The Best Dog Chews to Keep Your Furry Friend Occupied and Healthy

Best dog chews

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We all want to treat our canine friends once in a while, but which are the healthiest snacks and chews for your dog? Every dog has different dietary needs, so be sure to double-check the ingredient label before buying! But chews and treats aren’t just to make our friends happy though, they’re also a great source of vitamins, can help with teeth bacteria, and of course, give our pets a fun and engaging activity. No one likes sitting at home alone, so leaving your best friend with a sturdy chew or a peanut butter bone with a puzzle is a great way to keep them occupied.

What actually makes up a decent chew though? There are plenty of brands out there waiting to dupe the unsuspecting pet owner with added fillers like corn or added sugar which your dog doesn’t need. Try to find a healthy alternative for your friend, they’ll thank you later when their breath smells fresh!

A good chew is usually made of “bully” or beef muscle, a healthy snack for your pet to spend a really (really) good amount of time chewing on. This promotes good dental hygiene and can help with bad breath. Some have added vitamins and some are tastier than others.

Another great option is a “dental chew,” a tasty treat that promotes good dental health, usually in the form of wheat flour and a lot of other good vitamins.

Now that you know what to look for, take a look at our list of the best dog chews below!


1. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks

A natural chew? Say what? Bully sticks are a great, healthy option for dogs as they take a long time to chew, provide hours of entertainment and activity for your dog, and taste delicious (to the dog). A highly recommended product from any pet lover, these Nature Gnaws will keep your pet safe and happy. The bully sticks don’t splinter like rawhide, which can cause your dog to choke, so the soft bully option is a safer and healthier bet for your pet.

nature gnaws bully sticks Amazon


2. Smart Sticks Chews in Peanut Butter

Smart Sticks is a healthy brand that all pet lovers should be aware of. With an ample amount of delicious products for pets, their sticks are a great option for healthy dogs. These sticks are made from chicken and wrapped in peanut butter, a double whammy for any dog. These are healthy, tasty, and great for any size dog.

peanut butter and chicken chewy sticks Amazon


3. Ocean Chews Grain-Free Chews

Looking for a grain-free option because of an allergy? Look no further than Ocean Chews, which are fish-based. These ones are pure Wolfish skin, a healthy grain-free alternative to most chicken chews that have a wheat component. A plethora of customers rave about how much their dogs enjoy the fish skin, which isn’t messy and is easy to chew. Ocean Chews also has a codfish treat. High in omega-3 fatty acids and low in calories, this is a tasty option for those with any kind of allergy.

Ocean Chews Grain Free Amazon


4. Eco Kind Yak Treats

Yak treats might be a strange new phrase, but you’ll get used to it once your dog goes crazy over these delicious chews. Yak treats are made from Yak milk and condensed into a high-density chew that will take your pet ages to finish, which makes the low package count a bit more palatable. With only four sticks per bag, you might think you’ll go through them quickly, but fear not pet parent, you’re in for a month or so with these treats. They come in a large and small size depending on the heft of your pet. A great option for those looking for less meat in the diet.

Eco Kind Yak treats Amazon


5. Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Treats

100% sweet potato for the dog who loves his potatoes. Yup, that’s right folks, no meat, no fish, no additives here, all sweet potato in a yummy treat that your dog will love. Great for the teeth and for the natural chewing tendencies, your dog will be occupied with these ample-sized snacks. A great option for those seeking a veggie treat.

Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Treat Amazon


6. V-Dog Breathbones

Made from sweet potato, chia seed, and other superfoods, these treats are made to improve your pet’s breath. With six bones per bag, your dog will be a happy chomper with these vitamin-rich chews. Great for those looking for a vegan option.

V-Dog Breathbones Amazon


7. Greenies Dental Health Chews

Greenies have a mint flavor and are made mostly from wheat products. Aimed at improving your dog’s dental health, gums, and breath control, Greenies have been a popular staple in the pet industry for over a decade. These are a great option for those seeking to improve their dog’s breath and overall health or for those seeking out a treat that isn’t sweet or savory. Greenies come in a variety of sizes so be sure to choose wisely. They also come in a version for cats!

Greenies Dental Health Chews Amazon


8. Rachel Ray Soup Bones

Yes, even Rachel Ray has gotten into the pet food market and these Soup Bones are said to be delicious. With savory ingredients and a thick chew, your dog will be happily occupied. Their teeth will improve in health and their mind will be busy while they try to get to the bottom of this bone. There are three different flavor options to choose from including chicken and veggies, beef and barley, and turkey and rice. A great option for those looking for a different set of flavors and ingredients for their best friend.

Rachel Ray Soup Bones Amazon


9. Jack + Pup Bully Sticks

Another great option for bully sticks, Jack + Pup is a healthy brand that promotes the well being of your pet. Bully sticks are a great choice for those looking for a longer chew for their dog to keep them occupied. They are good for keeping the teeth healthy and strong. A great choice for those seeking a chewier treat!

Jack and Pup Bully Sticks Amazon