The Coziest Electric Blankets To Keep You Warm This Winter

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Nobody wants to be cold. Some would even say that being cold is one of the worst feelings. But, on the flip side, one of the best feelings is being wrapped up and warm in an electric blanket. 

If you live in a place that’s freezing for most of the winter, or if you simply tend to run cold, you know what we’re talking about. Of course, other heating alternatives exist, such as space heaters and winter blankets, but nothing compares to being cozy on the couch with an electric blanket. 

There are many benefits to investing in an electric blanket and using it as your main warming appliance in the house. These blankets are not just fluffy friends that feel good; they’re also a reliable source of warmth when you need it most. Here are some of the benefits to bear in mind when deciding on whether to buy an electric blanket or not: 

  • Warmth – It may seem obvious, but it’s too true. The best benefit of an electric blanket is the warmth it can bring to your body. 
  • Sleep – Wrapping up in an electric blanket is one of the best ways to let your body and brain know you’re heading to the land of nod. Once asleep, an electric blanket can also help maintain a steady body temperature, allowing you to sleep for longer without interruption. 
  • Aches and Pains – An electric blanket can be a real step in the right direction for anyone who experiences aches and pains. These blankets can help to put your mind at ease and relax your muscles which can position you for a comfortable rest. 
  • Cost Savings – Why heat the whole house when you can center all the warmth directly around you? Electric blankets are more energy-efficient than central heating and most other heating appliances. They also keep the heat as close to you as possible to avoid loss or waste. 
  • Mood Booster – When you’re sitting or sleeping without an electric blanket, your body works the most to keep you warm. A little help from an electric blanket can mean a lot of energy saved and ready to use on other human things, like being happy

Important Features To Look For

  • Size: You can find a heated blanket in many sizes – while some are intended for a couch or armchair, there are plenty of choices that are available in a large range of sizes, all the way up to California King. This is suitable for anyone who intends to sleep with their electric blankets.
  • Specs: Additional bells and whistles can include features like multiple heat settings (up to 20 on some), an auto shut-off feature, and separate controllers with individual heat zones. Some have thinner wires, which makes them more comfortable to sleep with. Keep an eye out for machine-washable options that have removable electric components.
  • Aesthetic: Some options look just like that classic, cozy electric blanket you grew up with, while others are disguised as a regular throw blanket. Some are even designed to wear as a poncho. Pick a color or pattern that’ll blend in with your existing interiors.
  • Materials: These blankets are available in all kinds of textures and materials, including a shag look or faux fur. The outer shell is usually found in a super soft, synthetic material like flannel, microfiber, and sherpa. You can even find electric weighted blankets filled with glass beads for a heavy, relaxing sensation.

It’s safe to say that we could all do with an electric blanket in our lives. The benefits of owning one make buying one a simple decision. We’ve searched through Amazon, Wayfair and more to bring you a roundup of the best electric blankets available so that you can be ready for the winter with a new warming wrap.


Degrees of Comfort Heated Blanket


With both queen and king-sized options, Degrees of Comfort is the perfect electric blanket for a bigger bed. It comes with a warranty (remember to register immediately) and features a long, well-placed power cord to avoid discomfort. Along with being a more cost-effective alternative to portable heaters, it’s also a more reliable alternative to some blankets that receive complaints about the level of warmth. One commenter adds, “a lot of blankets stop working after the first or second wash no matter how close I follow their directions, many more start to lose heating power over time – but not this one.”

Degrees of Comfort Heated Blanket best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


2. Sunbeam Loftec Heated Throw Blanket


This luxurious microplush Heated Throw Blanket from Sunbeam is made with ThermoFine technology, which ensures heat consistency throughout use to keep you warm all winter. It has three cozy heat settings and a three-hour auto shut-off. Sunbeam specializes in electric blankets, throws and mattress pads, so you can be confident in the quality of this heated throw blanket.

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


3. JinJeeo Heated Throw  


Warm yourself up in this affordable but undeniable crowd favorite from Amazon. Available in various shades and two sizes, this fleece blanket is one of the most comfortable heated blankets you can get your hands on and has all the perks you’re looking for, including an auto-shutoff and a wide range of heat levels to choose from. At just over $30.00, it’s a worthy investment for years to come.

JinJeeo Heated Throw best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


4. Pure Enrichment Heated Weighted Blanket


Reduce anxiety and restlessness with this reversible weighted blanket that also happens to be electric. This versatile and innovative accessory comes with a detachable plug, allowing you to use it without the heat, while an LED controller lets users choose from four heat settings. Weighted with 13 pounds of glass beads, this plastic-free blanket provides a soothing deep pressure. A game-changer for the chillier seasons, one reviewer describes it as a “warm hug,” and it might be a more affordable alternative to one of those weighted comforters.

Pure Enrichment Heated Weighted Blanket best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


5. Bedsure Heated Electric Throw Blanket


If you’re new to using an electric blanket, then the Bedsure Heated Blanket could be your best entry into this warmer world. The clear digital display makes this blanket extremely user-friendly and simple to control. You can choose from six heating levels and there’s an auto shut-off feature that activates after four hours. This allows you to set this blanket to heat exactly as you want with the safety and peace of mind that it will turn off and cool down, exactly as you want it.

Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw - best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


6. Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa Heated Throw Blanket


Curl up on the couch with the warm and soothing Reversible Sherpa Heated Throw. This high-quality design gives you 50 by 60 inches of cozy coverage that will make you sleep safe and sound instead of shivering through the night. The outer material is available in four colors; garnet, olive, honey and sable. The under material is always a traditional, comforting cream color. Electric blankets don’t get much comfier than this.

sunbeam reversible electric blanket - best electric blankets Image Courtesy of Amazon


7. Serta Mila Shaggy Electric Throw


No one will suspect that this shaggy throw blanket from Serta is actually electric. With extra long fur, it has the same automatic shut-off features, and heat settings as regular electric blankets have, with an added decor perk. A must-have for those looking to warm up with a more retro aesthetic, this throw by Serta doesn’t have the full coverage of a heated blanket intended for a bed, but it’s excellent for sofa usage.

Serta Mila Shaggy Electric blankets best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


8. MaxKare Flannel & Velveteen Electric Blanket


This machine washable, full-sized heated throw from MaxKare is one of the best electric blankets money can buy. With its fast and even heating, you can simultaneously say goodbye to cold spots and save money, as this generously sized blanket is under $70. A well-reviewed option that’s extremely cozy, providing sensory relaxation with its flannel and velveteen fabric blend. The combined fabric insulates heat better while remaining skin-friendly.

MaxKare Flannel & Velveteen Electric Blanket best electric blankets Courtesy of Walmart


9. Beautyrest Marselle Faux Fur Electric Wrap


Faux fur throw blankets and wraps offer the ultimate in softness and wwarmth and this is one of the best electric blankets to take that snuggly joy to the next level. Available in several different color schemes to match your interiors, this plush blanket has earned plenty of five-star reviews on Target. A slit cut into the top lets you rock it as a poncho, so you don’t have to share. Plus, when worn as a wrap, there’s the added perk of looking like a Game of Thrones character.

Beautyrest Marselle Faux Fur Electric Wrap best electric blankets Courtesy of Target


10. Sharper Image Calming Cozy Massaging Electric Heating Wrap


If your feet are always freezing, consider this massaging electric heating wrap blanket, which might be better than a foot massage. With a weighted clay bead filling at the bottom, this Sharper Image wrap will melt that foot pain away and envelop you into complete coziness. An unconventional solution for those who are always cold while sitting on the couch, but be mindful that it can’t be used when reclined or laying down due to the weighted base.

Sharper Image Calming Cozy Massaging Electric Heating Wrap best electric blankets Courtesy of Target


11. L.L. Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket


Sold in chic, natural tones and available in three different sizes, L.L. Bean’s Wicked Cozy ultra-soft electric blanket features ultra-thin, flexible wires to avoid the bulkiness that often comes with electric blankets. It’s also machine washable with cold water. For hot sleepers and cold sleepers that share a bed and desperately need individual temperature regulation on their side of the bed, this blanket has dual light-up controllers for individual heat zones. If your partner opts for cooling bed sheets, but you’re always shivering, this is the blanket for you. Some buyers wish the control cords were longer, but find that placing them on the bedside table is effective.

L.L. Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket - best electric blankets Courtesy of LL Bean


12. Sunbeam WiFi Electric Blanket


One of the biggest headaches of using an electric blanket is the inability to control it remotely. But rather than fumbling with controllers, this is one of the best electric blankets to control things from afar. This King-size blanket allows you to pair it with any voice assistant or the Sunbeam app. This tech allows you to manage your heated blanket from anywhere, making your coziness much more accessible and less frustrating. With this high-tech accessory, you can pre-heat your bed no matter where you are!

Sunbeam WiFi Electric Blanket - best electric blankets Courtesy of Walmart


13. SoftHeat Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket


Choose this luxurious source of warmth from SoftHeat by Perfect Fit for the ultimate electric blanket. This blanket is made of super soft fleece with built-in technology to ensure an all-around warmth and heat distribution. You can select from their range of four different sizes and colors to have the best electric blanket for you. Keeping it clean is simple, as it’s machine washable and safe to tumble dry.

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit electric blanket - best electric blankets Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Tefici Store Electric Heated Blanket


Suppose you’re looking to use your electric blanket in an area of the house where plugs are few and far between. If your home is so big that the bed or sofa is quite far away from a pin, then the Tefici Store Electric Heated Blanket could be for you. It features a ten-foot-long power cord which is the longest in our selection and definitely longer than the average. The blanket has three different heat settings ranging from 95 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit for full-body comfort. It also has a fast heating function and can help you ward off the cold weather and thaw yourself after a long trek outdoors.

tefici electric blanket, best electric blanket Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Electric Throw Blanket


Serta has combined two of the fluffiest fabrics with one sherpa side and one fleece side on this Reversible Electric Blanket. It has five different heat settings and is made from an ultra-soft polyester material that’s warm and cozy to touch. The heat controller is super easy to use, and the heated blanket has an 8.5-foot-long power cord, making it easy to locate within your home. There is a wide range of colors and print designs available, so no doubt you can choose one to match your home decor.

Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Electric Throw Blanket, best electric blankets Image courtesy of Amazon


16. N\B Electric Heated Sherpa Blanket 


Any blanket with a sherpa surface is sure to be warm, and this electric blanket from N\B is no exception. The 50 by 60 inches of soft and cozy materials: one side with flannel and the other sherpa velveteen for insulation and quick heating. There’s no doubt you’ll be snuggling up with the blanket every night on the sofa, and so knowing that you can detach the control panel and then wash the blanket in the machine is a big bonus.

N\B Electric Heated Sherpa Blanket , best electric blankets Courtesy of Amazon


17. Beautyrest Poncho Electric Blanket


Wherever you go, warmth goes too with the Beautyrest Poncho Electric Blanket. You don’t want to be warm on the sofa but not when you pop over to the kitchen, and thanks to the poncho style of this heated blanket, you don’t need to. This poncho blanket is made entirely from microlight material and is designed to ensure an even spread of heat as it warms around you. With this blanket, you’ll be warm all over the house.

beautyrest electric blanket, best electric blankets Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Biddeford Heated Blanket


This comforting heating blanket from Biddeword will warm you within minutes, thanks to its ten-point heat setting system. Choose the warmth that you want to achieve and set the dial to put it into action. In addition, you can select your color of choice from the available seven pastel tones. This will undoubtedly have a calming impact on your nighttime routine from the second you see the blanket, let alone feel its warmth. A superior snooze is waiting for you with this heated blanket.

biddeford blankets electric, best electric blankets Image courtesy of Amazon


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