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The Best Down Alternative Pillows Let You Enjoy Cloud-Life Comfort Without Triggering Allergies

From improving health to quickening brain performance, there are numerous reasons to get a good night’s sleep. So ensure you always get the rest you need by creating a sleeping environment made up of a comfortable mattress, the coziest bed sheets, a down mattress topper and down pillows. But if down products are out of the question, simply switch them out for the best down alternative pillows and mattress toppers instead.

Before we look at some of the best down alternative pillows available online, let’s have a look at the difference between the two materials, and why you might want to choose one over the other.

Down vs. Down Alternative

When it comes to choosing between down and down alternatives, it’s worth noting that both options have their benefits. 

Down comes from geese, ducks and swans and is lightweight, fluffy and extremely popular with sleepers because of its breathability. If your only goal is comfort, it’s hard to look beyond down. It’s also great for regulating your temperature throughout the night and lasts longer than alternative fillings. However, down is an animal-sourced material that poses many ethical questions. Furthermore, these animal-sourced materials can trigger allergies.

On the other hand, the best down alternative is usually made from polyester. It is ideal for sleepers who want to enjoy down-like comfort without having to worry about the ethical implications of animal-sourced products. It’s also hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t trigger allergies. In addition, down alternatives are easier to clean (often being machine washable) and usually cost less than their genuine down competitors.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Down Alternative Pillow

Down alternative pillows come in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning there’s one to suit every kind of sleeper. But what is the best down alternative pillow? Well, the answer to this question really changes from person to person, as no two sleeper’s preferences are exactly the same. Here are some key elements to consider when choosing the right down alternative pillow for you:

  • Firmness – While down, and down alternative pillows, generally fall on the softer side of the scale, there is still individual variation between brands in the amount of stuffing in a pillow and its size. Consider what works best for you and find a pillow to fulfill those needs.
  • Sleeping Position – Knowing your preferred sleeping position makes it a lot easier to find the right pillow. Usually, pillows come with an advisory about which sleeping style they’re best suited to. If you’re unsure of your preferred sleeping position or want to address it, read more about choosing the best sleeping position here.
  • Mattress Firmness – The firmness of your mattress can have a knock-on effect on your sleeping position and the effectiveness of your pillow. Particularly hard or soft mattresses can change your sleeping position and make pillows feel harder or softer than they actually are.

Below you’ll find a selection of the top-rated down alternative pillows available online. We’ve included pillows at a range of price points and for every type of sleeper.


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If you’re looking for a tried-and-tested pillow that is suitable for all kinds of sleepers, check out these Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows. The pillows are available in either king or queen sizes and come backed by more than 140,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users. They are filled with a soft-down alternative and feature a no-shift construction which helps prevent discomfort as you rest. The pillows are also covered in a 250-thread count, fade-proof material cover and provide just the right amount of support to relieve common pain complaints, including stress related to stress, neck pain, and other aches. In addition, this set of two pillows is great for use by side, back and stomach sleepers and for use in all seasons, too.


With more than 18,500 five-star ratings from Amazon customers and a price tag under $40, these Amazon Basics Down Alternative Bed Pillows are ideal for sleepers searching for a budget-friendly pillow. Each pillow in this pack of two is filled with 100% polyester microfiber and covered in a smooth microfiber shell, delivering a smooth and soft finish. The hypoallergenic pillows are also produced in an OEKO-TEX standard-certified factory and come in standard or king sizes and soft or medium firmnesses.



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The Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow is available in two sizes and three shapes (classic, curved and ultimate). This range means there’s a shape to suit every kind of sleeper. The classic is best suited to stomach or back sleepers as it provides support for both your neck and head. The curved pillow is best suited to back or side sleepers with its contoured sides. Lastly, the ultimate gives sleepers the ability to customize their pillow by adding or removing inserts.


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The cooling gel-infused fibers inside this Home Collection Gel-Fiber Bed Pillow make it ideal for anyone who tends to run a little warm during the night. Add into the equation the breathable cover, and you can be confident you’ll remain both dry and comfortable when you rest. The set includes two individual pillows in the traditional shape, meaning they’re suitable for every kind of sleeper, from side to back. Additionally, these 240-thread count pillows are machine washable and come with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.



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If you want to enjoy sleep-inducing comfort and support on the go, add this Avocado Organic Mini Pillow to your travel essentials. At 20 by 12 inches, the pillow is small enough to travel with but remains large enough to put a comfortable surface between you and any airline, car or bus seat you want to rest on. The PETA-approved pillow is also made from a combination of high-quality materials, including GOTS organic certified cotton, organic latex and kapok fiber. Together, these materials provide a surface that is breathable, supportive and moisture-wicking.



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From stomach to starfish, the Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow provides award-winning comfort and support to every kind of sleeper. Inside, the pillow boasts an eco-friendly fill that is made from repurposed plastic bottles. On the outside, there’s a 100% cotton sateen shell which feels silky smooth against your skin. The pillows also feature double-stitched edging for greater durability and come in three different sizes: standard, king and euro. Additionally, the per-pillow-price goes down if you purchase more, with the pack of four being the most economical of the lot.


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Each pillow in this Becky Cameron Down Alternative Gel-Fiber Queen Pillow Set offers sleepers just the right balance of softness and support. Inside, the pillows are constructed from cooling gel-infused fibers which help create cool and consistent temperatures as you rest. On the outside, the pillows feature a 100% cotton cover which is resistant to stains and fading. Additionally, these versatile pillows are both machine washable and dryer safe.



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Another alternative to traditional down is a pillow with a hybrid construction. In this Casper Hybrid Pillow, you’ll find a tri-layer construction, which includes an innovative foam and a fiber layer. These layers combine to deliver a marshmallowy soft and supremely supportive experience for sleepers which also remains consistent during rest, meaning you don’t have to fluff your pillow throughout the night. In addition, the pillow has a polyester and spandex cover, comes with a 30-night, risk-free trial and is available in either standard or king sizes.



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While amerisleep’s Flex Pillow isn’t a direct replacement for traditional down, it’s customizable eco-friendly MicroFlex filling, breathable cover and wide range of positive ratings make it more than worthy of your consideration. The USA-made pillow, which comes in either queen or king sizes, can easily be molded to your personal sleeping preferences. The cover also allows hot air to escape on warmer nights to produce an environment better suited to a good night’s rest. Additionally, the pillow is accompanied by a 10-year warranty.



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Saatva’s Down Alternative Pillow has been designed to mimic traditional down pillows’ lofty, cloud-like feel. This attention to detail makes it hard to tell the custom down alternative blend from actual down when your head is resting on it. For added comfort and durability, the 100% hypoallergenic, down-like interior is surrounded by an organic cotton shell that can be spot cleaned when dirty. The pillow also comes in queen or king sizes and has a 45-day free return window.



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This Arsuite Plush Support Pillow can be washed in your washing machine to make it particularly easy to clean. The pillow, which offers sleepers a plusher-than-average, cloud-like feel, features an ergonomic design to hold your head at just the right height while integrated cooling technology maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night. The pillow’s anti-bacterial fabric cover is also hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites and wicks moisture away to prevent unpleasant odors. Furthermore, the pillow has received a five-star rating from over 90% of Wayfair customers who own it.



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The Pillow Bar Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow has been designed with side sleepers in mind. The boomerang-like shape helps ensure you go to sleep and wake up on your side, delivering the most comfortable night’s rest for anyone who prefers to sleep on their side. The USA-made pillow’s polyester fill provides just the right amount of support and softness, while its cotton sateen cover can be removed for easy cleaning. You also get to choose between classic white and several designs, including “Relax” and “I woke up like this” adorned options.