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3 New Tools Every Handyman (and Handywoman) Should Have In Their Toolbox

* Digital upgrades of classic tools
* New updates make it easier to measure, cut and copy
* Choose from flexible flashlights, digital calipers and more

Hey, it’s the 21st century. Don’t you think it’s about time to say goodbye to your ancient tools and pick up their digital replacement?

While most handy people will agree that every tool man (or tool woman) needs their own specific tools, these items can go a long way into turning your DIY toolkit from a mediocre affair to a masterpiece.

1. Flexible Hands-Free Flashlight

Quite possibly the most original flashlight in the world, the FlexiFlash is fully mountable and uses a brilliant flexible design to help shine a light on almost any surface. Equipped with 12 bulbs, it comes with three built-in light settings and runs on three AAA batteries (which are also included). You’ll never look at your generic flashlight the same way again.


2. Digital Tape Measure

Gone are the days of having to roll your old tape measure out and awkwardly estimating how much length you’ll need. This new digital tape measure makes recording lengths a breeze. This tape measure comes with three memory functions, a durable weather-resistant build and a built-in US/metric converter.


3. Aickar Digital Caliper

The caliper’s always been one of those tools that’s easy to use but hard to master. Fortunately, this newly digital device makes it easy to get accurate, precise measurements every time. With an extra large LCD display and helpful user-friendly functions, you can get better measurements without having to strain your eyes.

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