I Used To Have Trouble Sleeping Until I Got These Door Strips That Help Seal The Light Out

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* The strip of light under your door may be preventing you from sleeping
* Block the light with one of these door strips
* The strips also stop dust, bugs, noise and drafts from entering your room

Some nights it feels like it takes hours to fall asleep. Every little thing annoys you or catches your attention, preventing relaxation. If you’re like me, one of those distractions is the light and noise coming in from under my bedroom door. That tiny strip of light definitely prevents me from falling asleep.

To remedy the problem, I invested in a door strip. These bad boys seal up the gap between your door and the floor, leaving you with a completely dark sleeping environment. On top of that, they also block bugs, dust and noise from entering your space, and the sealing action keeps your room cooler when the air conditioning is on and warming when you need the heat. All in all, these strips are a simple and affordable answer to so many household problems.

We’ve put together the five best door strips and draft stoppers available on Amazon. Some of these attach to the floor, some attach to the door and some don’t attach at all. Take a look at the options, and pick the best one for you and your home.

1. Ohuhu Door Draft Stopper Guard

The Ohuhu Door Guard keeps outside elements outside where they belong. It blocks dust, bugs, water, cold air and light from entering your home or room. This door strip can seal up a gap of up to 18mm and is water resistant. To install it, simply apply the velcro strip to your door and then attach the seal strip. This guard will stay in place for years without deformity.

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2. Chang Lian Self-Adhesive Door Draft Blocker

The Chang Lian Draft Blocker has two major benefits over other door strips. First, it’s soundproof thanks to its three layer design, so it can help you sleep at night by reducing the amount of noise that reaches your bed. Second, the Chang Lian Draft Blocker is self-adhesive, making it easy to install in two minutes or less. Plus, the silicone material is completely non-toxic and will keep your room light-free and at a suitable temperature thanks to its ability to block drafts, too.

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3. Go On 123 Under Door Draft Blocker

Unlike the first two items on this list, the Go On 123 Under Door Draft Blocker attaches to the floor rather than to your door. Using a soft PVC and self-adhesive strip, this door strip fills the gap between the floor and your door. The material used to construct the strip is non-toxic and works to block bugs, dust and noise from entering your room. It also prevents outside light from entering your space and disturbing your sleep.

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4. MAGZO Door Noise Blocker

If you don’t want to permanently attach a door strip to your door, look no further than the MAGZO Door Noise Blocker . This polyester cushion works to block out noise, light and cold drafts but can be removed at any point in time. That’s because it’s simply a cushion that you lay along the bottom of your door when inside a room. However, should you want a more permanent attachment, this draft blocker does come with push pins and hood tape to hold the cushion in place.

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5. Gold Happy 1M Flexible Sealing Strip

The flexible Gold Happy Sealing Strip has a variety of functions. It can be used between a door and the floor to block out light, dust, noise, drafts and more. But it can also be used to seal gaps in a car door, as a bed rail softener and more. The strip can easily be cut to size as it’s made from a soft foam. And unless you have giant doorways, this strip can likely be used to block the bottom of multiple doors in your house. Go with the Gold Happy Flexible Sealing Strip for an easy-to-use answer to your light problems.

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