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Manage Your White Boards Like a Pro With These Dry Erasers

Regardless of how you use them, whiteboards are a great organizational tool. You can get creative with colors and designs to keep your day on track. And when white boards are a crucial part of your routine, you should invest in a quality dry erase eraser.

The right eraser can keep your white board looking like new. It should remove stuck-on marker spots and eliminate smudges without leaving residue behind.

Fortunately, dry erase erasers have gone through a high-tech transformation in recent years. These products include some impressive features like:

  • Magnets
  • High-density materials
  • Multiple surface textures
  • Ergonomic designs

Be sure to consider your main purpose when searching for a white board eraser. If you have kids, look for a product that is durable and fits little hands. If you use a dry erase board in your office, look for an eraser that you can stash easily in your desk. The product should function exactly how you need it to.

Here are the best dry erase erasers to consider.

1. Z Zicome Magnetic White Board Eraser

These durable dry erasers are four inches long and just over two inches wide, with ridges on the side for easy gripping. The product includes strong magnets on the bottom to attach to any magnetic surface. Your order will come with four erasers in multiple bright colors. The strong foam hold up to wear and tear, so these are a great option if you have kids.

Pros: This foam eraser thoroughly cleans white boards without leaving smudges behind. The grippy ridges on the side are perfect for kids.

Cons: These erasers can get dirty quite quickly. The magnet might not be strong enough to keep the eraser in place.

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2. EAONE Dry Erase Erasers

If you’re looking to stock up on dry erase erasers for your classroom or office, look no further. This product comes with 40 foam erasers in four bright colors, all of which have a strong magnet under the surface. These erasers are 5 x 5 inches and are designed to absorb ink as you clean the board. You can purchase this product in all one color if multicolor supplies aren’t your style.

Pros: The square erasers are easy to stack, so you can keep them in a box or drawer. You won’t need to buy replacements for a while.

Cons: These erasers do require some pressure to fully erase, so they might be tricky for young kids to use. The felt might peel off the eraser with time.

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3. BingBing Dry Erase Erasers

Bing Bing’s foam dry erase erasers come in a 36 pack. The product is made of lightweight foam that’s washable with soap and water. These erasers are smaller than some other options, measuring less than two inches in length and width. You can use these erasers on white boards, chalkboards, ceramic tile, glass and porcelain.

Pros: You can use these dry erasers for cleaning the home as well. Each eraser is tiny, so they’re great for all ages.

Cons: The magnet might not be strong enough to hold the eraser in place. The eraser can leave some streaks behind.

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4. Deke Magnetic White Board Eraser

Deke’s white board erasers are made with durable EVA foam and soft microfiber, which absorbs the marker ink without leaving streaks. Each eraser has a magnet under the surface. The product has an ergonomic design that’s comfortable for children and adults. You can wash this product easily with soap and water.

Pros: The microfiber erases thoroughly but won’t scratch the white board. You can get these erasers wet without damaging them.

Cons: While the magnet will stick to your fridge, the eraser might slide down a traditional white board. The product has large text on the front.

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