn on either the right or left hand. Machine washable.

Cons: Could be more heavy-duty.

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3. Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

These fabric gloves have an elastic cuff at the wrist for a snug and secure fit, and the gloves are made from HDPE for abrasion resistance and protection. The gloves are also machine-washable. They’re good for use around the kitchen because their fitted design won’t limit your dexterity, but you can also use them out of the kitchen. These gloves are also ambidextrous, so one glove can be worn on either the left or right hand.

Pros: Ambidextrous design for convenience. Machine washable. Available in various sizes and in single pairs or double pairs.

Cons: Can be a little difficult to remove.

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