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Here’s Why WFH Creatives Should Have an At-Home Drafting Table

There’s a good chance that as you read this sentence, you’re sitting at a desk. It’s probably a desk made for computer use, with a flat work surface, a comfortable amount of space for a cup of coffee and perhaps a few extras, like a power socket or a work light. The point is, to work efficiently and comfortably, it’s best to have the right tools, specifically a desk that was made for that purpose. That is why designers, engineers and artists use the best drafting tables in their work from home setups (and have for decades).

If you’re unfamiliar with a drafting table, they are versatile desks which feature an adjustable work surface, usually moving between 0 and 60 degrees, allowing you to find the angle which suits your comfort level the best. This change in angle provides a number of benefits for all kinds of professionals, who are usually design based, including illustrators, designers, architects, artists and engineers.

Some of the potential benefits of adding one of the best drafting tables to your home office include:

  • A more user-friendly working angle
  • The ability to view larger documents or papers from the bottom to the top without struggling
  • A wide range of stationery-specific storage within arm’s reach
  • The ability to move between a conventional (0 degree) desk and an angled work surface
  • A larger-than-average work surface capable of accommodating large papers, books and documents.
  • A unique furniture piece to give your home a classy feel

So, if your job entails drawing, viewing large documents or any kind of designing element, or you simply love to relax and spend your spare time painting or creating, you’ll definitely want to consider adding one of these versatile worktops to your home setup.

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Below, you’ll find 10 of the best drafting tables with styles for every kind of household. No matter whether you’re after a vintage-style desk for a functional yet stylish piece of decor or you’re all about the modern look, we’ve got you covered.

1. SD STUDIO DESIGNS Store Glass Futura Craft Station


The SD STUDIO DESIGNS Store Glass Futura Craft Station sports a modern design and comes in five different color combinations, including all black, red and black, and silver. Its stylish, cross-legged style blends seamlessly into bedrooms, offices and other work-orientated home spaces. The tempered glass top is strong and durable and surrounded by several holders for stationery and other items, like smartphones. Furthermore, for added storage options, there are three built-in drawers, while the adjusting arm in the back lets you choose from multiple angle options.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Zeny Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Desk


If you love the look of glass furniture, the Zeny Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Desk may be the right choice for you. It features an adjustable working surface which can be tilted between 0 and 60 degrees. You’ll also find two built-in drawers alongside numerous holders for stationery and other items you’d like to keep within arm’s reach. Underneath, the four smooth-rolling casters make it easy to move your desk around the room or house, while the two breaks ensure it stays put when you want it to.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Zeny Adjustable Drafting Table Art Craft Drawing Desk


For a well balanced desk with plenty of work and storage space in equal measure, check out the Zeny Adjustable Drafting Table Art Craft Drawing Desk. The comprehensive office set includes a four-legged stool to ensure you’re sitting at the right height to work. You’ll also find an under-desk shelf which can be used for your feet or as additional storage space alongside the attached three-drawer unit. In addition, the work surface is highly adjustable with a lower rim to prevent your work from slipping off.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk


The ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk’s work surface can be adjusted between 0 and 45 degrees to ensure you get the angle which is most comfortable for you. On the right hand side of the clear, multi-purpose working surface, you’ll find a handy storage space which includes a pen container and several other stationery-specific holders. Underneath the work surface, the desk includes two sizable drawers for your other work-related items. Plus, the desk also comes with a handy stool and features non-slip feet for a more stable working area.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


5. SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk


With the SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk, it’s possible to enjoy the angled work surface of a drafting table while you also enjoy the comfort of a sofa or even your own bed. It offers four adjustable levels reaching a maximum of 36 degrees as well as five different heights, helping you achieve the right working position. Other handy extras include a built-in storage drawer, a slot for mounting smartphones and tablets and a folding book stand which can be added or removed as required. Furthermore, the whole thing folds down flat for easy storage when it’s not being used.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Yaheetech Adjustable Drafting Drawing Table


If mobility is your number one priority in your choice of drafting table, you may want to check out the Yaheetech Adjustable Drafting Drawing table. With its four 360-degree swivel caster wheels, the table can turn on a dime. It also boasts an adjustable work surface which can tilt between 0 and 60 degrees, making it capable of accommodating all needs. For personal storage, the desk includes two pull-out drawers and several stationery storage sections. Plus, the metal frame and clear toughened glass work surface give your table a functional yet stylish appeal.

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Image courtesy of Walmart


7. Edge Ergonomic Desk


We’ve written about The Edge desk before, which we called the ultimate work-from-home tool. This desk is designed to encourage optimal posture during the day, taking pressure off of your back and joints. While it’s not a traditional drafting desk, the slanted workspace is similar in design. Plus, it folds up for easy storage when the day is done.

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Courtesy of The Edge


8. SD STUDIO DESIGNS Store Oak Drafting Table


The SD STUDIO DESIGNS Store Oak Drafting Table oozes that vintage, rustic feel which is sure to give any room in your home an extra hint of class. It’s made from solid wood and is available in two different sizes, depending on your personal needs. It sports a smart tilting design which can be turned between 0 and 80 degrees. The work surface also includes a built-in pencil groove and pencil ledge to keep your tools within hand’s reach as you work.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Studio Designs Futura Tower Drafting Table


If you love having all of your pens, pencils and other stationery items within arm’s reach, you may enjoy the amount of close-range storage space available in this Studio Designs Futura Tower Drafting Table. To either side of your working space, you’ll find pots, pen holders and individual pencil slots. In addition, both above and below, there’s a shelf for holding more of your essential items, meaning you’ll have everything you need right where you sit. Plus, you’ll also have a handy combo magnetic/cork board in front of you for keeping important notes or papers in sight.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Studio Designs Modern Fusion Craft Center


If you’re “a place for everything, everything in its place” kind of worker, you’re going to love what the Studio Designs Modern Fusion Craft Center has to offer. Not only can this drafting table be adjusted in terms of work surface angle and height, it boasts an impressive amount of stationery storage for you to use as you go. This includes a premier metal art tray with a swivel cup and a foam pencil organizer with space for 96 individual pens or pencils. There’s also a side slide-out shelf to provide additional work space as well as two under-desk drawers for even more storage. And, as a final bonus, the craft center is supplied with a stool, so you’re ready to get to work on delivery.

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