Stressed? This Essential Oil Diffuser Will Help Calm Your Mind

Victsing 150ml Mini Ultrasonic Aroma Essential

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* Enjoy stress-relieving aromas and in-room hydration
* Relax while the essential oil diffuser cycles through 14 LED colors
* Unwind with up to 8 hours of diffusion from just one filling

Unwind and hydrate with this essential oil diffuser, perfect for providing a light mist of scented fragrance in any space. This is a must-have household item at the moment. Keep an eye out, and you’re sure to notice one in your doctor’s office, local yoga studio and friends’ homes.

This sleek, bulb-shaped vaporizer comes in either light or dark faux-wood effects to match any room. Whether you prefer a scented evening while entertaining, an easier night’s sleep or even a yoga workout, the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser provides the perfect scent to compliment any occasion.

In addition to the relaxing effects of the diffuser, you can also enjoy the subtle yet calming LED light display. The device will cycle through 14 colors or you can pick your favorite to remain in play.

To use the diffuser, simply fill the 150ml reservoir with water, replace the funnel and choose one of the 3 timing options (1, 3 or 6 hours of misting). For safety, the device features an automatic shut off when the water level has been depleted.

Add 2 or 3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the reservoir to enjoy aromatic benefits. Popular oils include lavender, which promotes relaxation and calmness, tea tree oil, which combines a refreshing scent with antiseptic properties, and lemongrass, which helps to balance one’s mind and induce relaxation.

With the mix of calming light and soothing mist, the essential oil diffuser is a great addition for any space. Tailor your diffused oils to match your mood and enjoy the benefits of this stress-relieving aromatherapy tool.

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