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The 6 Best Ergonomic Mugs For Comfortable Cupping

* Ergonomically designed, comfortable cups
* Great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, shaky hands, etc. 
* Versatile enough for hot beverages, cold beverages, even soups and oatmeal

These mugs are scientifically designed for hours of comfortable holding and sipping. Because why should the holders of the most comforting, soothing and also productivity enhancing hot beverages be uncomfortable, irritating finger traps?

These ergonomic mugs prove that form and function can definitely coexist in the world of cups. Grab them for the office, road trip or for the home. Many of these are designed to help sufferers of arthritis, carpal tunnel and joint pain too, making their morning cup of coffee (or late night cocoa) easy, comfortable and painless.

1. Jamber Coffee Mugs

These handsome coffee mugs are two-tone and “bio engineered,” for hours of comfort. They feature cool, full-length handles and a chic, contemporary design. A fun fact: the prototypes of these biomechanics-informed mugs were made and tested using 3-D printing. Made in the USA, these industrial-grade ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave-safe, and promise to relieve hand pain and strain.

We tested these out in the SPY office and like how they don’t require a lot of work (or a heavy grip) to lift up. And our hands fit comfortably between the handle and mug – no need to force our fingers through a tiny opening. BONUS: SPY readers can get 10% off their Jamber mug using the promo code SPY10.

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2. Superelead Mulitcolor Tumblers

These futuristic tumblers are not only biodegradable but temperature safe for both hot and cold beverages. Shatterproof and rated for 180 degrees Celsius, they’re easy to hold and hold up easily to the rigors of everyday use. Just 20 bucks gets you this full set of four.

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3. Clay in Motion Handwarmer Mug

This handcrafted clay mug looks like a work of art and is also shaped to be super easy to hold and well-balanced. Handcrafted in Oregon, they feature a “pocket” for your fingers, allowing a more intuitive way to hold onto your drink. The mug is available in more than a dozen different colors and patterns – makes a great gift idea too.

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4. Buddha Bowl

Featured on Oprah (so you know it’s good!), the uniquely-designed Buddha bowl is one of the most versatile kitchen pieces around. It has a comfortable, ergonomic grip handle and works as well for soups and cereal as it does for coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Available in eight different colors, this bowl (or mug) is made of lead-free ceramic and cadmium-free glaze.

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5. Hold-Me Mugs

A sculptor created these beautiful, organic looking mugs after much experimenting with modeling foam. The result is a stand out cup that’s perfectly suited to the two-handed hot beverage on a chilly morning.

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Courtesy Uncommon Goods


6. Ninja Insulated Coffee Mug

This double-wall insulated clear mug keeps hot drinks hot and iced drinks cool longer, and also resists condensation and doesn’t transfer as much heat to your hand. In other words: never worry about dropping your mug because it’s too hot or too cold again.

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Courtesy Target

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