Get Lit With These Grown-Up Drinking Games

Spin the Shot adult drinking game
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* Updated 21+ versions of classic games
* Great ice-breakers for parties and get-togethers 
* Booze-infused Monopoly, Russian Roulette, and more 

Long summer nights means more time to fill with things like binge watching your favorite Emmy contenders with your significant other, catching up on the classics and of course, for those of you who still go in for the quaint charm of interacting with other humans “IRL,” drinking games. “Get lit” (as the kids say) with these 12 adult drinking games that will be a great addition to any summer party.

1. ICUP iParty Hard Drunken Tower

While Drunken Tower may sound like a mysterious Tarot card or ancient martial art form, it’s basically the game of Jenga but with the addition of adult beverages.

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2. Hexcup Beer Pong Set

A riff on the college party classic, this beer pong set replaces the round solo cups with hexagonal interlocking cups, meaning there’s no empty space and the game goes by quicker.

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3. Sh*t Happens

This card game has you shuffle a deck of cards containing hilariously unfortunate situations. Players then have to rate the scenarios on the “misery index” and collect the cards. Play this game with some cocktails to amp up the fun.

Shit Happens adult drinking game Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Spin the Shot

More of a free-form, make-up-your own rules kind of a game, Spin The Shot is a great party tool and an even better ice-breaker. A more grown up riff on spin the bottle, it includes a shot glass and an electric spinning shot glass holder.

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5. Drinking Roulette

Far less deadly than Russian Roulette (drink responsibly!) this game brings some Casino Royale vibes to your house party or get together.

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6. Barbuzzo Travel Drinking Game

This tabletop sports-themed drinking game is a super-portable and miniature way to shoot hoops and take shots.

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7. Mini Pong

Bring the frat party with you wherever you go with this mini beer pong set. Great for pre-gaming and possibly long-distance railway travel, it features a tethered ball and a neat folding board with little thimble cups for beer.

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8. Drink or Dare

As the name implies, Drink or Dare is an alcohol-infused version of the popular game beloved by teenagers. Each card contains suggestions for hilarious dares or pressing questions that may be easier to answer after a couple drinks.

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9. Drinkapalooza

Billed as the ultimate adult drinking board game, this option is a less teetotaling riff on Monopoly.

drink-a-palooza Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Talking Tables Prosecco Pong Set

This portable set is a grown up version of beer pong for wine lovers. It comes with recyclable Prosecco flutes and food-contact suitable ping pong balls.

Prosecco Pong Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

A great one for larger parties, this game prompts players to call out who among the others present is most likely to engage in the hilarious or embarrassing activity described on the cards. Great for roasts and commencements, it’s sort of like a less polite Cards Against Humanity.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Mini Flip Cup

This game is a neat, portable version of the classic flip cup party game. Fill the little cups with carefully selected craft beers or single malt scotch, for a refined take on a college party favorite.

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