Stock Up on These Dry-Erase Markers for the Classroom or Office

best dry erase markers for teachers
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The best dry-erase markers provide an easy-to-clean way to write and draw on non-porous surfaces, like a whiteboard. They are great for temporarily sharing information, and for this reason, they are a staple in classrooms, offices, small businesses and homes. Plus, they eliminate the need for paper, offering an eco-friendly alternative to writing on poster boards or large sheets of paper.

Dry-erase boards have long since replaced traditional chalkboards in the classroom thanks to their chalk- and dust-free finish (not to mention the spine-tingling sounds of nails on chalkboards). On top of that, the contrast of colored markers on a white background can make it easier for students to read the board from the back of the room.

Although we usually associate whiteboards and dry-erase markers with teaching in a classroom, there are many other tasks for which they can be useful. Here are some of them:

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Pictionary
  • Menus
  • Daily Specials
  • Notice Board
  • Target Tracking
  • Quizzes
  • Grocery List
  • Chores
  • Revision
  • Office Calendars
  • Meetings

In short, there’s no end in uses for the best dry-erase markers. Whether you’re a teacher, business owner, parent or candlestick maker, you could benefit from a steady supply of these writing tools. Check out the best dry-erase markers below and see which is ‘write’ for you.


1. Expo Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers


As far as dry-erase markers go, Expo markers are the bar by which everything else is compared. These are the classic chisel-tip markers, which are ideal for writing on classroom boards or giving presentations. This value pack consists of eight markers in different colors — there’s black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, pink and brown. They don’t have a strong odor, which is a major drawback to most dry-erase markers, and they have a vibrant color. The tip is thick enough to create strong lines that can be seen from a distance.

best dry erase marker expo Image courtesy of Amazon

Expo Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers

$9.99 $16.64 40% OFF


2. Staples Durable Dry-Erase Eraser


Buying a Staples Durable Dry-Erase Eraser goes hand in hand with buying the best dry-erase markers. It’s lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in your hand for a secure grip while you wipe away the unwanted pen. The flat sides make it easy to store on built-in whiteboard shelves or nearby counter surfaces. Additionally, the black bristles used to remove marks help to prevent the removed pen from affecting the eraser’s clean appearance.

best dry erase marker staples dry erase marker eraser Image courtesy of Staples

Staples Durable Dry-Erase Eraser



3. Staples Remarx Dry-Erase Markers


At under $4, this pack of four Staples Remarx Dry-Erase Markers is a smart bit of business. The pens are well suited to classroom, home and office use where having multiple colors, including red, blue and green, is beneficial. The pen’s chisel tips are also ideal for creating thick or thin lines. Furthermore, the markers are nontoxic and include low-odor ink to create a more pleasant environment during use.

best dry erase marker staples remarx Image courtesy of Staples

Staples Remarx Dry-Erase Markers



4. U Brands Dry-Erase Markers


The U Brands Dry-Erase Markers pack is made up of eight individual markers, including three neon colors as well as standard blue, black and red options. This color versatility makes the pack an ideal choice for anyone looking to draw diagrams or even create more detailed images. Functionally, each pen’s cap features a contoured design to help prevent it from rolling off a countertop or other flat surface. They also have integrated erasers so you can wipe away any errors or unwanted markings near instantaneously.

best dry erase marker u brands medium Image courtesy of Target

U Brands Dry-Erase Markers



5. Expo Dry-Erase Markers


If you’re looking for a reliable selection of standard black pens, then choose these Expo Dry-Erase Markers. They feature bullet tips which are ideal for clearer and more precise drawings as well as larger writing. Plus, the intense black color of the low-odor ink makes it easier to see from further away, especially when it’s compared to most other dry-erase markers.

best dry erase marker expo dry erase Image courtesy of Staples

Expo Dry-Erase Markers



6. TRU RED Fine Tip Dry-Erase Kit


The TRU RED Fine Tip Dry-Erase Kit comes with everything you need to start writing on your whiteboard. All of the items included in the set can be stored on the two trays as they feature specific cutouts for housing each individual piece. The built-in magnets in the trays make board attachment super simple to ensure everything is always within arm’s reach when you’re working on the board. Handily, the kit also includes adhesive strips for wall mounting if you prefer to keep your writing space clear of objects.

best dry erase marker tru red fine Image courtesy of Staples

TRU RED Fine Tip Dry-Erase Kit



7. Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers


Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers are a great option if you’re searching for child-friendly coloring pens. The pack includes 12 different brightly colored pens, each of which features a broad line tip, allowing it to fill in large spaces much quicker than an average fine-line pen would be able to. Plus, the washable ink inside each pen is easily cleaned off clothes, hands and dry-erase surfaces.

crayola washable dry erase Image courtesy of Staples

Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers



8. Volcanics Fine Whiteboard Markers


Volcanics Fine Whiteboard Markers feature fine tips instead of the more commonly found chisel point. This makes them an ideal choice for users looking to create precision diagrams or writing. The pack includes 12 individual black markers, however, packs including blue, green and red pens are also available. The markers’ fine tips are also more durable than the average, meaning they’ll take plenty of abuse during use and last longer than you might expect.

volcanics black dry erase markers Image courtesy of Amazon

Volcanics Fine Whiteboard Markers



9. Expo Dry-Erase Marker Starter Set


The Expo Dry-Erase Marker Starter Set includes a bottle of cleaning solution, an eraser and four pens. The pens are all different colors and have a chisel tip which allows you to create both broad and fine diagrams and writing. Furthermore, the pens boast low-odor ink for a more comfortable writing experience which can be easily removed using the cleaning solution and eraser that come supplied in the kit.

expo dry erase marker starter set Image courtesy of Target

Expo Dry-Erase Marker Starter Set



10. AmazonBasics Dry-Erase White Board Markers


Ideal for teachers and professionals alike, the AmazonBasics set includes 12 different colors to give a range of options when reaching for a marker. We like that AmazonBasics chose a chisel tip that allows for more precise lines and clean marks. Also, this is the best range of colors on our list, and it smartly includes two blacks (as that is generally the most-used color).

best dry erase marker amazon basics Image courtesy of Amazon

AmazonBasics Dry-Erase White Board Markers



11. EXPO Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers


Coming in a pack of 12, though a pack of 36 is available with even wackier colors and more options, these fine-tip pens from EXPO are sure to add some much-needed color to your whiteboard. The markers boast low-odor, non-toxic ink to ensure they’re as safe as possible to use in any classroom or work setting. Thanks to the range of colors, it’s possible to create beautiful works of art on the board with these markers at hand.

best dry erase marker expo low odor Image courtesy of Amazon

EXPO Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers

$8.93 $22.36 60% OFF


12. Expo Low-Odor Dry-Erase Markers With Fine Tip


The Expo Low-Odor Dry-Erase Markers With Fine Tip is more similar in size and design to a regular pen than most dry-erase markers, giving users the sensation of writing with a regular pen or permanent marker on a whiteboard. They’re ideal for use in offices or other professional settings as they come in four colors and make clean, precise lines. They also each feature an integrated eraser in the cap, so you can easily amend any mistakes as you write.

best dry erase marker expo magnetic Image courtesy of Amazon

Expo Low-Odor Dry-Erase Markers With Fine Tip



13. Expo 2-in-1 Tank Dry-Erase Markers


Expo 2-in-1 Tank Dry-Erase Markers have a chisel tip that can be used in a number of different ways. It’s easy to make broad, medium or fine lines depending on which angle the pen is held at. This makes the pens ideal for precise writing and comprehensive diagram drawing. An assortment of colors are included in the pack and each pen has a brighter color at one end paired with a darker alternative at the other.

expo tank dry erase markers Image courtesy of Staples

Expo 2-in-1 Tank Dry-Erase Markers



14. BIC Intensity Advanced Dry-Erase Marker


If quality is your priority then the BIC Intensity Advanced Dry-Erase Markers are a great choice. This option comes with 12 colors and each pen has a handy ink gauge built right in. This makes judging when your marker will give out quick and easy. The markers feature a fine bullet tip for precise writing. While this pack comes with a variety of colors, there are multiple blues and blacks. The intensely colored ink is easier to see than most other dry-erase markers, and it lasts longer, too.

bic intensity advanced dry erase marker Image courtesy of Staples

BIC Intensity Advanced Dry-Erase Marker



15. Browill Magnetic Dry-Erase Markers


Swiping away dry-erase marks with your fingers or shirt isn’t great for you or for the whiteboard. The best practice is to use an eraser, but those are easy to lose. For these reasons, some of the best dry-erase markers come with their own erasers. Not only do they include magnets to help you keep them organized and at the ready at all times, but each marker packs its own eraser tip, so editing work on the fly is easy.

browill dry erase markers Image courtesy of Amazon

Browill Magnetic Dry-Erase Markers



16. Artellius Dry-Erase Markers


These markers from Artellius are a great way to stock up if you need a lot of markers. The pack includes 40 markers, and there is a wide variety of colors, including various shades of green, blue and purple, plus brown and black. These markers have a rounded bullet-tip which some users find more comfortable to write with than a standard chisel-tip, and they can be used on a variety of non-porous surfaces, like glass and plastic in addition to a whiteboard.

artellius dry erase markers pack Image courtesy of Amazon

Artellius Dry-Erase Markers



17. Quartet Dry-Erase Markers


If variety is important to you, then consider these dry-erase markers from Quartet. The 12-pack consists of nine different colors, including vibrant colors like lime green, orange and purple. If you prefer, you can also choose 12-packs of a single color from this same listing. These markers have a chisel tip well-suited to writing large lettering. One of the smartest features of these markers is the transparent casing that allows you to see how much ink is left.

quartet dry erase markers Image courtesy of Amazon

Quartet Dry-Erase Markers



18. ARTEZA Dry-Erase Markers


If you’re a teacher that’s always reaching for another dry-erase market, or run a business with multiple conference rooms, then consider this affordable bulk set from Arteza. This product comes with 52 of the best dry-erase markers in four different colors: red, blue, black and green. These have a chisel-style tip which is ideal for writing large letters on a whiteboard. The markers are non-toxic, and conform to ASTM and EN71 regulations and are AP-Certified.

arteza dry erase markers Image courtesy of Amazon

ARTEZA Dry-Erase Markers


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