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Mat Mates: The 14 Best Desk Mats for Surface Protection

While you may not have considered or even heard of a desk mat before, they’re handy for not only protecting your desk from spills and scratches but for decreasing tension and hand fatigue while writing. In an age where more people work remotely or do a hybrid work setup, having the right home office accessories is essential.

Some desk pads are meant to house just your mouse and keyboard, while others are big enough to accommodate your entire desktop setup. There are plenty of plain and printed options online designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. From transparent versions that let you see notes and calendars underneath to modern leather designs, there’s a desk mat for every personality.

While this accessory has a humble reputation, it’s by far the most underrated and productivity-boosting desktop gear you can get your hands on. SPY has found 14 great desk mats (also known as desk pads), and you can choose between plain models, or printed ones, based on your desired aesthetic for your desk. 


1. Floortex Desktex Smooth Desk Mat

This pad is a number one bestseller in desk pads on Amazon, and it’s no wonder why. The Floortex Desktex smooth surface not only helps to avoid desk scratches but also keeps your desk tidy and organized. It’s PVC with an embossed surface and is heat resistant for over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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2. TOWWI Dual Side PU Leather Desk Pad

This dual-sided desk pad is made from sturdy PU leather, making it waterproof and easy to clean. You can purchase it in various colors and sizes, making it one of the most versatile desk pad protectors on our roundup. One buyer calls the blue choice “refined and relaxing” while the pink looks chic rather than “babyish.” On the material, they comment, “It has a texture that imitates leather but doesn’t feel cheap, a thumbs-up from me! “

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3. BIMZUC Heated Desk Pad

There’s nothing more soothing than a heated desk pad, no matter what season it is. Whether your desk is naturally cold or you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, this safety-certified warming desk pad makes it much easier to type and get comfy at your desk. When it’s cold outside, it also keeps your fingers nice and toasty. Choose between 3 different heat settings to customize precisely to the temperature you prefer.

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4. UtechSmart RGB Light-Up Gaming Mouse Pad

This lit-up LED mousepad for keyboards, and more is ideal for gamers or anyone who games or works in a dark room. It has multiple brightness levels and 14 lighting modes and ideal comfort for wrist comfort. It’s also waterproof, so if you spill your drink while in the zone, there’s no need to worry. This mat is also praised for the very precise and gliding mouse movement that it enables.

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5. HOMIEAZICOZI Large Natural Cork & Leather Desk Pad

This eco-friendly desk pad is made from cork and leather, giving it natural nonslip resistance. Available in 6 extremely elegant colors, no one will ever guess that you spent under $20 bucks on this offering. The cork material also helps with maintaining a constant, neutral temperature that’s never cold to the touch. Switch between the leather and cork side based on your personal preference. An Amazon reviewer comments, “I absolutely love the color and the fact that it protects my desk without looking strictly utilitarian.”

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6. French Koko Large Desk Mouse Pad Desktop Mat

French KOKO’s large mouse pad has an attractive geometric design that will spruce up basic desktop setups and reinforced stitching around the edge. It doubles as a functional piece of home office decor and is XXL sizes to fit everything you need on there, including food and all of its potential stains. It does arrive rolled up, so you may want to weigh it down with some heavy objects on the first day to avoid curling edges.

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7. PUPUFU Leather Desk Pad

If you’re looking for a stylish way to avoid getting your desk ruined, consider this perfectly sized, dual-sided office desk mat, offered in an extended size. One shopper says it made his mouse more responsive and has a nonslip grip on the bottom, further adding, “My computer area is part of a larger workshop table that gets lots of dings, marks, scrapes and spills. This desk pad has rejuvenated my computer area!”

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8. Fawziya Tang Anti-Slip Desk Mouse Mat

This desk pad features a detachable phone stand and pocket, as well as cards built in to write notes and to-do lists. This pad will also provide a smooth, soft surface for your mouse, made of high-density PVC.


9. Benvo Extended World Map Mouse Pad

Suppose you’re looking to add a little excitement to your plain desk or are just a geography lover. In that case, this oversized mat from Benvo features a map of the world with time zones included, handy for planning conference calls, planning future travels, or for learning up on your world knowledge. It also comes with a patented nonslip surface beneath.


11. Lohome Artificial Leather Desk Pad

This design features a lip that can wrap around the edge of the desk, which helps secure it in place. The surface is also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally spill.


12. Artistic Rhinolin Desk Mat

This desk pad integrates micro-fine anti-skid foam in a sleek, matte-black finish. The surface is washable, and its suede-like feel makes writing on it a dream.


13. Nekmit Leather Desk Mat

Slip-proof, this non-glare surface provides an effortless writing and computing experience. Made of high-quality leather, you can use it to personalize your workspace, as well as protect your desk from damage.


14. Awnour Clear Desk Pad Mat

If you love the way the surface of your desk looks and want to protect it while keeping it visible, think about investing in a clear desk pad. A transparent desk pad like this allows you to enjoy your desk and even store calendars, notes, or family photos beneath. It has a rounded edge, which means your elbows and forearms will never be poked or cut up again. This also means increased focus and productivity regarding tasks on your workstation.

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