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The Right Duvet Cover Can Deliver Warmth, Comfort & Style — These Are the Best on Amazon

The task of picking out the right bedding for your home can be overwhelming. Navigating through the various shapes, sizes and materials of the constituents which make up a complete bed can require more learning than the average person really wants to do. To help you out in the duvet insert covering department, we’ve put together a list of the best duvet covers available now. Read on to discover just how comfortable, cozy and stylish the right cover can be.

What to Consider Before Buying a Duvet Cover

Given that you’re likely going to be sleeping under your duvet cover almost every night for many years to come, it’s worth ensuring you get one that you actually like. Here are some of the major questions worth asking before you settle on your final choice. These questions include:

Do you prefer cotton or microfiber? This is one of the biggest decisions to make. The majority of duvet covers are made from cotton. This is because it’s comfortable, readily available, low maintenance, durable and breathable. In addition to being, for the most part, budget-friendly. Microfiber is also most of those things. However, if you’re particularly picky about how your bed looks, microfiber is noticeably better at hiding wrinkles. And, it’s better suited to anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

What color is best? Probably the most painful decision for the average person is choosing the right color to either start your room style or fit in with the existing one. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you see things), duvet covers are available in a wide range of different colors. In some cases, models are available in multiple shades of each color, ensuring there’s at least one to suit your style, right?

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What size is your duvet insert? It may seem obvious, but make sure you check that you are buying the right duvet cover to fit around your insert. This is easily checked, and given that sizes are highly standardized is not something that should test you beyond finding the size (full, queen, king, etc.) and matching it to your duvet cover.

Do you prefer a button or a zipper closure? Both button and zipper closures are common and reliably functional, so it’s really down to your personal preference which one you choose. Some people think zippers are more secure, however, there’s also a question of long-term durability and whether or not you prefer a more complete seal (choose a zipper if you do). Plus, if you’re a particularly restless sleeper, you may want to choose the one you think you will feel the least if the end of the cover ends up around you during the night.

Do you also need pillowcases/shams? This question is a little bit redundant given that the majority of duvet covers are accompanied by pillowcases or shams. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some exceptions. So if you do need cases for your pillows, just double check that they are included or that you remember to purchase some separately.

How We Chose the Best Duvet Covers

When it came to finding the best duvet covers, we compared each set’s price, specs and appearance, resulting in options that we believe are worth both your time and money. After completing these tests, we were left with a comprehensive list of duvet covers that look great on your bed and most importantly, will deliver a comfortable night’s rest, day after day.

One thing you may notice is how many options there are at more budget-friendly price points, especially when compared to local in-store prices. While you may assume this is an indication of lesser quality, we don’t believe it is. The following duvet covers are all of the highest quality. So if you find something you like and can save a few bucks, we say go for it!

Below you’ll find a selection of the best duvet covers available right now. We’ve included a range of styles at a range of price points, ensuring there’s an option for every kind of shopper.

1. Bedsure White Duvet Cover Set

Thanks to the pre-wash process it undergoes, this Bedsure White Duvet Cover Set is appealingly soft from the first day you use it. The three-piece set includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams. Each piece in the set is made from a 110GSM polyester microfiber fabric, resulting in a cozy yet breathable sleeping experience. You can also choose from 16 different styles and five sizes, ranging from twin to California king. Handily, the duvet cover features attached ties to hold the duvet in place as well as a zipper closure to ensure it can’t escape during a particularly restless night.

Pros: The cover includes ties and a zipper closure to ensure the duvet remains in place.

Cons: The set doesn’t come with any standard pillowcases.

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2. BBANGD Duvet Cover Set

As it is made from 120GSM washed microfiber, this BBANGD Duvet Cover Set is impressively soft. This premium material is both durable and breathable, giving you a cover set to provide a comfortable night’s rest for years to come. To ensure the duvet insert stays in place overnight, the cover includes a zipper lining along with ties to prevent it shifting when you move. The set is also colored using fade-resistant dyes which maintain their color and can be washed in a machine as long as it is run on a cold setting.

Pros: The available colors include a lot of neutral tones which blend more easily with existing interiors.

Cons: The set is only available in king, queen and twin sizes.

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3. Nestl Duvet Cover Set

This Nestl Duvet Cover Set is available in more than 40 different colors, meaning there’s definitely one to match your current bedroom style. This set is available with either three or five pieces, depending on whether you want standard pillowcases included with the cover and shams. The hotel-quality pieces are all made from the highest quality microfiber material which is double brushed on both sides to produce a material that is lightweight, breathable and cool to touch. Furthermore, for easier cleaning, it’s possible to wash the set using cold water and dry it on a low-temperature setting.

Pros: With over 40 colors to choose from, there’s definitely one to suit every bedroom style.

Cons: It’s only possible to machine wash the set using cold water.

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4. JELLYMONI Striped Duvet Cover Set

While it would be easy to assume the best thing about the JELLYMONI Striped Duvet Cover Set is its pinstripe design, this overlooks the fact that it’s also comfy, functional and easily maintained. Inside the cover, you’ll find four ties to hold the duvet insert in place while the zipper closure further prevents escape during the night. Size-wise, sets range from full to California king. And, there are over 10 different pinstripe colors to choose from, meaning there’s likely one to blend well with your existing bedroom decor.

Pros: The pinstripe design gives this set a more eye-catching appearance than most one-color options.

Cons: There are no alternative options to pinstripe.

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5. Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover

If seeing a wrinkle-free bedspread provides additional comfort to you, you may want to opt for this Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover. As the cover is made from 100% washed microfiber and not cotton, it’s far less likely to show creases when laid out flat. This makes it ideal for guest rooms or bedrooms that visitors are likely to see. The cover also includes built-in ties, has a zipper closure and comes in twin, queen and king sizes. Plus, you can choose from 10 different colors.

Pros: The microfiber fabric shows wrinkles less than cotton competitors.

Cons: Microfiber is more prone to staining and generating static.

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6. Simple&Opulence Duvet Cover Set

If you’re looking to create a bed setup with a vintage look to it, you may want to consider this Simple&Opulence Duvet Cover Set. Each of the three 100% European flax linen fabric pieces included in the set has been stonewashed to create that sought-after appearance which is ideal for creating a less garish, farmhouse-inspired look in your home. For ease of fitting, the two sham pillow features a flip design while the duvet cover has a button closure. However, what’s most appealing about this set is its breathable makeup which is capable of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Pros: The sheet’s breathability and temperature regulation make them great for year-round use.

Cons: If you don’t like a stone-washed appearance, these aren’t the sheets for you.

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7. Wake In Cloud Duvet Cover Set

As their name suggests, this Wake In Cloud Duvet Cover Set’s goal is to create a sleeping-on-a-cloud-like sensation for anyone underneath. This is achieved through the use of 100% cotton which makes the cover and matching pillowcases soft and breathable. This high-quality material is also durable and resistant to fading, ensuring you get years of use out of the sheets. All the pieces in the set are machine washable. Plus, the cover includes a zipper closure and built-in duvet ties to keep the duvet firmly in place throughout the night.

Pros: The sheets are machine washable, making them easy to clean and care for.

Cons: While attractive, the single color option is limiting if you are trying to match it with existing decor.

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