These Doormats Will Protect Your Floors And Impress Your Guests

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A doormat is the first thing that visitors see when they’re approaching your home, but there’s much more to this accessory than welcoming guests. Not only can it protect and maintain your floors, but it can also act as a preventative measure against allergies, bacteria, and other germs. Our shoes come face-to-face with disasters on a daily basis, from public bathrooms to muddy paws.

Right now, everyone is hyper-aware of cleanliness, and finding a proper doormat can help you keep your house as sanitized as possible. Whether your home has a no-shoes policy or you want to add an attractive aesthetic to your front door, finding a mat that’s both effective and fits with your home’s style is important.

There are a few factors to consider when looking for a doormat, such as where it will be used, the climate and environment you live in, the size of your home, and its ability to remove grime as promised. For instance, thicker mats with raised surfaces are usually better at dislodging debris from boots than lightweight alternatives.

Create a more organized entrance and prevent floor damage with this useful line of defense. Below, we delve into the best doormat options on the market and break down the differences, so you don’t have to.


Calloway Mills Vertical “Hello” Doormat


This oversized doormat features a natural coir bristle and a vertical, lower-cased “hello” written across the side. A vinyl backing stops it from sliding all over the place, and all-season features to ensure that colors never bleed or fade. The font makes for a trendy and gender-neutral statement piece. It might not hold up to the most heavy-duty messes, but if style is what you’re after, this option is a no-brainer.

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Gorilla Grip Indoor Doormat


This sturdy and heavy-duty choice by Gorilla Grip gets the job done without any frills. Ideal for high traffic areas, this mat features a mesh weave that traps in dirt so you don’t track it into your home. The slim design works for a range of spaces, so your door will never get stuck on it again. When it comes to clean-up, simply shake it off and vacuum the rest, or hose it off outside. Unlike many mats that slide around or curl up, Amazon users claim that this model actually lays flat and stays put.

 Gorilla Grip Original Durable Indoor Door Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

Iron Gate Coir Woven Doormat


Woven mats are some of the best alternatives out there when it comes to outdoor usage. Made from coir, or coconut fiber, it holds up in tough weather and the scratchy surface works wonders for scraping off debris. It also happens to be an eco-friendly material and holds up well in various weather conditions and temperatures. While many mats lie as a flat rectangle, this textured option comes in a woven, braided look, which is classic but still unique.

 Iron Gate - Natural Jute Rope Woven Doormat Image courtesy of Amazon

Delxo Magic Doormat


Not everyone wants a scratchy doormat meant for scraping – especially if you have soggy paws or bare feet stepping on it. This cotton and microfiber version is plusher, but soaks up plenty, making it perfect for anyone with pets, kids, or an active lifestyle. A rubber backing prevents slipping, but this mat is still machine washable, which makes clean-up a breeze. It comes in a chic neutral color and has a thin profile that works well in apartments and small spaces.

 Delxo 18"x30" Magic Doormat Image courtesy of Amazon

gb Home Collection Antibacterial Doormat


We’re obsessed with this durable gb Home scraper mat, which is naturally antibacterial and embossed with a raised leaf pattern. The nature-inspired pattern makes it easy to wipe off messes, and users love how there are no rope hairs to clean off the floor, unlike woven materials like coir. Color-wise reviewers adore the vibrant green, which spruces up an entrance and “feels like grass on bare feet.” This mat also ships flat rather than rolled up, so you don’t have to worry about those curling edges.

 gb Home Collection Premium Antibacterial Door Mat Image courtesy of Amazon

Refetone Indoor Doormat


It’s tough to find an indoor doormat that looks good and still gets the job done. This stylish geometric choice fits in with modern and traditional homes alike and is sure to snag a few compliments. Although it’s the main aspect that buyers love about this product, design isn’t the only pro about the Refetone doormat. One reviewer says that this mat held up to her cat’s vomit and looked like brand new after washing. It’s not the best testimony to visualize, but nonetheless impressive.

Indoor Doormat geometric print Image courtesy of Amazon

TrafficMASTER Rubber Wrought Iron Doormat


This mat isn’t actually made of wrought iron, but it sure looks like it. Constructed from rubber, it’s engineered to withstand powerful gusts of wind and other weather conditions. Additionally, water simply rolls off of it. The intricate, stylish detailing designed to capture grit, but might not be the most comfortable for bare feet, or paws that may get stuck. If you frequently trek outside or have lots of people over, this is a choice that’s as durable as it is beautiful.

Rubber 24 in. x 48 in. Wrought Iron Door Mat Image courtesy of Home Depot

Collections Etc. Raised Stone Half-Circle Outdoor Doormat


The semi-circle shape is a classy alternative to your standard rectangular doormat that still catches everything your shoes bring in. This take on the semi-circle mat is rubber, making it appropriate for outdoor usage, and easy to wipe down. The aesthetic is easy to integrate with any foyer, patio, or BBQ set-up and matches well with other stone or wood accents. Some users even put it indoor to help create a faux stone tiled entrance.

Collections Etc Raised Stone Slice Half-Circle Outdoor Rubber Door Mat Image courtesy of Walmart

Lsquared Buffalo Plaid Rug


Patterned doormats can look bright and kitschy at times, sticking out like a sore thumb. it’s hard to find an elegant print that fits with rustic or contemporary home decor, but that’s exactly what this buffalo plaid rug manages to do. The timeless checkered print is farm-house inspired and versatile for indoor and outdoor usage. From the front door to the kitchen, reviewers love the high-quality nature of this mat and the trendy appearance that it provides.

 Buffalo Plaid Rug - 18"x28" Black and White Check Image courtesy of Amazon


Mohawk Welcome Homestead Planks Doormat


Humorous doormats can be a bit obnoxious, but sometimes, you just want an old-school greeting that ushers guests in with warmth. This welcome mat is made from recycled rubber and is striped with faux mohawk wood planks in a brown color palette that works in a variety of homes. One reviewer notes that it makes their house “more like a home.” If you’re looking to up your hospitality with a graphic mat, consider this substantial option.

Mohawk Welcome Homestead Planks Doorscapes Recycled Rubber Doormat 23" x 35" Image courtesy of Walmart

Wood By Stu Custom Doormat


This custom doormat is the ultimate blend of cozy and classy, and also makes a great housewarming gift. It allows you to print your last name, and whatever year you would like, next to “EST”, adding a personal touch that a standard welcome mat cannot.  Reviewers appreciate the high-quality look and feel of this functional and aesthetically pleasing mat.

best doormat, custom Image courtesy of Amazon

Camco “Life is Better at the Campsite” Doormat


If you own a mobile home, live an outdoorsy lifestyle, or just can’t get enough of camping, this “Life Is Better At The Campsite” was practically made for you.  It holds onto dirt, sand, and liquid so you don’t track it into tiny spaces like trailers and RVs. It’s easy to clean, which is ideal for on-the-go usage. It can be used outside the camper, or inside if you abide by a no-shoes rule.

best doormat, camping Image courtesy of Amazon

Kempf “Go Away” Doormat


Maturity is overrated – kick those conventional doormats to the curb and invest in this hilarious pick instead. Made of sustainable coconut fibers, “Go Away” is imprinted deeply in ink so that the font stays bold for a long time. This mat can make someone laugh and is environmentally friendly, but it can also help deter annoying salespeople who persist.

best doormat, humor Image courtesy of Amazon

Calloway Mills Skull Doormat


Metalheads, Halloween lovers and anyone who likes skulls or the color black will appreciate this mat by Calloway Mills. Unlike most brown bristle mat, this model features black bristles and a white skull in the lower right corner. It’s chic, spooky, and seasonally appropriate if you’re looking to swap out your usual mat for Halloween.

best doormat, halloween Image courtesy of Amazon

Elrene Home Fashions Ornaments Coir Doormat


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hannukah, this holiday-friendly mat can help bring the cheer. We love how it’s non-denominational, which keeps things politically correct for all visitors. With a few dangling, gingham ornaments, and “Happy Holidays” emblazed in cursive, this outdoor rug finds the balance between playful and tasteful.

best doormat, holiday Image courtesy of Amazon

DII Cactus Doormat


If generic prints aren’t your thing but you’re looking for something to fit your eccentric taste, check out this outdoor cactus mat. It has a fun, Southwestern-inspired aesthetic and is priced reasonably for tight budgets. The design is sure to get compliments and fits right in with any home that already features cactus or desert decor elements.

best doormat, quirky Image courtesy of Amazon

Elrene Home Fashions “Honey, I’m Home”  Doormat


At Spy, we can’t turn down a good pun, and this mat does it with subtlety, with two adorable bees buzzing around the word honey. Amazon reviews rave about it, including beekeepers who enjoy a “touch of bee decor here and there” and fell in love with the useful accessory. Others love how sturdy the construction is, and how well it holds up in high traffic areas.

best doormat, phrase Image courtesy of Amazon

Extra Durable “Wipe Your Paws” Doormat


Those “Must Love Dogs” mats can come off as kind of aggressive at times, so we prefer this “Wipe Your Paws” mat that applies to humans and furry friends alike. Embossed around the statement are lots of durable little paws that make it easy to scrape the gunk off the soles of your shoes. If you’re a dog parent, this mat is a must.

best doormat, dog lover Image courtesy of Amazon