Standing Knives? Plastic Welders? These Are The 10 Best Finds From The Grommet

Best Finds From The Grommet: Our
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Get rid of the pet hair on your sofa. Weld your frayed phone charger. Sharpen knives and other bladed tools, and take the best pictures on social media. From tech accessories to design innovations and usefultchotchkes, The Grommet is a great source for products that solve common problems you didn’t even know you had. Here are 10 of our favorite finds from your soon-to-be new favorite site to shop.

1. CarPET: Pet Hair Remover
A rubber block covered in nubs gathers and removes pet hair not only from your car seats, but also from your rugs and furniture. It leaves the space feeling clean, and alleviates the pain of pet allergies. It’s a must-have for anyone with shedding pets. Buy two, then keep one in the car and one at home so that all your environments remain shed-free.

CarPET Pet Hair Remover

BUY: Pet Hair Remover, $8.95

2. IPAC: Standing Spreader Knife
If you’ve ever been making PB&J’s and wished you could set your knife down without messing the counter, your prayers have been answered. A weighted base means this spreader knife stands vertically, keeping your plates and counterspace clean.

IPAC Tirso Standing Spreader Knife

BUY: Standing Spreader Knife, $15.95

3. Bondic: Liquid Plastic Welder + Bonus Refill
In the digital age, your life doesn’t just depend on electronic devices. It also depends on the charging cords that accompany those devices. Stop replacing frayed power cords and start repairing them with Liquid Plastic Welder. Apply the liquid to damaged cords, then use the ultra-violet light to harden the material.

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder + Bonus Refill

BUY: Liquid Plastic Welder, $16.95

4. Tudia: Klip Cable Protector – Set of 5
Welding your power cords back together is great, but it’s better to have not be damaged in the first place. Clip these protectors onto your cords to keep them from becoming frayed.

Tudia Klip Cable Protector - Set of 5

BUY: Klip Cable Protectors, $22.95

5. RapidX: X5 Car Charger With 5 USB Ports
We’ve all been there. You’re in the car with friends and everyone needs to charge their phones. There’s only one space for one person to plug in, and someone always has to be the guy who won’t share until their phone is at 100%. Solve it all with this hand 5 port car charger.

RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports

BUY: Car Charger With 5 USB Ports, $24.95

6. FlipBelt: Athletic Personal Bag
No pockets on your yoga pants? No problem. Keep your keys, cash, and phone sleekly stashed in a zippered bag that wraps around your waist.

FlipBelt Athletic Personal Pack

BUY: Athletic Personal Bag, $28.95

7. Sol.inge: Multi-Blade Sharpener
Did you know that in addition to making your job in the kitchen harder, dull blades are responsible for more cutting injuries than sharp knives? That’s because a sharp blade does the work for you, while a dull blade forces you to hack and saw, meaning it takes more time for worse results with increased risk of injury when you chop. Never deal with it again with the Multi-Blade Sharpener. It works on knives, scissors and even hedge clippers.

Sol.inge Multi-Blade Sharpener

BUY: Multi-Blade Sharpener, $29.95

8. Kelvin Tools: Kelvin.36 Deluxe Multi-Tool (36-in-1)
A handy tool to keep in your home or car, the Kelvin.36 features a screwdriver that locks in at 90º and 180º, 26 bits, bottle opener, corkscrew, utility knife, LED flashlight, liquid level, 6 ft. measuring tape, light duty hammer, 2 powerful magnets and more.

Kelvin Tools kelvin.36 Deluxe Multi-Tool (36-in-1)

BUY: Kelvin.36, $49.95

9. Limelens: Interchangeable Smartphone Lens Set
If you want to take the best pictures on social media, you need the best equipment. Up you game with this set of two detachable camera lenses. You kit comes with a dual macro perspective 0.67 wide- angle lens, a 190 degree fish eye lens, three mounting clips, lens cloth, instructions, protective lens caps and carrying case.

Limelens Interchangeable Smartphone Lens Set

BUY: Smartphone Lens Set, $50.00

10. Oco: Wireless HD Video Monitoring Smart Camera
Know what goes on while you’re away with this HD camera. Sound and motion sensors make it turn on automatically. You get an alert and can watch what happens live. It comes with a WiFi camera, wall mount, two screws/wall anchors, a power supply and cord, and quick start guide.

Oco Wireless HD Video Monitoring Smart Camera

BUY: Video Monitoring Smart Camera, $79.99

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