Give Your Doors and Walls a Makeover Any Time of Year With a Decorative Wreath

best decorative wreaths

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Depending on your design skills, decorating your home can be an exciting way to express your creativity or a tedious task that you continually put off until it has been three years and your style is distinctly, ‘I just moved in.’ One décor piece that is frequently forgotten is the wreath, which is often thought of as something that is only one display once per year and on the front door. But there’s so much more to wreaths. Not only do they add a sense of style to a door or wall, but they’re also easy to match to decor and, therefore, ideal for even the most reluctant designers.

Non-seasonal decorative wreaths are one of the easiest ways to not only dress up your front door but also your walls. Have an empty space in a kitchen or bathroom? Why not try a wreath! Want to make your home look inviting to guests? Signal that you put that extra effort into your decorating scheme and add a wreath to your front door.

While there are live wreaths made with actual twigs and leaves, we’ve focused on artificial wreaths that can be used in any climate and won’t dry out or die after a few weeks. Making a design decision is stressful enough. Having to buy a new wreath every month isn’t going to help.

Check out our suggestions on great options to help freshen up the look of your home with a beautiful wreath.

1. Collections Etc Wild Daisy Floral Twig Door Wreath

Bring the garden to your doors and walls with the Collections Etc Wild Daisy Floral Twig Door Wreath. The wreath features a collection of beautiful and bright artificial flowers, including yellow daisies and orange and purple wildflowers. The flowers pop against the gorgeous greenery that acts as the background to help make the wreath appear fuller. The wreath is made from iron, polyester and vine and has a diameter of 19.5”. The Daisy Floral wreath is designed for display on an external door or inside the home and each wreath comes with a 60-day guarantee.

Pros: The Daisy Floral wreath arrives with a hook already attached to the back of the wreath, making it easy for customers to hang it immediately.

Cons: The flowers may arrive squished from packaging and must be fluffed upon arrival.

Collections Etc Wild Daisy Floral Twig Door Wreath Amazon

2. Tiny Land Knotted Bow Wreath

Add a dash of style to your door or wall with the Tiny Land Knotted Bow Wreath. The wreath features a white and gold bow that brings a pop of color to any room. The bow can also be removed and changed with other design pieces, or the wreath can be used without the bow completely. The wreath is made with faux fern leaves, small berries and winding branches. The leaves are made with moisture-resistant plastic, which makes the wreath safe for use in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoors. The Tiny Land wreath has the durability and low maintenance of an artificial wreath but looks like real greenery.

Pros: The Tiny Land wreath is held together with a sturdy rattan and has a flat back and hanging loop, making it an excellent option for displaying on a wall.

Cons: The Tiny Land wreath weighs only 12 ounces and may need to be secured more tightly than other wreaths to an exterior door to protect it from the wind.

Tiny Land Knotted Bow Wreath Amazon

3. Real Cotton Farmhouse Wreath

For an option that doesn’t include the typical greenery or floral arrangements found in decorative wreaths, try the Real Cotton Farmhouse Wreath. The wreath is handmade with real cotton balls and designed with a swirling, whimsical feel. The wreath fully expands to 24” in diameter, making it a great option for filling a large empty wall or door space. The classically designed wreath is a warm and welcoming piece of décor that would fit in just about any space in the home, including the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Pros: The Cotton wreath offers an alternative to those who are looking for a wreath outside of the typical greenery and floral options.

Cons: The Cotton balls may collect dust over time, which may need to be removed with a hairdryer or saltwater.

Real Cotton Farmhouse Wreath Amazon

4. Nearly Natural Olive Wreath

For a truly natural décor option, we recommend the Nearly Natural Olive Wreath. Extend an olive branch (or wreath) to guests and greet them at your front door with the inviting Olive wreath. Guests won’t be able to tell whether the wreath is real or artificial, with Nearly Natural working with fresh plant designers to create a wreath that looks like it was plucked from nature. The lush leaves create a full and rich bed for the artificial olives, making the wreath an excellent option for a front door or to be used as wall décor in a kitchen.

Pros: The Olive wreath can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth, making it a safe option for decorating outdoors where it will be exposed to dust and dirt.

Cons: The Olive wreath doesn’t include a pop of color like the other options on our list.

Nearly Natural Olive Wreath Amazon

5. Pure Garden Boxwood Artificial Wreath

For a fresh look that will have you dreaming of green fields, we recommend the Pure Garden Boxwood Artificial Wreath. The stunning wreath is made with bright greenery on both the front and back, perfect for hanging over a window or glass door. The wreath is elegant and timeless and offers an alternative to the typical circular designs. We also like that the 16.5” square Pure Garden wreath comes in a variety of options and sizes with the same greenery, including a 12”, 16.5” and 19” round option.

Pros: The Pure Garden wreath is made with UV-protected plastic that fights off fading from the sun, making this an ideal wreath for use outdoors.

Cons: The Pure Garden wreath is full on both sides, so hanging it with a traditional hook can be difficult.

Pure Garden Boxwood Artificial Wreath Amazon

6. Pip and Twig with Rusty Star Wreath

For a rustic take on the traditional wreath, we recommend the Pip and Twig with Rusty Star Wreath. The natural-looking wreath is decorated with faux buds and accented with four charming rusty stars. Ideal for small spaces and traditional décor, the wreath can also be used on a table as a candle holder.  The Pip and Twig is available in three sizes, including 7” (as shown), 10” and 12” and comes in eight beautiful color combinations.

Pros: The Pip and Twig is the most affordable wreath on our list.

Cons: At only 7” in diameter, the Pip is Twig is the smallest wreath on our list. It’s also only approved for indoor use.

Pip and Twig with Rusty Star Wreath Amazon

7. Nearly Natural Peony Wreath

For a botanical explosion of colors, decorate your home with the Nearly Natural Peony Wreath. The stunning wreath is overflowing with color thanks to the bright pastels of the peonies, buds and greenery used to fill out the wreath. The Peony wreath is maintenance-free and dust and dirt can be removed using a soft, dry cloth. The silk flowers may require some fluffing upon arrival, but after a few moments out of the box it will difficult to tell whether the flowers are real or artificial.

Pros: The Peony wreath has a 24” diameter and is the biggest wreath on our list, making it ideal for doorways and large pieces of empty wall space.

Cons: The Peony wreath is the most expensive option on our list.

Nearly Natural Peony Wreath Amazon