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The Best Fireproof Safes Protect Your Valuables from the Worst Case Scenarios

As much as we’d like to think that our homes are what give us privacy, you never know what can happen. While knowing how to defend yourself is important, the right accessories can be helpful in the event of an emergency. Whether that’s a natural disaster or a burglary, going that extra mile to protect your valuables is essential, especially if not all of them are insured. Items like passports, jewelry, firearms and other precious items can all be stored in a fireproof safe, which adds an extra measure of protection. 

They can protect the contents of your safe for a certain amount of time even when surrounded or engulfed by flames and dangerously high temperatures. Along with being fireproof, these safes usually have a seal that makes them waterproof as well. They generally have a higher durability level and are harder to break into. Investing in one can even lower home insurance costs. The best fireproof safe for your needs will vary from person to person, but there are several factors to weigh before you decide.

Things to Consider When Buying A Fireproof Safe

  • Interior: As heavy-duty as the outside is, the interior features are just as important. Look for safes with a carpeted or lined interior, which can protect valuables from being scratched. Interior lighting can also keep things visible, but try to find one that has an auto-shutoff to avoid wasting battery life.
  • Entry: Beyond combination locks, biometric safes are one of the safest choices, and digital keypad entry is also popular since it’s easy to use and often lit up, making it easier to use in dark spaces. However, anything battery-powered does risk dying on you when you need it most, so keep that in mind if you decide to go digital instead of manual.
  • Size: If you only need a home for birth certificates, passports, Stock and Bond certificates and cash, a smaller safe will suffice. However, if you have larger items like multiple pieces of jewelry or are using it as a gun safe, you may require a  larger or locker-style model. Consider placing your items in a cardboard box to see how many cubic feet you’ll require. 
  • Price: The more expensive your valuables are, the more secure your safe should be. Consider investing 10% of the total sum of your items. Still, there are plenty of under $500 safes that can get the job done and provide security. 
  • Temperature tolerance: Pricier spaces will have a higher temperature rating, withstanding high temperatures and the time that the safe can be exposed to it. 

No matter what you need to store, we rounded up the most reliable fireproof safes that will still survive even when disaster strikes. Read below for our top picks. 

best overall

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Designed by SentrySafe, this steel solution is considered the best fireproof safe by many as its heavy-duty, water-resistant, and offers perks like a digital keypad and interior lighting. With fire protection of up to an hour and 24-hour water protection, you can rest safe knowing that your most important belongings will be preserved in case of an emergency. Lights can be programmed to stay off or on for a certain duration, but the safe is battery-powered so keep in mind that if lights are kept on all the time, it may drain the batteries faster. There’s also a cheaper version without the light.


Purchasing a starter fireproof safe? This reinforced alloy steel security box comes in two sizes and features a keypad lock. It comes with an additional fireproof money bag and can fit valuables like cash, passports, documents and other essentials. Whether a fire, a hurricane or an earthquake comes your way, this under $40 safe ideal idea for apartments or those looking to try out a safe for the first time without spending hundreds.


By far the most spacious choice on this list at 5.1 cubic feet, this is the best fireproof safe for those that are looking for a larger capacity with maximum features. Along with having a combination lock and electronic entry, it also has biometric capabilities, is fully pry-resistant and can be fixed on the walls. Tenamic’s safe also features a secret hidden compartment at the bottom, where documents or certificates can be stored. The inner light has a 30-second auto-shutoff, and if someone continuously tries to enter the wrong passcode or fingerprint, a warning alarm will go off. 

biometric pick


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A biometric fireproof safe is worth the splurge simply because it offers that added layer of security that combination and digital alternatives don’t. This LED-lit one from Sanctuary is made from heavy-duty steel and has additional features like Lockout Mode and Silent Entry Mode. With fire protection of 90 minutes up to 1800 degrees, water protection for up to a week and smoke damage protection, this thing will survive an apocalypse. It can also be bolted down if desired. 

smallest footprint


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For the best that gets the job done while taking up the smallest amount of space possible. Featuring a programmable digital lock and override keys that can be used if desired, this tiny safe is great for small apartments or homes. It has a carpeted interior to keep any delicate contents safe and unscratched, and also comes with a removable shelf. If you don’t have tons of extravagant jewels and just need to contain the bare minimum of important items, opt for this durable choice from a reliable brand. 

honorable mention

The best fire safe for home usage doesn’t have to be an unattractive eyesore. This one can even be disguised as a bedside table or another piece of furniture. With features like a fully upholstered interior, removable shelving and an error alarm, this keypad entry option is made from carbon alloy steel and can withstand the most extreme of circumstances. There are also pre-dilled holes that allow you to bolt it down if you want to.

best mounted pick

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Mounting your safe allows for a more discreet location that’s easier to conceal. Since they’re at a higher level, they’re also more convenient for you to access since you don’t have to crouch down to the ground every time to access your valuables. This one by Stalwart is made from alloy steel and uses a combination lock as well as an LED-lit keypad. It’s available at an affordable under $100 price tag and is surprisingly spacious. 

best for files


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If important documents and passports are the main items you’ll need to be storing, this waterproof and fireproof safe by First Alert is a sturdy and solid option, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a handle and requires a key. Still, if you don’t plan on moving it around much, this shouldn’t be an issue. Made from resin, it doesn’t look like your typical safe and is hence less obvious. A must-have for those looking to safely stow away files.

JINS & VINCO Firearm Fireproof Safe
best for firearms

With many gun safes on the expensive side, it’s a relief to find one in the under $400 price range that you can still trust to keep your household safe. Made from steel, it can accommodate up to five rifles, making it perfect for anyone that goes hunting or has rifles at home. When the battery is running low, it emits a warning tone, and an interior lock box can also be used to store additional non-firearm valuables, making this the best fireproof safe for long guns.

best combination lock


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Although it’s an old-school method, the combination lock is great because manual options don’t risk breaking down like battery-powered, high-tech safes. It’s fireproof for up to an hour, withstanding external temperatures of up to 1700 degrees. Concealed hinges are pry-proof, and the interior capacity is generous. If you’re looking for something other than a digital keypad entry that’s cheaper than competitors but just as functional, this no-frills pick is the best fire safe for your needs.