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Spoil Your Pet With One of These Subscription Boxes

When payday comes around and you treat yourself to a new watch, pair of shoes or aftershave, you might find your four-legged friend looking up at you wondering why you got something and they didn’t. Aside from the everyday necessities of dog food and poo bags, it can be easy to forget to give your dog a present every now and then. 

To take away the unwanted added pressure of remembering the little extras which make being your pet the best, sign up to one of the best dog subscription boxes. 

There are subscription boxes to suit all types of pets, including birds, rabbits, cats and, of course, dogs. Inside each box, you’ll find a variety of goodies to encourage play, health and happiness. Here are a few examples of the products you can expect to receive:

  • Treats – Great for training, rewarding and often helping get your dog back when it’s wandered too far for comfort, dog treats play a key part of the best dog subscription boxes. They come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and health levels, so be sure to read the ingredients and user guidance.
  • Chews – Dog chews can have huge dental advantages and last for hours. Periodontal disease is very common among dogs but can be fought with the right tools, such as dental chew sticks. Plus, they keep your pooch occupied as they chew (and brush their teeth at the same time).
  • Toys – Most likely to be your dog’s favorite subscription box feature, toys are great for cuddles and catch alike. You’ll find boxes that specify the materials from which the toys inside are made. This is super important if your dog happens to be a heavy chewer. Along with hours of fun and bonding, toys are an important part of learning for dogs and can act as a safety companion, too. 
  • AccessoriesCollars, leashes, bandanas, bowls, mugs and more, the list of accessories you might find in your dog subscription box goes on and on. 

Whether you have a happy puppy or an old dog who knows all the tricks, your pooch will have their eager eye on the mailbox on delivery day. By investing a monthly fee and receiving one of the best dog subscription boxes straight to your door, you’ll be a dog’s best friend. And don’t worry, you can usually stop or pause your subscription at any time if need be.

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1. BARKBOX Monthly Subscription Box


Your dog will be barking mad with happiness when you sign up to the BARKBOX Monthly Subscription box. With over 2,300 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this is the most popular dog subscription box on Amazon. This particular box is designed for medium dogs from 20 to 50 pounds and includes $45 worth of products, despite the $35 price tag. Small or large boxes are also available to ensure there’s an option to suit your pooch.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Pooch Perks Premium Customized Dog Boxes


Pooch Perks Premium Customized Dog Boxes make it possible to pamper your pooch on a budget. For under $20, you will get a box of treats and accessories sourced from USA-based manufacturers delivered straight to your doorstep. Unlike most dog subscription boxes, this wise design has taken the initiative to include a roll of poop bags with every order. You’ll also find up to four toys, three bags of treats, one chew and one accessory included.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


3. Pug Box


As one of the most loved breeds, it’s no wonder a subscription box has been created especially for pugs. Pug Box is a monthly service solely focused on delivering the best toys, treats and other goodies for pugs and pug lovers. Five to nine items are packed into each box, including a mixture of goodies for both the dog and the owner, too, sometimes. If you own a pug, you need this box.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


4. The Dapper Dog Box


The Dapper Dog Box is a fully customizable subscription delivery that’s sure to have your dog’s tail wagging. Each month features a theme, such as Coachella or Happy Howlidays, to keep you and your pooch entertained. One dollar from every box goes to an animal rescue organization, and you can use #TheDapperDogBox to connect with other happy customers. As the box says, ‘all you need is love and a dog’ (and this subscription box).

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Image courtesy of The Dapper Dog Box


5. Gnaw Box


Dedicated to delivering the best chews for your dog, the Gnaw Box is packed with yummy treats, such as jerky, ears, tendons and antlers. This selection of snacks is ideal to use as training rewards or distractions in busy or stressful environments. Each box includes 15 to 20 natural chews, which are high in protein and promote better dental health, too. We recommend this box for growing or particularly active dogs.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


5. The Dollar Pet Club

One of the more budget-friendly options, the Dollar Pet Club supplies your cat or dog with a box of fun toys and Made in the USA treats from only the finest, high-quality, natural ingredients.

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6. Squawk Box


Pet subscription boxes aren’t just for the dogs; they’re available for cats, rabbits and birds, too. This eco-friendly box comes with five to six items for keeping your feathered friend stimulated. A mix of healthy treats and fun toys is always a welcome sight. Like many other boxes on this list, your money is also going to a good cause. A portion of the company’s profits is donated to help parrot rescues.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


7. Happy Bunny Club


We couldn’t leave out our jumping friends. Happy Bunny Club is a monthly subscription box with six to eight items to keep your bunny bouncing. These items come displayed on a bed of natural hay which is safe for your pet to play with. The rabbit-themed contents include a mix of toys and treats, all of which are free from corn, dairy and egg. For a happy and healthy pet rabbit, look no further than the Happy Bunny Club.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


8. PupJoy


This box can be customized to suit the preferences of your dog based on the profile information you provide. With numerous options, including the choice between toys and treats as well as organic, grain-sensitive and all-natural foods, you’ll never receive a product you can’t use with PupJoy. You can also select exactly how often you would like to receive your box, and you’ll enjoy free shipping across the US.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


9. RescueBox


RescueBox has partnered with The Animal Rescue Site to create this monthly subscription box filled with five premium treats for your dog while also providing meals for other pets who need a helping hand. These boxes are filled with over $40 worth of goodies but have a monthly subscription fee of under $30. Kind to animals and kind to your bank balance, this is a box for all dogs.

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Image courtesy of The Animal Rescue Site


10. Bark Bright Box


The best dog treats are ones with hidden goodness, and that’s exactly what the Bark Bright Box is filled with. Not only will this subscription deliver a monthly supply of dental sticks and triple enzymatic toothpaste to your door, but you’ll also receive a complimentary, waterproof flea and tick collar. Real chicken is used as the base ingredient for these dental chews, so there’s no doubt your dog will be more than happy chomping down none the wiser that he or she is keeping their teeth clean at the same time.

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Image courtesy of BarkBox


11. Bullymake Subscription Box


Available to order on a one, three, six or 12-month basis, the Bullymake Subscription Box is designed to work for you and your dog. At the point of purchase, you can choose whether you’re buying the box for yourself or as a gift for another lucky dog owner. Bullymake dedicates itself to sourcing durable toys and delicious doggy treats. As with most subscription boxes, the longer you sign up, the better the price, so make the most of it and sign up for a year.

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Image courtesy of Bullymake


12. Kong Box


Designing an iconic dog toy isn’t something many pet brands are able to confidently claim, but Kong most definitely can. That’s why one of their best-selling Kong classics is included with the first order of every new subscription. With over $75 worth of hand-picked goodies packed into every box, signing up to the Kong Box is a no-brainer for any dog owner. Plenty of packaged dog treats come included as well as recipes for making your own at home, too.

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Image courtesy of KONG Box


13. Extra Spoiled Dog Box


If your dog is stronger and more stealthy than most, regular dog toys won’t last a second. You’re likely used to filling and shredded fabric spread all over your home after you bring home a new toy. The Extra Spoiled Dog Box is designed for dogs between 40 and 70 pounds and is filled with stronger and more durable dog toys. Offering a better chew, bite and play for your powerful pooch, this box is about extra quality rather than extra quantity.

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Image courtesy of Cratejoy


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