Why Twist Your Wrist When You Can Get One Of These Electric Can Openers For Under $20?

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* Easy alternatives to hand-cranked openers
* Hands-free options too – great for anyone suffering from hand pain
* These options won’t look out of place on your kitchen counter

Whether you’re completing your kitchen or looking to update your utensils, if you’re still cranking away on those hand-twist, sore wrist, human-powered can openers, you’re living in the stone ages. And, if the last time you purchased an electric can opener was when they were a brand new novelty, you don’t know what you’re missing. Behold the cutting edge of electric can openers…all with the best reviews around.

1. Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Everyone knows Cuisinart makes life in the kitchen so much easier. And, this Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener has everything you need to effortlessly cut through cans, including a press-and-release lever for easy opening, an extra wide base to prevent tipping, and a magnetic lid holder. Makes making meals so easy.



2. Oster Tall Can Opener

Cut your cans without cutting yourself with the Oster Tall Can Opener. It delivers a precision cut thanks to its exclusive Power Pierce cutting blade. It also has a powerful lid magnet and an extra firm grip to open any size can. There’s even a top quality built-in knife sharpener.


3. Instecho Electric Can Opener

Open any can with one touch using this Instecho Electric Can Opener. It removes can lids while leaving a smooth edge so you don’t cut yourself. And, it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is mount it on the can, press the button, and watch it swivel around. It automatically stops when it’s finished. No manual labor required.


4. Instecho Electric Can Opener (Red)

No more wrist twisting. Save your energy with the Instecho Electric Can Opener. It has twice the power of a regular can opener and works with any thickness of can. And because it does all the work, it’s ideal for anyone who suffers from arthritis or hand pain.


5. Proctor Silex Plus

Sick of starting and stopping and starting again every time you try to open a can? The Proctor Silex Plus Extra-Tall can Opener opens cans on the first try, every time. Plus, the cutting lever detaches for easy cleaning. And, it has an on-board knife sharpener.


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