These Dressers Bring Storage Space and Add a Touch of Style to Your Home Decor

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When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, it’s easy to forget the importance of each decision. Poor choices can result in annoyances you have to live with every day. You know the ones, drawer runners which never really run true, an awkward corner you always catch your foot on or a color which just doesn’t look quite right. To help you navigate one of these potential pitfalls, we’ve put together a collection of the best dressers.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dresser

Before you commit to which of our dressers is best suited to your needs, it’s worth thinking about a few of the key elements which will affect how successful your choice is in your home.

  • Storage Capacity – First and foremost, dressers are used for storing clothes, bedding and other everyday items. Dressers are available in a wide range of sizes and with a varying number of drawers, including models with a mix of drawer sizes, too. When finding yours, consider how much storage space you need in the dresser and choose accordingly.
  • Top Surface/Display Space – Internal space may be the priority for the average user, but it’s also worth thinking about how much space you want on top of your dresser. This space can be particularly handy for items you want quick access to or want to display. If you like the sound of more display space, choose a dresser that is wider rather than taller. Conversely, a taller dresser will have a smaller footprint and take up less floor space.
  • Style – Another important decision is what your dresser looks like. Remember, you’re going to have to look at it every day for years to come. Dressers come in a wide range of styles and colors, so there’s likely one that will fit in with your existing decor and color scheme.
  • Function/Maintenance – A dresser doesn’t just need to store your belongings, otherwise it would be a box. A dresser needs to give you convenient access to them on a regular basis, so ensure the drawers are smooth and reliable. You also want to be able to easily clean your dresser. In addition, for households with children, it’s worth ensuring the dresser you choose comes with a safety tether to prevent it from tipping over.

How We Chose the Best Dressers

As we explained above, the best dresser isn’t the same for everyone. To cater to every preference, we found a wide range of dresser styles. From big to small and unique to timeless, we included something for everyone. Additionally, the dressers included on our list have all been tried and tested by users and feature designs that are durable and made from high-quality materials.

Below you’ll find our top 11 picks for the best dressers available online. We’ve covered a range of styles and budgets to ensure there’s an option for every home.


1. YITAHOME Steel Frame Dresser


This YITAHOME Steel Frame Dresser ticks all the right boxes. The popular furniture piece has received positive reviews from over 95% of Amazon users who have the dresser in their home. The design sports a durable metal frame that houses the dresser’s 10 sizable drawers and the MDF wood top shelf. The frame and drawers are surrounded by a high-quality cationic fabric on the front and a non-woven synthetic fabric on the other sides, resulting in an attractive decor piece that can blend with a range of interior styles. Add in the eight possible colors and there’s no excuse for not finding one to fit in your bedroom, hallway, office, living room or other space around the home.

best dressers yitahome Courtesy of Amazon


2. Sorbus Furniture Storage Dresser


By offering users a mix of larger and smaller drawers, this Sorbus Furniture Storage Dresser is better suited to storing a range of different items. Of the nine drawers, the six lower ones are larger in size and ideal for larger clothing or bedding. The three highest drawers are more compact and better for smaller items. The attractive dresser features a strong steel frame and durable MDF wood top which provides display space for books, pictures and clocks. You can also choose from eight finishes, including rustic wood, brown, white and marble black.

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3. Loon Peak Midfield Drawer Chest


If you like the idea of being able to display some of your favorite books, photos and other belongings on top of your furniture piece, this Loon Peak Midfield Drawer Chest could be your answer. In addition to the six drawers, you’ll find a pair of hardwood storage shelves at the top. These shelves are ideal for keeping everyday items within easy reach or showing off some of your favorite things. Style-wise, the dresser features a sturdy metal frame that is covered by rustic wood tonal boards. This retro-style dresser is available in light brown, dark brown or cherry colors and also comes with a tip-over restraint device for added safety in households with children.

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4. Prepac Sonoma Dresser


The Prepac Sonoma Dresser is without doubt the most popular option on our list. This versatile six-drawer dresser comes backed by over 6,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users. It’s also available in a range of different colors, including black, drifted gray and white, as well as coming in a number of different styles, too. Each dresser is made from non-toxic high quality laminated composite woods and features six drawers that run on metal glides with built-in safety stops. In addition, this dresser is part of a wider range of furniture pieces, meaning it’s possible to mix the dresser with a nightstand or chest to give your room-themed furniture.

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5. Zipcode Design Dendron Double Dresser


The Zipcode Design Dendron Double Dresser is another popular option that has wide appeal thanks to its solid build quality, versatile design and budget-friendly price. The eight-drawer dresser’s appearance is clean and neutral, meaning it fits in with a range of interior styles. The choice of five different colors further adds to the dresser’s versatility. The minimalist angular bar pulls on each drawer steal no attention but do make opening and closing the drawers, which are mounted on roller glides, a comfortable experience.

best dressers zipcode design Courtesy of Wayfair


6. South Shore Gravity Dresser


With its clean corners, flat face and large amount of storage space, this South Shore Gravity Dresser is always going to be a safe choice when it comes to your dresser needs. This timeless furniture piece is made from manufactured wood and comes in four darker shade colors. The six drawers also feature metal pulls and are mounted on roller glides for greater convenience when opening and closing them. Furthermore, the dresser is available in a combination set if you’re looking for matching bedroom furniture.

best dressers south shore Courtesy of Wayfair


7. Delta Children Universal Dresser


With over 4,000 five-star ratings from happy Wayfair customers, this Delta Children Universal Dresser’s reputation speaks for itself. If you’re searching for a reliable and stylish dresser for a child’s room, there’s no better choice. The dresser is available in seven color options, allowing you to match your dresser to the existing color scheme in the destination room. The dresser is also made from solid pine wood and includes curved front legs to add to its visual appeal. For safety, it’s supplied with a tip-over restraint device.

delta children dresser Courtesy of Wayfair


8. Urban Outfitters Industrial Storage Dresser


While it may not be to everyone’s tastes, we can’t help but love this Urban Outfitters Industrial Storage Dresser’s uniquely appealing look. The larger-than-average unit includes 15 powder-coated drawers which deliver a dose of style and an impressive amount of storage space. For durability, the drawers are housed in a sturdy metal frame which is finished with a natural wood top to further add to the dresser’s industrial look. Handily, the dresser’s versatile design and style make it useful in almost any room of the house, and capable of storing items you may not have considered, such as tools, files or desk supplies.

industrial storage dresser Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


9. Evolur Julienne Double Dresser


By including heavy-duty, full-extension guides in each of the six drawers, this Evolur Julienne Double Dresser is hard to beat when it comes to a user-friendly experience. Add in the dresser’s elegant, hand-carved ornamentation and fluted, hand-turned legs and it’s easy to see why this attractive dresser is so popular with customers. It’s also made from premium hardwood which gives it a quality, durable feel. Additionally, the four lighter-toned color options allow it to fit in well with either lighter or darker interiors.

best dressers evolur julienne Courtesy of Amazon


10. Urban Outfitters Caroline Rattan Dresser


If you’re looking for a classy dresser to catch eyes and start conversations, this Urban Outfitters Caroline Rattan Dresser fits the bill. Rattan has been used on the exterior of the dresser to produce intricate, geometric patterning, resulting in a luxe appearance capable of fitting in with even the most stylish interiors. Storage-wise, it includes six large drawers and sports a large top surface that can be used for more storage or displaying items. The piece is also part of a larger rattan range which includes a vanity, a stool and a nightstand.

caroline rattan drawer urban outfitters Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


11. Nera Double Dresser


This Nera Double Dresser sports an attractive, mid-century modern appearance and sits lower to the floor than your average dresser. It’s available in either veneered American black walnut or American oak and includes six drawers in a three-on-three arrangement. All six drawers sport a subtle chevron wood grain pattern which allows them to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the wooden dresser. Each drawer also includes a modern metal pull for convenient opening. In addition, this dresser is part of a larger range which includes three and five-drawer units.

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