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Meet Your Biggest Fans

* 5 fans to keep you cool during the summer heat
* Each fan has been hand-picked for high performance and power
* A cheaper alternative to constant air conditioning

Summer is upon us, and with it comes days of mind-melting temperatures. While it may be preferential to jump in your swimming suit and head to the water, it’s not always practical. But there’s no need to worry. Any one of these top electric fans will have you cool in no time. A bonus: it’ll cool down the room in minutes, eliminating the need to always keep your costly A/C on.

1. Dyson – AM07 Tower Fan

This tower fan doesn’t just deliver consistent and high velocity airflow, it also sports a futuristic design with no visible blades. With it securely in your home, you’ll enjoy a range of remote control functions, including your choice of 10 airflow settings and a programmable sleep timer. It’s a towering presence (no pun intended) but it’s quiet enough to not be a distraction.

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2. O2 COOL – Pedestal Fan

The O2 COOL is a pedestal fan that can easily be transported for use anywhere. Whether you’re in the kitchen, the bedroom or even at the office, this two-speed, easy-carry device is a great way to get some air flowing throughout a stuffy area.

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3. Lasko Utility Fan

The Lasko Utility Fan is a machine truly built to blow. And it looks the part. With a pivoting blower head, easy-to-carry handle and three powerful speeds, you’ll be feeling the wind in your hair as soon as you turn it on.

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4. Vornado Air Circulator

With the capability to move air up to 65 feet, the Vornado is ideal for larger spaces. This compact fan gives you the choice between three speeds and is more powerful than many small commercial fans. It’s a great addition to the office or for family get-togethers at home.

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5. Holmes Window Fan

The Holmes Window Fan is built to help bring the cooler outside air in. With an adjustable extender screen and panel to help your unit fit snuggly, you’ll be enjoying all of the benefits of air movement with minimum hassle.

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