The 5 Best Accent Chairs That Double as Side Tables

best end tables accent chairs stools
Image courtesy Wayfair

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* These five accent stools can also be used as side or end tables
* Great for small spaces – there’s no need for two pieces of furniture
* From stainless steel to hammered copper, these pieces can be placed indoors or outdoors

If you live in a small space, you know how important furniture choices can be. You may end up sacrificing seating arrangements for table space, leaving you with out seating for guests. Luckily, furniture designers are waking up to the idea that a single piece can have more than one function. Make your furniture as versatile as you are, and get one of these five accent chairs that double as side tables.

1. Chase End Table Small Stool

Sitting 18 inches high, this simple, dark wood stool is made for lasting durability. The rounded top can hold up to 200 pounds, and the three-legged design makes for a unique side table, extra seat for guests–or plant holder.

best end tables accent chairs stools black Image courtesy of Target


2. Moroccan Hammered Stool

To make a splash with your accent chair turned side table, consider this copper option. The hammered metal creates a drum-style piece that’s sure to catch the eye.

best end tables accent chairs stools copper hammered Image courtesy of Wayfair

3. Blackhill Flora Garden Stool

Built specifically for the garden, this Eastern-inspired ceramic stool can double as a plant stand or patio side table. Holes at the top and sides ensure that you can water any plants on top without worry. This Blackhill piece can also bring some zen to your interior spaces (like your library, parlor or living room).

best end tables accent chairs stools garden white Image courtesy of Wayfair


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4. Wooden Klaten Stool

If your interior style is more rustic, consider this wooden stool by Benzara. The fun square design is built from branch teak wood, and the “seat” (or tabletop) shows off the natural cut pattern. A great way to polish off your living room or patio set, this stool can be used indoors or outdoors.

Square Shaped New Wooden Klaten Stool for Contemporary Decor Image courtesy Target


5. Zuo Modern Kailua Stainless Steel Stool

At 17.3 inches high, the square, stainless steel Zuo Modern Kailua stool is a gorgeous and contemporary piece. The intricate cutouts display the clean, modern shapes that have come to define Zuo Modern designs. Polished to a shine, this stool will work as a guest seat, end table or even just a piece of accent furniture.

best end tables accent chairs stools metal pattern Image courtesy of Hayneedle

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