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Convenient Canvas: The 4 Best WiFi Digital Photo Frames For Easy Display

* Photo frames allow you to easily display your digital pictures
* Most frames let you to share photos using an app, the cloud or email
* Digital photo frames make great gifts for grandparents and other loved ones

In the digital age, we print out photos far less than we used to. When is the last time you actually held a recent photo in your hands? Instead, we upload our photos to social media platforms and forget about them. In this way, we rarely if ever display photos of friends, family and events in our homes.

Instead of having impersonal home decor, add your memories to your walls and tables using these WiFi digital photo frames. These aren’t the same frames you bought for your parents five to ten years ago. Now, digital frames allow you to easily upload photos using your WiFi connection. Once connected, the frames can receive pictures using the cloud, email or an app from anywhere in the world.

Because these frames allow you to share photos from anywhere, they make great gifts for grandparents and other loved ones who may not be on social media. They are also brilliant for home display. Get yours today and start bringing happy memories into your home again.

1. FeelCare 7 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Picture Frame


offers a convenient way to display your digital photos. It features a high resolution screen of 1024×600 IPS, which has an aspect ratio of 16:9. In addition, the frame can be used as either a portrait or landscape oriented frame, and your photos will automatically rotate to accommodate the position. To load photos onto the device, you need Frameo, the free smartphone app. Pair your phone to the app to send photos to your frame anywhere at any time.

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2. PhotoSpring 8 Cloud Digital Picture Frame

Stay connected with friends and family using the

. This frame also uses a smartphone app for loading pictures, but you can have multiple users on the app. That means that friends and family around the world can send photos directly to the frame for easy viewing. This feature makes the PhotoSpring Frame a great gift for grandparents and other loved ones. In addition, the frame boasts a high resolution 1280×800 display.

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3. Skylight Frame WiFi Digital Picture Frame

With a gorgeous 10-inch display using 1280×800 resolution, the

will make your pictures look amazing wherever you choose to put it. To add photos to the Skylight device, you just need to send them in an email from anywhere in the world. Set up is also a breeze. Just plug it in and use the touchscreen to connect it to your wifi network. As an added bonus, the storage capacity of the frame is more than 8,000 photos.

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4. Nixplay Original 15 Inch WiFi Photo Frame

The most advanced frame on our list, the

has all the features you need and more. The large frame connects to your photos using USB, SD or WiFi. In addition, you can load photos onto the device using Nixplay online cloud storage. With the frame, you get 10GB of free storage. Plus, you can arrange your photos into playlists using Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Picasa. Finally, it’s important to note that this frame can be wall mounted and includes a motion sensor to turn on and off when it detects your presence.

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