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Add Some Spark to You Backyard or Balcony With a Fire Pit Table

Having a relaxing and comfortable backyard or balcony is key to extending your overall living space and getting some fresh air. In the summer, backyards are also the ideal spots for entertaining, hosting friends and family and barbecuing up all kinds of delicious things. And when cooler weather rolls around, a fire pit will allow you to gather outdoors without freezing to death.

Adding a fire pit to that space is a no-brainer. These days there are tons of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a smokeless fire pit, a gas fire pit or a natural gas hookup. However, if you’re not into buying wood or prefer something that can be set up on your deck and a little closer to your outdoor furniture, an outdoor fireplace table may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Depending on the make, patio fire tables can double as a coffee table, dining table or a side table in your outdoor space. Many of the best fire pit tables also light up with the push of a button, giving you instant heat and ambiance. Read on to learn more about these must-have backyard accessories, as well as to see our top picks.


What’s the Difference Between a Fire Pit and a Fire Pit Table?

A fire pit or a bowl usually hosts a wood-burning fire in your backyard, whereas most fire pit tables (but not all) are equipped with a propane tank that automatically starts a fire with the push of a button. Fire pit tables are usually larger than fire pits or bowls and double as a table when not in use. In that way, they can be a space saver, but many of them can also sit on your deck and are handy for when you want a quick fire to add ambiance or heat.

In the past, many fire pit tables were sold as decorative devices, however, these days some models are also safe for cooking and come with accessories so you can grill up a sausage or whip up s’mores in a matter of minutes.


What to Look for in a Fire Pit Table?

Size and weight: You’ll want something that’s heavy enough to not tip over if you’ve got a windy backyard, but that’s also lightweight enough that you can move it around if you’re hosting. You’ll also want to consider the overall size of your outdoor entertaining area and yard before purchasing, ensuring the fire pit table you select doesn’t take over the entire space or bump up against outdoor furniture.

Finish: Will your fire pit table live under a protected portico, gazebo or awning, or will it be constantly exposed to the elements? Depending on your setup, you’ll want a finish that can hold up. Powder-coated and cast aluminum fire pit tables will help when it comes to preventing rust and exposure, while a finish like copper can easily stain.

Heat source: Propane fire pit tables are pretty standard these days, however natural gas fire pit tables and even wood-burning models are also options. If you have a hookup and don’t want to worry about replenishing your propane, natural gas could be a valid option. However, it’s a good idea to regularly check your gas line for dangerous leaks.

BTUs: Are you in the market for a fire pit table that offers a lot of heat, or just one with a lot of ambiance? Most fire pit tables average around 50,000 BTUs, with some larger models emitting even more heat.


1. Crate & Barrel Plateau Rectangle Outdoor Fire Pit Table


Crate & Barrel’s fire pit table is fittingly modern and classy, with a rectangular design and minimalist, clean lines. The center of the table has black lava rocks and uses a brass burner system with 15 jets for even coverage. The fire pit uses propane canisters and outputs 60,000 BTUs of heat.

crate and barrel fire pit table


2. Jenese Aluminum Propane Fire Pit Table


This weather-resistant, square fire pit table is one of our favorites thanks to the large table top and universal design, which fits in with all kinds of outdoor furniture pieces and décor. It’s got a hidden fuel tank and a push-button start, and it comes with clear fire glass for a modern look. Reviewers love how easy it is to assemble and keep clean, along with the fact that it can be placed directly on a wooden or composite deck.

Large fire pit table


3. Bryndle Root Square Fire Table


If you’re searching for a more natural-looking fire pit table that packs a ton of design appeal into a small space, Frontgate has you covered with this rustic design that lights with the push of a button. The square model has two heat settings, a wide rim for cocktails and appetizers and it’s crafted from cement and fiberglass for a sturdy finish. It comes with lava rocks but you can easily switch out fire glass for a more customized look. The propane tank is sold separately, however, it’s worth noting you can hire a technician to convert this piece into a natural gas fire pit table as well.

Natural looking fire pit table


4. West Elm Rectangle Pedestal Fire Pit Table


This table from West Elm has a distinct and decidedly modern look. The table is rectangular, and it has a circular pit offset to the side of the table. It’s a stylish design choice, and one that also offers the benefit of creating more usable table space for snacks and drinks, while allowing people to sit closer or further from the fire.

west elm fire pit table


5. Breton Fire Pit by Real Flame


Real Flame’s fire pit is an affordable take on the fire pit table, and it’s a great option for those with limited space. There’s not as much space on the edges as other tables, but there’s still some room on the table for drinks. This fire pit uses wood for a more classic campfire feeling.

real flame fire pit table


6. Hampton Bay Crossridge Gas Fire Pit


This sleek and stylish square fire pit table with its natural slate table top is one of the best-reviewed and best-selling models at The Home Depot, with users raving about how easy it is to put together and the fact that it has a cover. This one burns around 50,000 BTUs with an adjustable flame that ignites with the push of a button. It does not, however, come with the recommended standard 20-pound propane cylinder.

Highly reviewed fire pit table


7. West Elm Concrete Lipped Rectangle Fire Pit Table


West Elm offers a luxurious take on the fire pit table. The table is available in two different colors and sizes. You can choose between the 60″ or 72″ table, and colors include carbon (a dark gray) and flint (a concrete gray). The table is made of concrete with glass fiber reinforcement, and a cover is included to protect the table when not in use.

west elm fire pit table


8. Rectangular Fire Pit Table With Stainless Steel Burner


Sometimes you just want to have a little fire action around the outdoor dining room table, which is where this model comes in handy. The rectangular design is large enough to comfortably seat a few chairs around it while the handy lid ensures there’s more than enough space for food and drinks. The sturdy steel frame holds a standard 20-pound propane tank within, and unlike many other models, it comes with clear fire glass (instead of lava rocks) and a cover for maximum protection when not in use.

Fire pit table for dining


9. Athena 7-pc. Dining Fire Table Set


Whether you’re in the market for a new outdoor dining table or you’re low on space and want something more multi-purposeful, this all-in fire pit table from Frontgate seats up to six people at a time and it comes with woven, all-weather resin wicker chairs. Meanwhile, the table itself comes with a lid for extra space when the fire is not in use and features a lower storage compartment for easy access to the (not included) propane tank below. The base also comes with adjustable feet so you can level it on uneven surfaces, and we like how the porcelain tile top looks like finished wood but is way easier to clean — just wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

Fire pit table dining set


10. Whitfield Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table


Also one of our favorite overall outdoor firepits, this wood-burning fire pit table coordinates with the extensive outdoor furniture line from Hampton Bay, so you can easily match it to a set. It comes with a lid for full table function when not in use, but this one also features a cooking grate in case you or your guests feel the need to cook up some late-night hot dogs during your next hang out. The circular design makes it easy to cozy up to without feeling cramped, and we like that it comes with a drain hole for easier cleaning and to prevent rust on the steel finish.

Wood burning fire pit table


11. SUNBURY Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table


This solid, 50,000 BTU propane fire pit table is ideal for heating up large outdoor spaces and adding that coveted fire ambiance with an adjustable flame. The glass wind guard adds an extra wall of protection around the rim, where you can place tons of drinks or apps, and the piece comes with 13 pounds of lava rocks that can be switched for fire glass if preferred. We also like that it includes a waterproof cover. Once assembled, this fire pit table weighs almost 100 pounds, making it one of the biggest on this list. However, it is designed with handles so users can easily move it around.

Large fire pit table


12. Better Homes & Gardens Round Propane Bronze Finish Aluminum Fire Pit


This wicker and aluminum fire pit table is lightweight (under 80 pounds) and portable but it also heats up nicely with an output of 50,000 BTUs. We like how the wicker design matches many outdoor living sets and how the table comes with a lid to balance those early sunrise coffees in the backyard. The circular design ensures that this model doesn’t take up too much space, which makes it ideal in smaller yards or large balconies. Meanwhile, the automatic starter comes with batteries so once this fire pit table is assembled you’re basically ready to go.

Fire pit coffee table


13. U-MAX Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table


Add a more natural-looking gas fire pit table to your backyard with this mid-budget model, which includes a built-in spark ignite for easy use and wind-protecting panels so your fire won’t dance around too much on those windier nights. The stainless steel burner within is strong enough to burn at 50,000 BTUs, while the frame itself is made of sturdy aluminum that’s meant to hold up to rust. This one includes a storage cover to protect it when not in use, and Amazon reviewers are particularly fond of how easy it is to put together.

Fire pit table with stone facade


14. BALI OUTDOORS Rectangular Propane Gas Fire Pit Table


This brilliant fire pit table offers the most surface area while an actual fire is lit thanks to the off-center design. That makes it ideal for a snack station or as a place to rest your drink without worrying about it getting warm. Reviewers are fond of the propane model’s overall sturdiness and how easy it is to assemble, and we’re fans of the push-start button and cover lid, which gives you even more surface area to entertain at before you light things up.

Fire pit table with large surface area


15. Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0


Solo Stove’s fire pits certainly aren’t tables, but they’re still worth mentioning. These stylish pits are stylish and modestly priced, but that’s not the main reason people love them. The thing that makes the Solo Stove special is the unique airflow system that minimizes smoke. That means you still get the benefits of a wood-burning fire, minus the unpleasantness of smoke burning your eyes and making your clothes smell.

solo stove bonfire pit


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