Take A Comfortable Seat With Supportive And Protective Desk Chair Mats

Desk Chair Mat
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People are spending more time than ever sitting. Commuting, watching TV, and sitting in front of a computer can add up to more than a third of the average person’s day. A 2018 report by the CDC found that more than 25% of Americans spend over eight hours a day sitting. By now we know that sitting for extended periods and a lack of physical exercise can be detrimental to a person’s health, but for those who do have to spend a portion of their day seated, using a desk chair mat that provides ergonomic support is beneficial for their health.

Using a desk chair mat on carpeting reduces the chance of a chair sinking into the flooring and provides an even base for a more comfortable seated position that encourages proper alignment. Chair mats on carpet also make it easier for users to roll the casters on their chair with minimal effort, reducing the chance of twisting or straining. On hard flooring, chair mats help to reduce noise from a rolling chair, provide a subtle amount of cushioning, and reduce leg and foot fatigue when standing.

Desk chair mats also provide protection for flooring. Whether they are being used at a desk, under a planter or to provide an easy to clean base for a litter box, desk chair mats protect floors from scratches, scrapes and stains.

If you’re ready to sit comfortably and keep your floors looking great, we’ve got the desk chair mat for you. Check out our top picks below.


1. Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat


Stop sinking and start sitting with support thanks to the Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat by Gorilla Grip. Whether you need protection for low to medium pile carpeting or hard floors, Gorilla Grip has a mat that is built to last. The company makes 100% polycarbonate mats that are strong enough to ensure the wheels on desk chairs won’t sink into the flooring. Measuring just over 3 mm thick, the Gorilla Grip mats won’t break or curl and provide a strong and solid base that allows desk chairs to glide effortlessly. Gorilla Grips ship their products flat, which means customers don’t have to wait days for the mat to un-curl and be ready to use. Available in a carpet version with plastic spiked grippers and a hard floor version with a nonstick bottom, the Gorilla Grip mats have a clear design to let flooring shine through.

Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

2. AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector


Hardwood is always in style in homes and offices, but it can be difficult to protect. If you want to ensure your beautiful flooring doesn’t get marked with scratches, we recommend the AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector. The clear mat protector is available in a rectangle style or with a lip. The ergonomically designed glide surface makes it easy for chair casters to move smoothly without ruining hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, or tile flooring. The slip- and scuff-resistant mat has rounded edges to reduce the chance of trips and falls.

AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector Image courtesy of Amazon

3. OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat


Carpet may be comfortable to walk, sit and lay on, but it’s not great for times when you need to move your desk chair. That’s why we like the OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat, a thick and durable PVC mat. The crack and shatter resistant mat has molded cleats and studs to help grip low and medium-pile carpets, keeping the mat in place even when users are rolling on their chair. A sloping edge makes it easy for users to roll their chairs off the mat when necessary and reduces the chance of tripping on the clear mat.

OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat


Desk chair mats are typically designed to be discreet, but if you want a rug that adds some style to your space, we recommend checking out Anji Mountain Rug’d and their collection of chair mats. The company offers several polyester-blend mats that are free from phthalates and have a PVC core. A non-skid backing keeps the stylish rugs in place, with many colorful and patterned options available. Anji Mountain makes their rugs in two sizes and has an option for carpets and all other floorings.

Anji Mountain Rug'd Collection Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Lesonic Office Chair Mat


For a desk chair mat that will stay in place, provide a smooth rolling surface and protect your floors, we like the Lesonic Office Chair Mat. Made from pure polyurethane and EVA, the odorless mat is free from phthalates, tin and other metals that you likely don’t want in your home or office. Available in black, brown or clear, the mat is designed for hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and tile floors and has an anti-skid grid backing to keep the mat firmly in place while also protecting the floor.

Lesonic Office Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Sallous Office Chair Mat


For an alternative to plastic, we like the Sallous Office Chair Mat. Made with a polyester front and acrylic resin underside, the Sallous is available in navy, black and gray and has an odorless, non-toxic finish that is safe for use in homes and offices. The crease, curl and fade-resistant mat is designed for hardwood and has a nonslip bottom that will help keep the mat in place without leaving a sticky residue. Ideal for reducing the noise created by a rolling desk chair, the Sallous can be vacuumed or spot cleaned and is available in two sizes.

Sallous Office Chair Mat Amazon

7. Homek Office Chair Mat


Give your feet a break with the Homek Office Chair Mat. Like the Mushyn, the Homek mat also features a PVC top layer and NBR core to help reduce fatigue when standing or sitting. The Homek also features a thicker lip and that acts as a footrest when seated. The anti-slip bottom keeps the mat in place whether users are standing or sitting. We also like that the mat features beveled edges for added safety and to make it easier when it’s time to roll the chair to the other side of the room. The anti-fatigue mat is odorless, BPA-free, non-toxic and appropriate for use on hard floors or carpet.

Homek Office Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Kuyal Clear Chair Mat


Want the protection of a floormat without the look of one? Then we recommend the Kuyal Clear Chair Mat. Available in four sizes, the Kuyal is 2 mm thick and is made from clear vinyl that protects hard floors and provides a smooth rolling surface for desk chairs. The easy to clean PVC mat is flame-resistant, stain-proof and made without phthalates, toxins, tin or lead.

Kuyal Clear Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

9. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Chair Mat


If you have a large workspace that requires frequent rolling back and forth between screens and projects, we’ve got the mat for you. The AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Chair Mat is available in six sizes, including its largest size, which measures 47 by 79 inches. The clear mat is curl-resistant and can be used on any type of hard flooring. The smooth backing helps to protect floors and the lightly textured top surface keeps users from sliding around on their chair like they’re sitting on an ice rink.

AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Chair Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

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