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Proposing Soon? Make Sure That Diamond is Real With One of Our Favorite Diamond Testers

When spending your hard-earned money on luxury items, it makes sense to only want the best. This is especially true when it comes to diamonds.

The last thing you want when splashing out on what you believe to be the finest stone of all is that it turns out to be a misleading piece of moissanite (a diamond simulant made of silicon carbide). Equally, you might have inherited jewelry, experienced a lucky find or been given a gift that you want to know the value of. To answer all your carat quality questions, buy a diamond tester.

There are two main types of diamond testers but both work in similar ways.

  • Heat – Testers that utilize heat to read the quality of a diamond do so by warming the tip to create thermal conductivity with the surface of the stone. The tester gauges the speed at which the heat travels through the diamond and generates a quality reading based on this data. However, heat testers cannot detect moissanite, which is a gemstone but not a genuine diamond.
  • Electricity – For the best and most reliable diamond tester, find a device that utilizes electricity. These testers function in a similar way to heat testers but provide a more accurate analysis. Somewhat unsurprisingly, they do have a higher price tag attached. However, they can detect moissanite, unlike the diamond heat testers mentioned above.

So, if you want to ensure your diamond in the rough isn’t actually a rough diamond or something else entirely, investing in the best diamond tester is a good idea. 

When it comes to available options, there’s not a wealth of diamond testing devices available, making them a little bit like diamonds themselves. But, we’ve pulled together the best available testers on Amazon, so that you’re not left searching.

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1. HDE Diamond Tester


If you find a diamond that costs you less than $20, it’s likely you don’t need a tester to tell you it’s fake. However, when it comes to testers, there’s nothing you need to be suspicious about when a device comes in at under $20. The HDE Diamond Tester is one of the most popular, tried and tested diamond testers available. Its budget-friendly price, simple-to-use functions and high level of accuracy are all benefits. Please note that you’ll need to order a nine-volt battery to power the tester, as it’s not included in the price. Once you’re powered up, just listen for the beep to know whether you’ve got yourself a real diamond or not.

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2. DigiWeigh Diamond Testing Kit


If you’re looking to test your gold, silver or platinum at the same time as your diamonds, then this testing kit from DigiWeigh is ideal for your needs. It includes multiple acids which give you insight into the quality of minerals. You’ll also find a 30x magnifier and an electric diamond tester for the shiniest of them all. And, if you’re not happy with your purchase, the seller offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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3. Presidium Portable Diamond Tester


Take the Presidium Diamond Tester with you anywhere you like thanks to its pocket-sized design and rechargeable battery. It also doubles up as a metal detector and features a simple on/off switch for user-friendly functionality. Additionally, this sturdy and reliable diamond tester uses a series of lights and audible beeps to present nearly instant results, allowing you to test diamonds on-site, providing an extra level of confidence when handing over your cash.

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4. RS Mizar Moissanite Tester


To indicate the presence of a genuine diamond, the RS Mizer Moissanite tester uses a continuous beep. An interrupted beep accompanied by a green flashing light on the device indicates you may have moissanite or another synthetic gemstone in your hands.  Furthermore, this USA-made tester offers instantly available results and comes complete with a carrying case and stone holder, too.

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5. GemOro Diamond Tester


The advanced identification technology incorporated in the GemOro Diamond Tester gives it the ability to detect a huge range of diamond-impersonating gemstones, including moissanite and white sapphire. It comes recommended by Charles & Colvard, one of the world’s leading moissanite and lab-grown diamond retailers, so you can be confident in its abilities. Plus, it sports a curved design for a user-friendly experience through a comfortable and secure hold.

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6. Presidium Gem Tester


If you’re looking to test more than just diamonds, the Presidium Gem Tester may fit your needs. In addition to letting you check whether your diamonds are genuine or not, you’ll be able to differentiate between more than 10 other gemstone types. The device is also durable and compact, making it great for testing gems on the go using the industry’s thinnest retractable probe tip. Plus, the device’s large screen delivers clear and easy-to-read results.

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